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Avengers Battle For Earth Confirmed For Wii U

Ubisoft Entertainment has announced that Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth will be coming to Wii U. Ubisoft registered the domain a few weeks ago leading to speculation that the game was inevitably coming. Avengers: Battle for Earth will be released for both Wii U and Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360. Ubisoft wouldn’t be drawn on announcing a date, but they did state that the game is expected to launch after Nintendo debuts the Wii U later this year.

“The idea that we’re making a motion-control version of ‘The Avengers’ is a unique proposition if you compare that to superhero games of the past,” said Tony Key, Ubisoft’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This is the perfect type of game for that because these characters are very action oriented. They’re always fighting and throwing things.”

“Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth” will focus on such characters as Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor battling an invasion of the genetically altered Skrull alien race. The motion-control action game will feature more than 20 characters from the Marvel universe and would be based on the “Secret Invasion” comic series, not the recent film.

35 thoughts on “Avengers Battle For Earth Confirmed For Wii U”

        1. wasnt trying to be an asshole, but every game ive ever played on the kinect ive hard a terrible time just trying to navigate the menu screen. I just think it would be better to put it on the regular 360 with an option for kinect

          1. I have played Child of Eden, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central and Star Wars Kinect. On the 4, I had different experiences on the 4, but I could play all 4 quite well. Even Child of Eden which require fast moving responds very well. Maybe you are having issues with your equipment?

  1. It’ll be intersting to see how the motion controls will work on the wiiu version. Don’t mess this up ubisoft.

  2. I’ll be fine with it if only the Kinect version uses motion controls… But I guess it’ll be OK if Wii U’s version only uses it a little bit.

    First of all, it needs to not be shovelware.

  3. You better make this game kick ass, Ubisoft. Don’t you dare to sully the name of this perfect movie. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. That’s good, but it still carries the name of the movie and most people will associate it with that. It will probably use the movie stars’ likenesses too.

  4. I’m calling it. This game is gonna suck. Just a feeling. I don’t trust Ubisoft with much of anything.

  5. Unfortunately, details point out this will be a quick cash-in despite the fact the movie is already been released. Ubisoft confirmed that this will be a “family-friendly” title, which means it won’t be anywhere near an ambitious project, and somewhere around the “Superhero Super Squad” type of game.

  6. It is funny no one has caught this. But the wii u remote can sense motion like the kinect. The demo from last years E3 shows them swiping at a golf ball and the ninja star part. So picture this you have the controller docked like a kinect but add in the wii remotes that’s a level of motion control that’s unriveled. In the grand scheme of things nintendo takes what microsoft has done. Adds more depth and and adds in there technology. Now people have no reason to complain.

    1. Absolutely not! The golf ball part was doable because of the Wii MotionPlus in the player’s hand, while the ninja one was using the touchscreen on the controller. It’s absolutely nothing like Kinect. It uses simple technology in an interesting way.

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