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Assassin’s Creed 3 ‘Will Not Brush Slavery Under the Carpet’

Assassin’s Creed Lead Writer Matt Turner has explained that the Assassins Creed 3 team at Ubisoft won’t be brushing the delicate issue of slavery under the carpet. Turner says that the issue needs deserves a certain amount attention, and it also needs to be treated with respect.

“[The issue of slavery is] something we’ve been very aware of. Everybody had slaves at that point; the first groups who rallied around emancipation didn’t come around until 1787 – largely driven by Benjamin Franklin funnily enough. That was very much after our game and slavery was maintained in culture.” So how will AC3 deal with the issue? “We feel that kind of a subject deserves a certain amount attention because it’s so serious and it needs to be treated with utmost respect. We’re definitely not going to shy away from it in terms of not showing it.”

45 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 3 ‘Will Not Brush Slavery Under the Carpet’”

      1. I dont know whether to like this comment or dislike this comment, cause the only ones who get butt hurt from my experiences on studying and presenting history and historical facts on why blacks went into slavery and who enslaved blacks are the descendants of the slave owners… And just because you didnt own slaves or your ancestors didnt doesnt mean that people didnt at least participate in a lynching, because lynchings were public events attended by the whole community… Source the book named Without Sanctuary… I would thank them for adding that part of reality and I hope they dont take it lightly because they think someone should feel bad or another party would feel guilty… I love assassins creed and I hope they dont screw this up… I say go for it and make it count…

    1. I don’t think black people want this in a game because this is not a game about mlk. Unless a European game designer knows some history proclaiming how blacks won the battle them selves.

      Many are not cool with the retelling of this part of history. Also this war was not about slavery…. It was about America kick a Europe dictators ass.

      1. Let me ask you this are you black? if not then how you know they don’t want it? Seriously think things over before posting. Dude a lot of African americans do play games regardless if they main protagonist is black or not. Also every African America know this stain in history will never be forgotten and slavery was part of the American revolution. Also one of the five people to get shot Revolting against the British was a black man in Boston Crispus Attucks. Look it up.

      2. If slavery wasn’t addressed in the game, then it would be historically inaccurate. They didn’t say they were going to make it a central issue of the game, they just said that part of history isn’t going to be ignored.

      3. lol.. @mlk… you have a lot to learn than american taught “black” history… black history didnt start with the sell out mlk… look up nat turner, marcus garvey, the people who actually tried something and was succeeding only to be tured over by one of their own…

        1. How could you call MLK a sell-out and praise Nat Turner… I know the guy you responded to is a retard but come on dude…

          1. The same way everyone praises George Washington for breaking away from the British… Nat turner freed slaves, now put yourself in those shoes… And yes mlk integrated our people into the system instead of breaking us away from it… He sold us out and he said it himself listen to his last speech but I’m not mad I’m just stating the facts… In other words in going to love this game, slavery or not… That’s all… And I didn’t praise Nat turner, I just added those who had different methods than being integrated… Personally I dont have a problem with it but we all know the unspoken truth… It just doesn’t work… Systematically…

  1. Worst idea ever…. They don’t put Jews getting killed in games why put this?

    Stick to games we don’t want history told from over the pond about things that don’t envolve game play.

    1. Worst idea why? Because talking about History bothers you? Things that don’t envolve game play what are you talking about dude you make no sense.

    2. maybe because blacks are jews and hitler killing the “jews” (revelations 2:9) was the most publicized piece of propaganda ever to roam the earth… so that when the time came that the people who was taken from the “promise land” and chased down into africa in 70 ad by the romans, was taken away completely so that the 2,000 year plan would work against those who are actually native to the land of israel… Deuteronomy 28 42-68 look it up…

  2. That is the right approach. Don’t sugarcoat history. Show it exactly as it was, so that we may never make the same mistakes again. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. That’s sadly true, but it’s supposed to. We’re supposed to learn from the mistakes of the past. There a saying “The only the we’ve learned from history is that man has not learned anything from history.” That pretty much sums it up.

        1. I agree with you 100% History is the ultimate teaching tool. You forget about things that happen in the pass you will see it happen again.

  3. It’s not a bad idea. It would be controversial if slavery wasn’t shown, because unfortunately, it actually happened. I understand that most gamers don’t care when games tread into the realm of humanity issues such as this. I think games are more interesting when they address such issues. People have to stop feeling so uncomfortable.

  4. I completely agree with this, you can’t just ignore such a huge part of history when that’s what assassins creed is about.

  5. i would like to go up to a felled and see a slave and ask him if i could kill his master :) and if he said yes he would help me get in the house and kill him or i could help slaves escape to the under ground railroad wouldn’t that be fun. Adding slavery would put some more reality and actually make the game better besides who doesn’t want a black on your team

    1. Please be glad I don’t know who you are. You were just annoyin at firt but now….

      …Gawd I hope Sickr just bans you. You are the reason I feel so ashamed to even call myself a nintendo fan, cuz now I’m affiliated with the likes of you

  6. If you can launch an arrow into a slave masters face, I don’t think there be anyone who’s mad about this.

  7. Why are people saying that this will be the debut of black people in AC games? Assassin’s Creed 1 had tons of them. >.> They were mainly just townsfolk or merchants, but they were in it.

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  10. OMG. To the idiot who said ‘it’s not like they kill jews in games’ WHAT THE FCK DO YOU THINK THE FIRST ASSASSIN’S CREED WAS ABOUT???? The people’s of Jerusalem were Jewish! They were being killed by the Templars trying to take over!! You absolute dumbass. Do you think they were less Jewish because they were BROWN? SMDH. Idiots. I’m black and I’m absolutely excited for this. This is going to be epic. We get to walk into history.

  11. OMFG. To the idiot who said, “it’s not like they kill jews in games” WHAT THE FCK DO YOU THINK THE FIRST AC WAS ABOUT? The peoples of Jerusalem were all Jewish and were being killed by Templars! What, you think because they were BROWN they couldn’t be Jewish? Absolute dumbass! I’m black and totally stoked for this! I love history, I love learning, and we get to delve right into the original 13! Lets game!!

  12. As an African American male and a history buff, I’d be type offended if they didn’t incorporate it into the game. To ignore it would be worse than addressing what we all know actually happened.

  13. You can speak all day about slavery but Assassin’s Creed based the game itself off of a African American named Salem Poor, the entire battle you see in the game(trailer) were the main character strikes down the general of the british army is nothing short of a reenactment of Salem Poor’s victory at Bunker Hill. Here is a brief story or you can look him up yourself; The birth of Salem Poor around 1750 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black patriot during the Revolutionary War.

    Poor was a free Negro in Andover, MA. He left his wife when he went off to war to fight for the American Revolution. He enlisted under Captain Benjamin Ames in Colonel Fryes’ regiment. He fought at Bunker Hill and is credited with shooting down British Lieutenant Colonel James Abercrombie.

    Poor’s valor and gallantry at the Battle of Bunker Hill caused 14 officers, including Colonel William Prescott, to cite him with heroism and petition the General Court of Massachusetts with the following statement:

    “The Reward due to so great and Distinguished a Character. The Subscribers beg leave to Report to your Honorable. House (Which We do in justice to the Character of so Brave a man) that under Our Own observation, we declare that A Negro Man Called Salem Poor of Col. Fryes Regiment, Capt. Ames. Company in the late Battle of Charleston, behaved like an Experienced Officer, as Well as an Excellent Soldier, to Set forth Particulars of his Conduct would be Tedious, We Would Only beg leave to say in the Person of this Negro Centers a Brave & gallant Soldier.”
    Of the thousands of American soldiers at Bunker Hill no other was given such recognition.

    Records like this from Revolutionary rolls in the Massachusetts Archives at the Statehouse in Boston, reflect the remarkable character of such men as Salem Poor who enlisted and re-enlisted according to the orders and remands of General Washington and Lord Dunmore. Accounts show that Poor served at Valley Forge and White Plains.

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