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Exciting New Details For Pokemon Black & White 2 (Spoilers)

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed some new information about the highly anticipated Pokemon Black & White 2. Images which were posted in the magazine show that you’ll be reunited with some old friends.

The wandering Champion in the original Pokemon Black & White Alder shows up at the start of the game to ask the player to follow him on an exciting and unspecified mission. Cheren will appear as a Normal-type gym leader and Bianca will return as a friend to Professor Juniper who gives you your starter Pokemon at the start of the game.

As expected it has been revealed that one knows exactly where N has disappeared to in Pokemon Black & White 2. Other details include the fact that new Sacred Beast forms of Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus will be available in the game. CoroCoro has also announced that we will be seeing a new Professor featured in the game who’s named Professor Burnett.

New details have emerged regarding the Pokemon World Tournament, which will allow you to test your wits against previous gym leaders and champions. Returning figures include the Brock, Misty, Lance, Volkner, Blue, Steven, Janine, Blaine and Giovanni among others. Pokemon Black & White 2 will be coming to North America and Europe later this year.

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      1. Eh…I dunno, all Heracross would need is to outspeed Alakazam which wouldn’t be too difficult, then a quick Megahorn or maybe even X-Scissor and Alakazam would be gone.

        1. Are you crazy? Heracross’s base speed is 90, versus the Alakazam’s base 120 speed. It’s gotta be goin against a poorly trained Alakazam in order to be LUCKY enough to out-speed it. Plus All that is needed is a focus sash to prevent 1-hit KO. On top of that, megahorn is not that accurate, so it will always need two strikes to take it down. More than enough time for alakazam to mop the floor with him

          1. The Only Pokemon Champ

            Well Brave Bird could instantly kill heracross
            considering flying type attacks are effective against bug and fighting
            making it 4x effective

            1. Obviously. Any smart trainer would NEVER use Heracross against a flying type pokemon. Or any Pokemon that has a strong flying type move and high atk power.

              1. The Only Pokemon Champ

                but that makes your heracross a huge liability
                considering a very common pokemon type is flying
                like in platinum
                I have a level 100 staravia with brave bird, aerial ace and heatwave and another move
                I could just use aerial ace which would easily kill your heracross

                1. Dude, Heracross is my favourite Pokemon. He’s been a permanent member of my team since the first game he became available. I know his weaknesses well. If I’m battling you and you pop out a bird pokemon, I’m getting my Heracross the hell out of there. I always keep a pokemon that can cover my Heracross’ weaknesses.

                  A good electric type Pokemon will handle your birds. I like Electrivire, Magnezone of Emolga. Could also go the Ice type route. The benefits of using Heracross far outweigh the risks.

  1. man this game is going to be awesome as the previous games were. And with the addition of battling previous gym leaders and champions, this game is going to be 20% cooler

  2. Omg 1st gen gym leaders??!?!? that could mean other gen gym leaders too?? maybe you have to fight them all and get all 40 badges in a tournament?
    OR we could even travel to all 5 regions and get all games in one! but lol thats not gunna happen, but it should!!

    1. Yeah, that would take forever in development, and require huge file space. Plus they’d have to come up with worthwhile in-game reasons for visiting them all, stories going on in all of them, and ways to travel between them. Not gonna happen.

  3. Wow this franchise is getting worse than cod, jesus its been 5 months and already another rehased game mechanic system. They keep relesing the same fucking game with new pokemon and old recycled gym leaders

  4. Yeah but since pokemon is their fav you wont see the hypocrates complain. Smh its worse than cod they relesed main game,than spinoff all within the same year than later a remix of main game. Jesus just this year they have 3 games plus the apps enough

    1. Just to be clear, do you think you’re fooling people into believing there’s more than one person complaining? If the picture didn’t give it away then the identical malformed speech pattern would. Grow up and stop trolling, many of us like Pokémon; you don’t have to and that’s fine, but just leave it be.

    1. CoD’s worse than this. Same b******* just different names and that’s not counting the spinoffs. Let me guess in the end you fight zombies but with a twist omg smh die dum s***endl white c****** f***

      You mad bro?

    2. Both the COD and Pokemon franchises are built upon rehashing. Game Freak attempts some different stuff with the console versions and the spin-offs but no one really cares about those. People complain how this series never changes too much, but they’re hypocrites. People are content with what they’re getting and will pay for it.

    3. Tentacoolerthanyou

      At least we pay less for our games. ;) New COD’s are $60, plus the optional $50 for memberships, $15 each for map packs, and then there’s the money you pay to play online. Pokemon? New games are usually around $35. We don’t have to pay for memberships, map packs, or to play online. So while you’re spending roughly $120-$150 every year, we’re spending about $35, and that’s just when a new game comes out. May be once a year, may be a few years in between.

    4. what’s with your language??? i’ve seen your previous comments, and really, very stupid spelling you have there…. just type the damn words you stupid F*****G -B***H- RETARD!!!!! JUST SHUT THE F*** UP AND JUST F*****G LEAVE!!!!!!! FAG. i’m sorry for the language but i just need to get this guy to understand that he’s a real pain in the ass. you have anything

  5. Well…some of that wasn’t new…we’ve known about the new Kami trio formes for a few days since the cover was leaked, and we’ve known there’d be a new professor for what, months? At least weeks. All this did was tell us names. Still, old gym leaders are very cool, curious to see how they’ll explain how Giovanni can be there…also interesting that we’ll get to battle him and Blue as gym leaders in the same game, and that Giovanni’s shown in his FRLG art, whereas Brock and Misty have their HGSS art…

    Cheren’s certainly interesting…and confusing…concerned about Lenora, never mind the first three…wonder where they are…especially curious as to the impact this change might have on the anime…is half of Unova going to get frozen over? Including Cress’ home town!

    1. *Cilan. Sorry, I confuse those as Cress is obviously a plant, and would have been a far more sensible name for him if any of them is going to have that ridiculous excuse for a name.

  6. So red, wallace, cynthia, lance, will you also battle the guy you use in gold/silver, ruby/saphire and pearl/diamond they are champions too if yes that will be awesome

  7. ”As expected it has been revealed that one knows exactly where N has disappeared to in Pokemon Black & White 2.”
    Doesn’t the article say that ”no one knows exactly…” ?

  8. Tentacoolerthanyou

    Actually Professor Burnett is the female professor who will be in the 3DS app, “AR SEARCHER”, which you will be able to use kind of like Pokemon snap, but instead you are finding Pokemon in the real world using the 3DS’s AR and Gyroscope technology. The ones you catch should be transferable to your game.

    If you have any questions (because i wont be coming back here) either facebook or email me.

  9. hey pokemon formula is geeting old! shut the F*** up! why did you come here if you dont like pokemon in the first place you retard!

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  11. I so can’t fucking wait for this game to come out on October 7th I saw the trailers and I knew this game was gonna be for me

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