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Thundercats Confirmed For Nintendo DS

Namco Bandai has now confirmed that Thundercats will be coming to the Nintendo DS. The company hadn’t formally announced the game but it was found to be playable on the show floor at the Global Gamers Day’s press conference. Thundercats is a side-scrolling action game for the Nintendo DS and is based upon the new cartoon series. Namco Bandai announced that the game will be available to purchase sometime in August.

38 thoughts on “Thundercats Confirmed For Nintendo DS”

        1. Of course. But when making a 3DS game, you’ll have to waste resources on making the models and textures look like what you’d expect on 3DS. The game will be crap anyway. ;)

    Vigil on Darksiders II, says “Wii U is a next-gen console/hardware”, “Everyone will want the Wii U”

        1. You should have told people where in the video the statement is made.

          It was not fun watching that video, but after patiently waiting, the developer did praise the WiiU. Sweet.

    1. It uses a style of animation similar to anime that’s common in Canada (most CN shows are produced in Canada). Like Avatar and Chaotic, it’s considered a Western Anime but technically is not anime, which is Japanese for cartoon.

    1. its fuckers like you that developers create ds games. FUCKING UPDATE TO 3DS SO U CAN OPLAY BOTH DS AND 3DS! CHEAPSKATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Way to be ignorant. If you didn’t know, the 3D is not supposed to be used for children under 7, which apparently is the case for most of her kids. They’ll upgrade when the time comes.

      2. Your an idiot. theres nothing wrong with the dsi, i’ve been lucky enough to have owned and played all 4 of the ds’s including the 3DS and i do enjoy the 3DS but i remember the days of having a outdated console/handheld and its always nice when the developer’s keep releasing games for the old system not only that but you cant blame a parent for not wanting their children to use a device that could harm them in anyway.

        1. Oh please. All that talk of 3D harming a kid’s vision is nonsense. And you can disable the 3D feature with parental controls.

      1. i dont want to turn the 3D function off, i dont want to spend money on them for my children when its likely to get broken at the ages they are. Both me and my partner have the 3DS and when ness, we allow them to play on ours for games that they want, however, its my console dammit

  2. I used to see the series back when I was a child! Of course all my memories of the series are in latin spanish (my natal language, I’m from Mexico) =P
    BUT are there “new cartoon series”? I didn’t know… Maybe they won’t be the same…
    Shovelware or nostalgiaware? I’m not certain =P =)

  3. Given the poor track record of licensed games, I don’t have high hopes for this one. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong and it’ll be a great game, who knows. But I won’t hold my breath.

  4. DS games really aren’t that bad. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Insider Story, which I purchased a short time ago is one of the best portable games I’ve ever played ever, including 3DS games, so…. yeah. I’m excited for Thundercats on the DS, I will definitely by

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