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Nintendo Of America Comments On Lack Of 3DS Virtual Console Games

Nintendo of America has been contacted regarding the Virtual Console drought on the Nintendo 3DS. Basically there were two whole months before any games were released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in North America. Thankfully the drought is now over, as Kirby’s Block Ball is coming next week. Here’s their official response.

“Each week Nintendo makes available a mix of Nintendo eShop, Virtual Console, WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare games. Combined, these services currently provide gamers with hundreds of fun and interesting downloadable games to choose from. There is no preset schedule as to how many games will become available in a given week, but many more are on the way via all of these digital-delivery systems.”

64 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Comments On Lack Of 3DS Virtual Console Games”

  1. Frankly, and the system had been out for over a year now.. The excuses are getting a little stale.

    1. Indeed, Nintendo needs to stop being a douche, and start thinking of the customers rather than the time. They should plan to work harder on games that haven’t had much time in the spotlight, such as; Animal Crossing: Jump Out, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2, etc…

      1. WAHAHHAHAHAH! stop whining MIII bwooooY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are working full force on the games unless you want an unifinished product for full price? YEH THOUGHT SO!

  2. Eshop is fine with me. You fanboys are fuckiing ungrateful LIL SHITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    excuse me whilst Ill play my twenty FREEEEEEE GAMES!!!!!!!

    1. ahh but remember alot of owners were too cheap to pay up for the system at launch so they never got those 20 free games and never will get the 10 GBA ones

      1. Funny thing is, is most people actually just waited until the holiday season, it just so happens that the price cut was before that

  3. They should have snes and n64 games in the eshop. They would sell well. I mean, have my favorite n64 games with me on the go? yes please.

      1. they should! we shouldn’t have to buy the same game twice. hopefully for the wii u and the gamecube vc, we can show proof of purchase or something for a free download of the game we own

        1. Agreed N64 games would be cool and so would snes …the 3ds Is powerful enough to play n64 and snes games ..SO THERES NO EXCUSE …idk why they don’t have em

          1. maybe it is why nintendo didn’t make retailer games on the eshop. because of memory limitations. The 2gb sd card probly would’nt be able to hold alot of 64 games on it and you can’t copy the downloaded games on my sd card on to my system to copy it on my 8gb card

            1. Well, the size of the games go from 4 megs to 64 megs, which is feasable, but there are some *buts* in there.
              You would have to move the controls around a lot, which might get awkward, as because you have to use raw emulation, you would have to move the C-buttons to the D-pad, as you cant move the touch screen. It would also eat up your battery for breakfast, and you still have to store the emulator in there.

              1. True thats why its just easier to do 3D remakes on a Game Card instead

                SNES games sure no problem with that but Downloadable 64 games is asking a little too much
                sure it has the Hardware for it but the controls would just be a nightmare specially if you dont have a Circle pad pro

                last thing we need is another control fail like Kid Icarus

                1. errr kid icarus has amazing controls… not Nintendo’s fault your hands function like a disabled kid…

          2. They might not have the N64 games because of the controls of the 3DS. I mean, think about it
            R = R
            L = L
            A = A
            B = B
            Circle Pad = Control Stick
            D-Pad = D-Pad
            X = C? Z?
            Y = C? Z?
            Touch Sceen Buttons = Gay, and you can only press one at a time

      1. Both of them are first party titles remember
        there are alot of highly populer 64 and SNES titles that Nintendo Do not own

        Final Fantasy, Ogre Battle, Banjo and Kazooie, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Chrono Trigger, Star Wars etc etc

        I personally want to see some SNEZ games and more GBA Games come to the E-shop but 64 games will have to be remade simply because of Control issues

  4. wait for wii u.. i got a feelin you can buy the game for one price and have them on both 3ds and wii u ;)

  5. The eshop is utter crap !! I’m no fanboy but this is an honest opinion ..why the fuck does it only give us 1-3 games a week ? That’s bullshit ..and most of them are virtual console games ..WE DON’T FUKING NEED OLD GAMES …we need new games .. And no N64,GBA,SNES games available ? Wtf is this ?? The 3DS Is powerful enough to handle them …and the shop is full of garbage !! Im a Nintendo fan but this is lazy and shit …we need better stuff on the eshop

    1. join Nintendo then and do a better job. also they need to do a lot of legal crap for games to be released… pity your uneducated and dont know that…

      1. Yes because legaly thes n64, and SNES games can on appear on the WiiShop but not on the eShop….. :l

        I understand N64 would have issues, but emulation could actualy be accomplished if nintendo incorporated the 2nd anolog stick, just like your force to use the classic controler. as for snes its a no brainer. the lack of games is no excuse (passing my 20 games that I passed back when they first released for like the 20th time gets boring after a while.)

    2. If you paid up for a system at launch then you would have had access to 20 extra games for free
      10 NES games and 10 GBA games
      Although the 10 NES games are available now to everyone the 10 GBA games will not be available to people who didnt buy the system at launch

      I agree with you that there needs to be some GBA and SNES games up on the E-shop though
      but 64 games would have alot of problems with controls if they were just ported up there

      I’d rather them put time into remaking them and uping the graphics for the system

      i mean you cant argue with the OOT and Starfox remakes can you :)
      they were awesome although i did have one issue with Starfox 3D
      why did they change Andros Laugh :(
      the new Arr har har is just aweful :(

    3. You say that we don’t need old games then complain about the lack of gba and n64 games. Make up your mind. N64 games wouldn’t even work the controls would be too awkward.

      Also do you think games are just pulled out of a hat. It takes months if not longer to make an eshop game. It’s not like nintendo can force these guys to develop their games faster.

      And it’s a good idea to spread your games across a few months. With the wii they released all the good stuff quickly and now there is a game drought.

      1. Not if the 2nd anolog was incorporated, they force you to use the classic control to play somes games, they could simply force you to get the 2nd anolog addon, to play N64games and its sales would skyrocket.

          1. not on the N64, but what would you implement the C-buttons to? the Gamecube port of Ocarina and Majoras Mask Prove that it worked well enough.

    1. Yes! I didn’t start playing Castlevania until the DS, so I didn’t get to play the older games. Like the ones for GBA. So it’d be nice to be able to go back and play them now. And 3D Classics version of the NES games would also be amazing.

      1. If your expecting them to be like the GBA games, their not. But great games nonetheless :) Well… except maybe Simon’s Quest.

  6. What people fail to realize is the process of actually putting all the games on the damn system. You’re all acting like impudent children; crying out, “Wah, wah! I want more games!” Think! If they have to maintain business, program the games to WORK on the 3DS; and also have to get Wiiware games to be approved, get virtual console games working on the Wii as well, have to set up an agreement with the company who made the game a long time ago (A.k.a Capcom with Bionic Commando), and all this other crap – are you really not satisfied with what they’re trying to do?

    Personally, I like waiting for the games. Not everyone can spend all their money on games – I think I’d rather wait, get money, and when the game is out: buy it.

    On a random note: I still have to finish all my Ambassador Games, so until then… Let them keep on pushing out a game once a week. They’re doing the best they can and if you all are impatient, then I really have nothing else to say to you except: wait!

    1. THIS! ^

      fuck you kiddy gamers who are spoilt by mummy and daddy! go suck on their tits and cock if your not happy!

    2. at last someone with an ounce of sense

      those games all have to be rated again by the esrb and the probably show up in nintendo’s report charts or w/e as actual titles they released during the year and they most likely cant just release 1000 titles all at once because of this

      1. tell me about it

        the ammount of paperwork and damn legal issues to go through to get these games up is retarded

        heck anyone remember the mass panic about Madworld when that was due out

        people seem to forget the simple golden rule of gaming
        it it has a age rating on the case
        then dont buy it for a bloody child

        some people really irritate me when they buy a game like Grand theft auto or Resident Evil for thier 6 year old kid and then think they have the right to make a big deal out of it and attempt to sue the console developer because they are too stupid to understand what the number 18 in a Red circle means

        but yet know what it means when its on the case of a Dvd >: (

        they need to pass a law that states that retarded parents who make cases like this will just be thrown out of court for wasting court time

    3. what you seem to fail to realize is that games that are already on the WiiShop are already set to go, nintendo isn’t developing these games, so it shouldn’t take long at all, as for legal issues, they’re on the wiishop for a reason. all that could be a problem is the emulation but if the 2nd anolog is incorporated then N64 emulation is possible.

      1. I’d say its possible without it. Use the bottom screen for a virtual “c-buttons” and your good to go. Should work. On another note, legal issues is the whole reason we haven’t gotton a virtual console Earthbound game yet. Damn Blues Brothers… oh well. If you really want to play older games, buying the actual older console on ebay isn’t so bad. Brings back some good memories that way, plus you get to play with the original controller.

  7. So, are they saving the console Virtual Console games for the Wii U’s release? Because the VC releases have been near-dry for months.

  8. Oh, they released another Virtual console game in less than three months after their last one. I guess THAT makes up for everything.

    Good lord you guys.

  9. I’d be happy if they transferred some of their wii VC titles over. I’d happily pay for LTTP, Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG and Super Metroid again if they did.

  10. Nintendo should be releasing at least 1 GB, GBC, & NES game every week, in my humble opinion. Of course, that’s probably too much for them to handle, but it would be nice :/

  11. How is “It takes months to do!” even an excuse? The 3DS has been out for over a year! They should’ve been doing all this for the past twelve months. There is no good reason for them not having dozens of GB, GBC, and GBA games in the eShop at this point.

  12. I WANT SOME FUCKING GAMEBOY COLOR GAMES! The ONLY good game on there right now is Link’s Awakening. Don’t even lie.

  13. Whats really Ghey is that there is only 1 Gameboy Color game (Link’s Awakening) and NO Super Gameboy color scheme support.

  14. they just want to sell us shitty old ass original gameboy games. well atleast give us the fucking power of super gameboy you fucking bastards.

  15. no it’s because the stuff on the eshop costs money. if they were as reasonable as the Apple App Store then half the games and applications on the eshop would be a dollar or free.

  16. @ Annoying “Anonymous” Troll Guy
    You sir. You make a great point, hell, you’re on spot, actually. But do you have to be such a F***ing dick about it? Seriously, we are talking about GAMES here. Not some real-life threat or struggle. If these people want to whine about the eShop, let them f***ing do it. If you were actually mature, you wouldn’t be telling a Ninty fan to suck his/her momma’s tits/cock. Seriously, that’s low right there. Anybody agree?

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  18. For those NOT pissed about the lack of games, answer this: Why the fuck won’t Nintendo give us a straight answer then?

    You all think you’re a bunch of hot shot smart asses, defending Nintendo. If any of your plausible excuses are true, why won’t Nintendo own up and Jist tell us they have legal issues, or whatever?

    Why give us shit excuses? It makes those of us original NES Fans MAD BRO.

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  20. there should be SNES games on the Virtual Console. People are saying that there is plenty on the Wii, however, I love handheld devices and playing some of my old favorites on the go would be unreal. Please Nintendo, dont be stingy with the Virtual Console. There are so many people that would gladly pay money to play classics like, Shadowrun and Super Castlevania IV on the go. I dont care if they get the 3D treatment, but I do care about supporting a company who doesnt support the fans! You will be making bank of SNES, which in my opinion is the greatest system of all time.

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