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Nintendo Admits eShop Could Be Improved

Nintendo has admitted that there’s room for improvement with the Nintendo 3DS eShop but the company is adamant that it’s on the right track. Nintendo wrote the following in its recent financial report to investors:

“We know that the Nintendo eShop still has room for improvement. However, we have a strong feeling that the foundation for us to deploy our digital businesses has been properly laid out. Good games are one thing, but realizing that this is only the foundation is the first step in a process toward a fully realized digital platform.”

53 thoughts on “Nintendo Admits eShop Could Be Improved”

    1. Nintendo Network is just a new name they came up with for their Online Service, which is probably for Wii U seeing as they’ve got it on 3DS, I’ve got a feeling Nintendo will be bringing full online service like PSN and XBL.

      1. Actually no, Nintendo Network is a completely new service. It may run on the same servers as the previous, but the setup & infanstructure will be very different this time.

        1. ^ This. The 3DS will probably receive a massive firmware upgrade after Wii U comes out to support that. In the meanwhile, yes, Nintendo Network is just a name.

  1. It’s lookin damn great right now. But if they really want it to be boomin they gotta improve their VC area, organize it better, throw in GBA, and way more GBC games. 3D classic ALL NES games, and have a location specifically for those, and that’s just a good start

  2. Mu biggest issue is theres no real organisation, all the VC games are bunched together how can I sort em so only Game Gear or Game Boy Color games appear?

      1. Hey, you’re the same Naner from right? You always make good points. Good to have you here. Welcome.

        1. Thanks! If you want to read more from me, click my name to head to my blog. I want to start posting weekly articles and/or reviews over there now. There are three articles there which I wrote for IGN (two of which won Blog of the Week) and I’m going to post a review of The Avengers today. I’d really like it if you read them and commented. :)

  3. Yes! The eShop is seriously lacking in good games! They have like 10, the rest are garbage. Also, it is difficult to navigate through. Between this and the PSN on my PS Vita, I’ll take the PSN. No dis to Nintendo but the ease of the PSn is brilliant.

  4. Im pretty happy with e-shop. My suggestions would be to make more title obviously and make some games cheaper. They ask too much for most retro titles. They also need to steal more games avaliable on andriod and itunes or whatever they are called I have no idea! Bringing with them a broader price range. They also need to let you pay per title, for at least let you top up £5 and £15. They should also make an app to access all the fb games via your facebook account, customized for the 3DS. Never mind bringing Nintendo to facebook, bring facebook to Nintendo!

  5. It’s the lack of Gameboy Advance titles that made me resort to using ROMS. I would gladly pay for these quality titles if they were avaliable.

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    1. I’m pretty sure they’ll release GBA VC eventually, after they’re done with most GB/C games. Movies have been confirmed since the 3DS’s announcement, but we’re still waiting for that to happen. And 3D themes would be great. :D

  7. Nintendo needs to leave the “for kids” format and go for a more professional look to the online shop. And the most important thing needing improved, organization!

    1. “Nintendo needs to leave the “for kids” format and go for a more professional look to the online shop.” Yeah…. they already did that with the eShop. And Nintendo has been doing a better job organizing the eShop latley.

  8. I’d recommend the GBA games of Fire Emblem (the one before Sacred Stones), Advance Wars, and Golden Sun. If they released those I would be one happy gamer.

  9. I hope the WiiU and the 3DS are connected somehow. VC titles should be playable on both consoles after you link them via Club Nintendo. For example, it’d be cool to play Legend of Zelda on my WiiU and then later when I’m not at home pick up where I left off on my 3DS. VC is basically emulation anyway. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to do.

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