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Nintendo To Cease Production Of Aqua Blue 3DS

Nintendo has revealed via its official Japanese website that it plans to discontinue manufacturing the original Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS console. On the 3DS hardware page the colour is listed as “scheduled to end production shortly”. No reason has been given regarding the decision.

75 thoughts on “Nintendo To Cease Production Of Aqua Blue 3DS”

    1. Yea, it mainly sold on launch day, because it was a better colour than the black :P Then Nintendo released the Red, and the Pink, and the bundles for Christmas…Anyhow, it is a nice colour, but really, people want a darker blue.

      1. I wanted a darker one took, so I bought it but all the new colors are even better like the black gold one and the new darker blue

        1. It’s not moot. Moot means it’s irrelevant whether he’s right or wrong, not simply that he’s wrong.

    2. @Christopher Weil The techo punk shit 3DS was better than the black one?
      My sides, their moving on their own.

    1. Same here my sis tried to convince me to get this blue one too, glad i didn’t .lol. love my red one!!!! :)

  1. Hmm. . . I wonder why. I really want the Midnight Purple 3DS though! Will the Cobalt Blue 3DS be a Japan exclusive?

    1. Well the red one was for a while, but then we all got it as a choice, which i chose!!! might swap to cobalt blue if we do get it!!! :)

  2. With all the new colors coming out, I was kinda disappointed that I had bought an Aqua blue, first day 3DS. But this makes me a little happier though. In like 50 years, the rarest 3DS will no doubt be the Aqua blue one. Though its unlikely that it will ever be worth any money. ha.

  3. My reason to buy a black DS instead of the aqua blue one was the plain black colour of the topscreen. It was just out of place with the deep blue colour the DS had.

  4. This DS’s color doesn’t look nearly as good in reality than it does in the promotional pictures of it.

  5. Sure, I wish I would have been able to pick a cobalt blue first day, because I would have over that gay-ass blue that was available. But the fact is when I’m playing my 3DS I’m not thinking about the colour anyway…and I’ve been playing it since launch day while others have been waiting for the colour of their choosing…

  6. Meh, I got a Black one. I assume it is just because other colours are coming out and this blue is the most boring, I think I read somewhere that Black outsold it 2:1. I always hated how the circle pad and the top screen being different colours didn’t go with the blue, so I got a Black one so that it matches. I stuck a Cobalt case on it anyway. The red looked better at E3 than it does in real life, so I’m fine with my own. Unless, however, this comes out, then I’ll sell mine to my sister and get this one:

  7. No matter what people say, this is still a great color to me. None of the other colors interest me that much. I mean, it’s just a color, it’s not like there are any other differences between mine and other 3DS’s that would make me buy a new one.

  8. It’s too bad, I was just thinking after they announced midnight purple that it was nice to see Nintendo starting to get back to multiple color options for their handhelds like they had back in the game boy days… hopefully the darker blue color will replace it.

    On the other hand, though, my launch Aqua Blue 3DS will be somewhat of a collectors item now!

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  10. well thats sad. the blue is much more hetero in person over pictures. maybe this means a green 3DS is incoming?

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  12. Are you guys debating on colour of 3DS now?
    I have an Aqua Blue 3DS (UK), got it for Christmas. Never been happier. It’s a better music player than my iPod touch, and yes, I do use it for gaming…

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