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F-Zero And Mario Kart Director Working on Wii U Game?

Tadashi Sugiyama, who has directed Super Mario Kart, Pilotwings and F-Zero amongst other critically acclaimed titles, is apparently working on a Wii U game which is due to be revealed at E3 next month. There’s aren’t any hints regarding what he’s working on, but you can be sure that if this information is correct then it’s going to be one hell of a game.

57 thoughts on “F-Zero And Mario Kart Director Working on Wii U Game?”

  1. With the kind of games he works on, will it be something similar to one of the three? Or will it be a new IP?

    1. So, Mario and friends flying in Supersonic Jets through futuristic courses? Heck, that sounds awesome.

      1. haha it does actually lol

        But im pretty confident its going to be F-Zero
        He’s mentioned before that he would like to bring the title back and that Wii U would be a good system to do it on

        Its too soon to be looking at a new Mario Kart title

        So im guessing tis F-Zero or a completely new IP

        1. I HOPE it’ll be F-Zero- one of the best and most underrated games ever. The build and customization features of the GC version made it so much more fun than a typical space racer.

  2. Wow, He aso worked on Mario Kart Double dash and luigis mansion.. I bet its gonna be something amazin!

    1. I would love a new Diddy Kong Racing game but its highly unlikely we’ll get that

      it would compete too much with Mario Kart

      1. not necessarily. there’s no way diddy kong racing would come anywhere close to mario kart. as much as i love diddy kong racing, it’s not really as big of a seller as mario kart.

        1. What did you like about diddly kong racing? I felt like it was a complete waste of money. It was a weak copy of mario kart, like it was made for children.

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    1. About the press conference of will fail as always!also i except many things from nintendo including a starfox anouncment or an improvment of zelda etc

      1. there is a new Zelda on the way for 3DS
        apparently a Link to the past Sequel

        im hoping after that they get on with a Hd Wii U zelda title
        I cannot wait to see Link in HD Finally after all these years of waiting

        1. that zelda which it was on that press conf had ps3’s graphics.w8 untill its finished and sony smash sisteers is and it will be nothing agains super smash bros 4 and brawl!

      2. Why do you bring up Sony every time you comment on something? If you’re a Sony fanboy just outright state it, Sony and Nintendo (and Microsoft) fanboys are both the same levels of lame, no one will think any less of you.

  4. F Zero with HD graphics would be so amazing, especially if it was 3D on a huge, amazing screen. Sadly my TV is not that huge and not 3D, but still…

  5. yea about the and microfail fans are scared of wiiu and thats why they troll and say bad things for nintendo and wiiu

    1. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo **fanboys*** are all equally stupid. You miss out on a ton of good games by restricting yourself to one company/system.

      1. err no we dont… i looked at sony and xbox games and NOT oONE game am interested in. Nintendo feeds my gaming apetite

          1. no your just a douche who only believes in his own self entitled opinion. he was stating his opinion on games and u attacked him personally

            1. I don’t agree with how the other anon worded his post, it did seem more like an attack than anything else, but I agree with what he’s saying. You miss out on either various good games or the best versions of certain games by sticking solely to Nintendo. Ideally you’d have all 3 consoles (or atleast a Wii and a PS3, the two together covers about 85-90% of the console game market). Not being interested in anything the PS3 or 360 has to offer does indeed mean he has simplistic tastes – nothing inherantly wrong with that, I agree with you there. But simplistic tastes nonetheless.

      2. look at Xbox library shooters after shooter
        look at ps3 library shooter after shooters.
        what im a really missing out.

        1. -The best driving games – Forza 4 and Dirt 3 (Mario Kart 7 is good but Kart Racing games are substantially different to normal racing games and you know it. It’d be like comparing Skate to SSX, they’re both good but different)

          -Batman Arkham City, the Yakuza series, Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row 3, Alan Wake, and various other action games

          -King of Fighters 13, Super Street Fighter 4, Soul Calibur 5, Ultimate Marvel vs Capom 3, BlazBlue, and most other fighting games

          -Sports games – I”m not a fan of them but even you must admit the Fifa and Madden series have a massive fanbase

          And the other consoles have superior online, which matters to a lot of people these days. ******Don’t get me wrong, I do love the Wii******, but I can’t see how someone would be content on it alone unless they had very shallow tastes. As a console itself it did not cover the entire market.

    1. The Nintendo Reviewer

      Mario Kart Wii U will happen. It’s inevitable. But given that Mario Kart 7 launched for the 3DS less than 6 months ago and we didn’t get any F-Zero games on the Wii, it will most likely be and F-Zero game on the Wii U that will be announced this year at E3.

      Either way I’m looking forward to Nintendo’s E3 presentation delivering a Falcon Punch with all it’s surprises =p

  6. I really hope it’s a new F-Zero game. I’ve pretty dried up my SNES one. I’m ready for something new, and HD.

  7. Really hope it’s a new F-Zero. That series needs some more love from Nintendo. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. to create F-Mario Kart Zero…! lol did you guys get that..!? F- mari..o… oh forget it… Nintendo forever…! olalu..!!

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  10. F-ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right on! You’re way out in front!!!! Watch your back!!!! YOU’VE GOT BOOST POWEEEEERRR !!!!!

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