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Resident Evil Creator Reveals New Survival Horror Game

Shinji Mikami, the creator behind Resident Evil, has revealed his new game which is to be titled Zwei. The game is described as a survival horror title and will be developed for HD consoles. Mikami will serve as the game’s executive director, and is said to be “fully involved” in the project’s development. Hopefully we will see a glimpse of the game at E3.

39 thoughts on “Resident Evil Creator Reveals New Survival Horror Game”

    1. Your mother, sisters, grandma, aunties, uncle, gradfarther, farther, brothers and cousins does.

      Oh and for some reason the Dog as well.

      You have a very sick family.

  1. yes! finally the genre is coming back, let’s hope capcom do not ruin this one, mikami work with another company please

    1. If it’s as scary as Amnesia that might be true. After all, Amnesia does everything right with survival horror: you’re helpless and can’t fight back, it lets your guard, and it’s unpredictable. Most “survival horror” games don’t even manage to do one of these things and make themselves seem like just shooters with undead monsters in them.

      Well, we can only hope they do it right…

  2. This actually seems interesting. I wonder what premise this will take: will it go the way of Resident Evil or will it go into a more Silent Hill type horror? Who knows. Personally, I would like to see how they can incorporate other Survival Horror games into the mix – like some components that made them so fascinating.

  3. Capcom had to do something. I’m glad the RE creator made a new survival horror… As they FUCKED UP Resident Evil.

    Revelations was the last Survival Horror for RE. RE5,ORC and RE6 are fucking CoD games with an RE skin.

    I really hope this is the Survival Horror Resident Evil used to be.

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