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Nintendo 3DS Outsold The DS By 1 Million Units At This Point In Either Platforms Lifecycle

NPD analyst Anita Frazier has explained that the Nintendo 3DS has outsold the Nintendo DS by roughly 1 million units during their respective first 14 months in the market. Frazer then went on to say that “the DS went on to become the best-selling gaming hardware system ever.” Nintendo has stated that it has sold around 4.5 million Nintendo 3DS systems in the United States during its first year of availability.

67 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Outsold The DS By 1 Million Units At This Point In Either Platforms Lifecycle”

  1. 3DS outsold DS by 1 million in the first 14 months?


    1. You’re wrong. Angry Birds is the best game now. Soon Pokemon Black and White 2 will be the best game.


        1. No competition is bad. If there’s no competition, then Nintendo wouldn’t have to innovate to sell anything. They would be a monopoly!

          1. dont care! Nintendo deliver the best! and they are a monopoly right now with the handheld market. BYE VITAAAAAAAAAA

        2. I consider myself a Nintendo fanboy but some of the guys commenting on here just take it to the next level….

        3. NO! Sony must still try to compete with Nintendo otherwise there will be a monopoly just like SuperEngimation said

            1. yehe xactly! lost for words! ;) I FUCKING WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

              NINTENDO FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I think people are buying the 3DS more than the DS for 3 reasons.

      1. People’s DS(s) are always breaking. For example, my control pad is busted.
      2. 3D mode is AWSOME!
      3. 3DS has more apps than the DS.

      The only good things about the DS is you can use an action replay DSi, and you can play gameboy advanced games.

            1. Oh wow, what do we have here? It seems like a “bad@$$” has arrived.
              Everybody clear the way, ’cause this 13 year old has taken the internet by the horns, and has come to blow up stuff and fuck bitches.

              Seriously kid, start using your brain and stop being such a huge fanboy. I have been by the big N’s side since the SNES days and you don’t see me going full retard around the comment section

              1. i am actually 22 so nice try. Try harder next time kiddo…and i am a fanboy… problems? suck your mums tits you bitch

                1. Oh really? Oh, so you think that being old enough to drink already makes you mature?
                  Whatever age you are you are still acting stupidly.

                  I would have accepted such behavior from a kid, not from an “adult”.
                  In my opinion you are just a manboy neckbeard that never really matured

      1. DS(s) are always breaking? You must have some really Hulk-like hands to get through the Nintendium. My Mario Kart DS phat from late 2005 works without an issue when I need to trade Pokémon with myself.

    2. Your right the DS Lite was the handheld that generated all the sales. if it’s more than the regular DS then that’s alright. I dought it will come close to the DS lite sales. But time will tell. Hopefully they release more titles
      On the 3DS hand held. it’s in need of more game titles. Hopefully plenty will be named at E3

      1. Well, we still have to get Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter and Kingdom Hearts in America and Europe. And it’s almost certain that Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing will come out by November. To top it off, we’ll probably have one or two good surprises next month, not to mention the western third-parties Iwata said are now working on 3DS games.

        Not too shabby. ;)

  3. yeah well nintendo isn’t the kind of handheld gaming for nothing. I hope vita sees the same success so those iphone fools can shut the fuck up once and for all.

    1. I don’t I hope they die so more 3rd parties will focus on Nintendo 3ds and that means more games

  4. What a beautiful turnaround. I never had any doubt it would pick up as soon as the quality titles hit store shelves. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. in other news, the PSP outsold the Vita by over 1 million units at this point in either platforms’ lifecycle

    so while the 3DS outsold the currently best-selling handheld of all time at this point, the vita is getting spanked by its predecessor. who’s doomed now, 3DS doubters?

  6. Nintendo 3Ds is ultimately the BEST selling portable console on the planet! If it werent for games like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Resident Evil: Revelations, or Super Mario 3D Land, there would have been the first game system in full 3D with no glasses required.

  7. Maybe now they will stop making games for DS and focus on 3DS!!! Seriously annoying to see some games appear on DS not the 3DS

  8. With units sold at this pace, I am honestly intrigued by the sales at the end of the 3DS’ lifespan compared to the DS’.

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  10. Cool the the best handheld ever made.some may disagree (vita>3ds) but a game is for fun and the 3ds gives u fun gameplay with full use of the abilities (ar,gyro)that it has and the give us bribes (ar card) for free do sony do that

  11. ”the DS went on to become the best-selling gaming hardware system ever.”
    Wrong! The PS2 is outselling it in Japan, and the way the DS is bombing worldwide and the fact the PS2 is still selling means it will never be.

    1. I think they mean in Handheld terms., and ‘the DS is bombing worldwide’. Seriously? The DS is already a year outdated by a MUCH better handheld.

  12. Boy, am I glad I bought a 3DS last year. Plus, iPod Touch has more room for apps than an iPhone. and yet, Angry Birds is great, but I don’t consider it the best game ever. It’s just an awesome app. The 3DS has 3D “in-your-face” gaming without the use of glasses. can Apple do that? I doubt it. The HTC EVO 3D just copied the 3DS by using the same 3D technology. Besides, Nintendo is patient and wise, and Microsoft is great (with PC trololol), and Sony is……out there. The Playstation Move copied the Nintendo Wii’s use for Wii remotes, but Microsoft used Kinect for controller-free games, being the first company to successfully do so, and sell tons of them. CoD was good back in the early 2000s, but as we got into the later years, too many people were addicted to the game, making them CoD “fanboiz”, meaning, people who are stupid enough to only own CoD and nothing else, and calling CoD the best game ever. We see too many of them on Team Fortress 2 alone!

    Anyways, I hope you get my point.

  13. Plus, I am aware that most of the comments from this site alone come from nameless people who are stupid enough to call “NOOBS”. In the 1970s and 1980s, Atari came first, but when Nintendo arrived, they started taking the gaming world by storm with their 8-bit games on the NES. then came SEGA. They started doing 16-bit gaming. a “battle” raged on. Eventually, around the late 1990s, SONY joined the fray, with the Playstation. Soon after, SEGA stopped making their own game systems, and moved on to making games(Sonic too) for other systems. Microsoft joined in 2001. Their most famous game alone is the Halo series. It actually follows a unique story, unlike its later competition, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Nintendo kept doing what they do best, which included Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, and F-Zero. When the Wii & DS came out, it was really on. Later, the PS3 utilized remotes that copied that of the Wii’s Wiimotes. Neither Microsoft nor Sony copied the DS. Without competition, video games would never exist.

  14. And yes, what I just said came out of the mouth of a 14-year-old gamer with a high voice. If you have a problem, and would like to troll me, then reply below if you will.

    Also, keep up the good work, sickr! This kind of news website deserves to be viewed! :D

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