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Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Coming To North America

Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura has announced in the latest issue of Famitsu that the Sora scenario Traverse Town demo – which is currently available in Japan, is coming to the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop. I’m sure Square Enix will announce a date for the North American Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance demo fairly soon.

58 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Coming To North America”

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          1. Every KH game has a reason behind it. It helps explain the story…so it is needed. Or would you rather play KH3 and have no idea what the fuck is going on? KH has a complex story

              1. idk what you mean by make a new game. This is clearly a new game. Do you mean make it for another system?

            1. He’s a god damn troll. Don’t feed him. If he wants to be stupid then fine. Let him be so. He clearly lacks the mentality to see what a good game it is. Even if ya dont like story, each game has its own great feature making them possible to evolve and keep going.

              1. errm my opinion?> butthurt much sora boy? go catch cancer and die from it alongside your mum

                and i play far better games like zelda and mario, this game is a button bashing pile of shit. Only reason they are rehashing these games is to rip u off… blind fanboy fag

                1. Ok look i dont givea damn how much youhate kh or whatever dont bring cancer andpeolpesmom in thiswhen there are realpeople dealingwith it anddieing with it! So unless youhave something smart to say shut the fuck up andget your ass off thispost andlet the fans be fans anddiscuss thisyouhater trollpiece of shit!

                  1. Im tired of people calling all the nintendo kh’s are spinoffs, they are crucial to the story, so f*ck off you trolls

                    1. Thatjustshowshowyouhavenolifebecauseyouactullycheckpeoplesspellingonablogyoudumbass!Andjustbecauseyourmomwasawitchandgotburnedatthesteakdoesmeaneveryoneoneelseswillyoupieceoftrushgogetalifebutgiveupongettinglaid

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    1. Its nice, though the story is too convoluted. If you are the type of person that can’t ignore the story in a game, you’ll need to buy yourself pretty much every modern video game console in order to play the games in chronological order.
      Trust me, I played Kingdom Hearts 1 and understood all of the story, but when I started the sequel (Kingdom Hearts 2), I didn’t understand anything. Turns out that there were around 5 games that happened between the two.
      Its crazy story-wise, but if you get all of it its actually quite enjoyable. The gameplay is great by itself as well.

      1. o.o
        There’s only one game between the two.

        But Days came after, though takes place between the end of KH1 to the start of 2.

        BBS is an amazing prequel
        (Re:)Coded, and 3D all come after

    2. Here we go, major KH fan:

      Kingdom Hearts is an Action-RPG that features original characters in various disney world settings.
      It also stars disney characters (Your main party is disney).

      People say it’s childish, but the story actually has some deep meaning and thought into it. Just people tend to think disney = childish.

      Sure there’s a confusing story and a bunch of games, but this game has a memoir section that lets you read a detailed summary of each of the games to introduce you to the series.

      You should search it up because it’s actually really fun with a great battle system and amazing story.

      Especially if you have a ps3 so you can get kingdom hearts 3.

      You should look into it more and try the demo, then see if its the game for you.

      It’s like final fantasy in a way if that makes a difference

  3. I jumped for joy when I saw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m ready Nomora, Bring me Kingdom Hearts.

        1. I think I have the right to call you a pussy now. The name is Tetsuya Nomura. I’m dying of laughter.

    1. light is made up of lots of different colours, and and of all those colours, red is the one that travels the farthest
      got it memorized?

        1. I forgot about that scene,My friends are my power and I’m their ,I cover their weaknesses and they cover mine,together we are invincible .(I added a few things)

      1. To me, it is fair if EU doesn’t get a demo. Most sales come from NA and face it, EU gets it 10 days before NA.

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  5. Wow awesome! I don’t need the demo as I will be buying but it’s nice to give a chance to play it.

      1. I will get the game but i want the demo too so i can get used to KH3D from the start and then play like crazy, even with school coming around i will play till my hearts content.
        “We may never meet again, but we’ll never forget each other.”
        – Squall Leon

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