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Crytek Had Crysis 3 Running On Wii U?

Reports have come in that a developer at Crytek managed to get Crysis 3 running on Wii U. The developer tested the game out on Wii U in an effort to see how the system performs handling the graphically demanding title. Crysis 3 ran at 30-35 FPS in 720p, but Crytek believe that they can get the game running at 1080p – if the Wii U tablet controller is turned off. However, they were unable to turn off streaming to the controller on their personal development kit.

111 thoughts on “Crytek Had Crysis 3 Running On Wii U?”

    1. Doooom doooooooooom Doooom!

      No really the computer shaders will have to be reworked maybe. This is an fx chip moment waiting to happen.

    1. Guys… .when are we going to start using common sense. NEWS FLASH… if it is running on PS3/360 then without using a brain cell it is also running on the Wii U… If the must anti Nintendo news tell you it is on par with 360/PS3 (I strongly believe it is more powerful) so clearly it can run Cyrsis 3.

      HELLO…. IT IS MORE ADVANCED… GEEZ!!!. The only question if any to really ask is if it can run the game at highest settings and frame rate (max graphics, physics, AI).

      1. No need to Believe

        its definatly more powerful than the current Gen
        thats a proven fact that Anti Nintendo retards like to deleberatly forget all the time

        the only issue they claim from this is that the Tablet controller hinders peak performance which really can be worked around so its really not that big a deal

        1. Umm no it’s not developers have come out and said it’s so I don’t know what to say about your ignorance

          1. Fail troll is fail. Only the Anonymous developers have said that. Anonymous = Idiot Troll In His Mums Basement. The only developers that you should believe, are the ones that don’t mind being named, that way you know the information is legitimate. Like these guys:

            THQ: “WiiU is just alot more powerful than current HD consoles it does 1080p very easy.”

            Crytek: “WiiU devkits are very powerful,the specs are very good”

            Vigil Games: “We had the game at the same level as high end pc version in a matter of days and a few lines of code got the game up and running on tablet in 5 mins.”

            Epic: “It will do things current HD consoles simply cant do its going to be a powerful box.”

            EA: “Wii U is not a transitional platform, it is a true next generation system.”

        2. They just don’t want to admit that nintendo is finally ahead and there is no new console for sony and microsoft the wii was robably a prototype of the wii u so they could make the wii u so much better but they needed money

      2. amen i think its is going to be a beast system plus its still better cuz i dont think xbox or ps3 has a tablet

  1. If u belive that wii u is gonna be a true next gen console in terms of specs then be prepared to become disappointed at e3. You schould be happy if it is comparable to ps3.

    1. how can you possible know that, but I suppose you know with all your inside knowledge you are a developer at nintendo aren’t you?

      1. most rumors strongly suggest the power being at about 2x the current gen, which isnt much. Nobody knows for sure how true these rumors are, but if we remember how accurate those rumors last year were that strongly suggested the next nintendo system’s controller would have a touch screen built in.

        1. Yepp most sources seems to indicate that it is slightly more powerful than xbox/ps3. If u compare these specs to What we know about xbox720/ps3 then it is obvious that wii u is not next gen based purely on specs. I think the deciding factor will be whether or not it will run unreal engine 4. At e3 we will know, and I would say that most of the current info suggest wii u will not be compareable to the next gen consoles and ue4.

          1. for every report saying wii u isn’t much more powerful as current gen there is a report of developers saying wii u is definitely next gen and the next gen will be less of a step up in power than the last gen and more about interesting innovations, such as the application of the wii u controlleras seen in the rayman trailer

          2. You must have much experience making games for the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 to say that…

            The GPU rumored to be in Wii U is tons ahead of the ones in the PS3 and 360, and it seems to have gotten another boost in power with the last devkit. It’s also pretty clear that the system is built to run Unreal 4.

            Nintendo has learned from their mistakes. They won’t be out of the third-party loop again.

                  1. Do you really need to point out the fact that he’s an idiot to make you feel better about yourself?


              1. no. we literally know absolutely nothing about the nex xbox and ps4. all we have are rumors and nothing else. infact, they don’t even officially exist.

                1. This is what amuses me about this next Gen talk

                  Everyone who seems to have a issue with Nintendo are soo sure that the next playstation and Xbox will be soo far ahead in terms of power and technology

                  for all they know the next two systems will be hardly anymore powerful than Wii U

                  the objective of the next gen is not to produce a be all and end all of a console that has the best possible hardware specs that will give every sony and microsoft fanboy a boner

                  the objective is to produce a Console that gives you a great quality gaming exsperience
                  1080p HD 40ish fps at minimum with many many games to entertain yourself with
                  but heres the most important part

                  these systems need to be CHEAP!!

                  Microsoft and Sony will in no way produce a stupily powerful system if its going to rack up a $600+ Price tag
                  because nobody will buy it so nobody will want to develop for it making it a stupendous failure
                  much like the Vita is right now

                  people keep saying Nintendo fans will be dissapointed with the Wii U’s performance but we are not exspecting this colossal hardware monster of a console

                  all we are exspecting is a 1080p Hd Nintendo system which has the 3rd party support that the Wii Soo desperatly needed and the epic first party titles in Hd that we’ve been wanting for a long time

                  lol if anyones going to be dissapointed by the next gen systems
                  its the idiots who think that ps4 and 720 will be 100 times more powerful than Wii U
                  its just not going to happen

                  1. +1

                    I honestly don’t care about gimmicks, Higer Resolutions, Million doller budgets, or Motion controls. Just give me games and a Dpad with buttons and ill be good. whatever the system

                  2. actually they will most likely be on par with the wii u. why? because there will be no way that they could manufacture a console that is 1. priced competitively and 2. actually more powerful considering the price of graphics cards, and still sell it at a price that most peole are saying they want for next gen which is $250

                  3. i agree, graphics haven’t quite made that huge jump lately and the current gen could handle it just fine with minor tweaks compared to the pc.
                    With that said i think the consoles will be on par and its software will be the deciding factor along with any interesting features these consoles will have.

                    It’s all about the experience of the player rather than the specs of your console.
                    No point in having a huge wallet while its empty instead of carrying a sock full with pennies.

          3. Next gen can mean more than one thing. I certainly am not interested in a next gen system where the only difference is a more graphically detailed shooter experience. We’ll see at e3, but all i’m saying is it would be cool to see something completely fresh for the next gen. I’m over paying 400+ dollars for unstable hardware offering subtle changes in visuals. Next gen for me needs have a huge concept or a game with a huge concept, otherwise i’m fine staying with current gen and before.

        2. The ps3 from Xbox 1 really isn’t that much of a jump. Yes the resolution went up yet framerates went down and so did the amount of good games.

          It only looks more powerful because of tricks with shaders. The wii I has already expanded on these tricks. There isn’t much more real time graphics can do. Except run at better frame rates and bigger tectures etc.

        3. 2x isn’t much?

          Picture how good games look on PS3 and XBOX. Now, imagine if those games each had a second graphics card, processor, twice the ram, etc. you think the games would look WAY better?

          You’re out of your mind. Maybe strictly in numbers it isn’t much, but neither was XBOX360 compared to the original XBOX, are the 360 still sold VERY well and has extremely beautiful games.

    2. Apparently, the Wii U has more than 1GB of RAM, but less than 8GB.
      That sounds pretty next-gen to me. Not to mention the rumored Wii U GPU is way more modern than the ancient GPU inside of the PS3 (GeForce 7800 GTX), or the Xbox 360 for that matter.
      I mean, the V1 dev kits were 50% more powerful than the PS3, and they were under-clocked! The V5 dev kits are out and are the near final version of the console.
      I believe that we all will be blown away at Nintendo’s E3 conference this year.

      1. True. I’m curious about the RAM. The PS3 has 256MB, which was a lot by this gen’s standards… I think that, if they want to focus on multi-tasking (such as playing a game on the TV while browsing the web on the controller), which is suggested by the rumored PowerPC processor, they’ll need more than average. I’d say it’ll have 2GB. For dedicated hardware, that’s quite a lot.

    3. ‘True next gen console’?
      I’ve always been appalled by the term ‘next gen’. I just like a new console because it offers new gaming experiences. Its funny how people only look at the graphical specs (which aren’t even known) and absolutely ignore the fact that a freaking touch pad is included with the console, allowing for new innovative ways to play games.
      But no, its not a next gen console. Its more next gen to just have another Playstation, but with improved graphics.

        1. he was being sarcastic

          basicly saying that upgrading graphics is all people care about to clasify a next gen system

          people keep slandering the U because of the completely made up and unfortunatly belived specs of the system
          nintendo havent told us what is in it yet and nobody but Developers have that information and pretty much all of them are calling U a Next gen system

          its obviously not going to be as powerful as the next Ps and XB but it really wont need to be
          The Wii was classed as a Next Gen system despite its old Hardware

          he was basicly making a point that a Next gen system is classed on more than just a hardware upgrade and prettier graphics

    4. As powerful, 2x, 4x, doesnt even matter. I think game companies are starting to realize that the wall that they’re hitting in terms of being able to make a large jump in graphics like they did in between previous generations. What they can do from here is concentrate on new and exiting ways to play and interact with the game. For nintendo this means their controller. For sony, we don’t know yet, and for microsoft its the kinetics + online. In the end, the winners are ALL US GAMERS! 2013 is going to be a great year to be a gamer, as long as you have lots of money :)

        1. I have to disagree a bit here. Nintendo is true gaming. But by sheer desire to make money, the other companies turn out some true gaming experiences. I gotta give Microsoft some credit for Age of Empires lol. And Sony gets credit for Hardware. But dont get me wrong, I am a nintendo fanboy from start to finish, and have owned every generation of Nintendo system but not of micro or sony, and I will continue to do so until sega comes back……

            1. Let them have a word, I cant give sony credit for that because they didnt make it and its not exclusive. Plus, it looks and plays better on a good PC anyway. No kudos there man, sorry. If you want to give kudos to sony, name some good first party stuff, not a multi-platform game that you feel is best on that system when thats not even true.

              1. As someone who owns the Pc version of Skyrim I can definatly say it totally owns the console version
                graphically better thanks to Resolution options
                runs smoother and faster thanks to my pc having better hardware
                can run in 1080p and is unbelivably easy to Mod
                and the Mods are not your common look im Iron Man with a lightsaber killing a dragon lolz mods
                the Mods for Skyrim are fantastic
                Sounds of Skyrim, darker Dungeons, Arrow Smithing, More weapons and armour skins, faster horses, more magic, bug fixes there are thousands of useful non gamebraking mods to add
                heck My last Character i made was a Daedra

                the pc version is a million times better than the console one

            2. Skyrims issues came from poor porting
              same for every other 3rd party multiplat that had issues on the ps3

              that was the Developers fault not Sonys

              In terms of Hardware ps3 truphs Xbox in everything cept for the RAM which really didnt make that much difference

              The Bluray player destroyed the HD format Microsoft used and the Cell CPU although a major pain in the ass to use was far far far supirior to the 360’s cpu

              The ps3 in terms of Hardware is a much better and more reliable system
              the only problems were in the software

              1. Oh, you were refering to it being glitchy or something? Sorry, I thought you were trying to say it was the best version or something. But yes, sony gets a point for hardware. Im inclined to take it away for how many times I’ve seen people ps2’s stop working, or their PSP’s for that matter, but they still make powerful well designed devices, even if their not so very durable.

                  1. Oh yeah? Thats sucks. Still doesn’t mean that the company fails at making powerful hardware, it just means that they failed on the ram. Microsoft failed on its system design too, and Nintendo failed on power. That doesnt mean any of them are bad systems, just that they have a weakness on a part. On the whole, the point I was getting at, is that sony makes decent hardware. Not just there either, but their VIAO laptops are decent, the PSP, back in the day the sony walkman and tv walkman, sony tv’s, etc. They are not bad at making hardware, and certainly better than many microsoft themselves at building hardware. They seem to suck completely at making games though lol

                1. Ive never had a sony or nintendo console break

                  if your talkiing about bad durability need i remind you of the RROD

      1. my PS1 still works to this day same with my snes,gamecube,n64,wii.only nintendo console that broke on me were my first gamecube(diskdrive) and wii (discdrive)

  2. My Nintendo News doesn’t have much responsibility on their titles, they just post it as if it was true to get your click, and then later you find out it’s just a rumor

          1. listen loser u obviously have no life, makin fun of ppl online doesnt make u tough. u know u would never talk like that in public to a real human being because your a coward, go find a GF if you can

    1. Love the video. There are so many tech terms being thrown around and I understand every byte of it.

        1. You don’t have to worry about it. That April Fools hoax was already over. Nintendo have already finalized the Dev Kit and send them to third party developers to use it for their presentation at next month’s E3 press conference on June 5th. The Big N, meanwhile, is tweaking the hardware including one special EPIC surprise (wink-wink).

  3. *This proven rumor is fake*

    He says he works at Crytek in Germany, but we know it’s Crytek UK who has the Wii U dev kit.

    A GAFer who is also on that Italian forum said the user in question is known to make up crap.

    You can turn off the video streaming of the controller. In fact, it’s off from the start until the developer turns it on. (Vigil explained how that works last June.)

    Even if you keep the screen on, you can put a 2D or simple 3D image on it like a map or menu, and it wouldn’t affect the framerate or performance of the scene on the TV.

    Nobody brings in “beta testers” for tech demos.

    Particles have nothing to do with ambient occlusion.

  4. Off topic, but that is really crappy boxart. Is it official? It just looks like a generic screenshot with the title slapped over it.


          1. RETARD! GOT A PROBLEM BUTTHURT KID!?!?!?!?!!??!?!!?!?!? YEAH GO FUCK YOURSELF RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                1. Seriously, whats your damage man? All we are asking is that you respect others. Thats it. Why even bother coming on here if all your going to do is show a total lack of respect to others? I don’t get what you benifit from that at all. If you don’t like being called a troll, then stop trolling. I surely can name some disabled friends that would hate your use of the word retarded, so just keep it nice in here. No one wins from your hate speech, but everyone wins when you keep it pleasent. At least consider it buddy, poisonous words oft poisons those who speaks them.

                    1. No, if thats really the case, no problems. I just feel bad for you then, thats all. Seems like a waste. If its anything to you at all, you have my pity.

      1. So you meant to say that

        “anyone who thinks the Wii U isn’t way more powerful than 360 and PS3 are ignorant”

        I concur with your statement.
        E3 will close some nay-saying mouths!

  6. This article in particular says that they couldn’t turn off the streaming to the controller, but the original rumor states that the tester himself could not turn off this feature as it was not programmed to do that yet. It’s not the dev kit couldn’t turn it off, that needs to be programmed since there are different ways they could use the controller for.

  7. 30-35 FPS? That means it must run in, like, 20 FPS when in 1080p. Of course, I don’t care about rumours.

  8. I’d play this with Wii controls or a redesigned classic controller. I just know I’ll only buy the game for Wii U

  9. @ Naner & @ Teratus have got the right idea. Stop focusing on the specs and how pretty the games will look. I’m only concerned with how well the game play, how sturdy the hardware is, how strong it’s online infrasructure is and how will the 3rd party devs support it.

  10. Nintendo fanboys tend to disregard the specs and only focus on the controller. However, If Nintendo want third party support in the future, the console must be on par with the next consoles from sony/microsoft. Otherwise it will be like wii: great games from Nintendo but no third party games ala mass effect/skyrim. Xbox 360 was my first non-nintendo console and I have used it a lot more than my wii because if the great third party games

    1. People are gonna be very disappointed souls if they really think PS4 & Xbox 720 will be much more powerful than the Wii U.

      Microsoft? While it’s true that they have much more money than either Nintendo or Sony, do people honestly think that they’re gonna take more huge losses off of each console sold for the 3rd generation in a row by using more newer, expensive, cutting edge tech just to outpower Wii U? I highly doubt it. They’re much more focused on capturing the casuals within Kinect (along with using Kinect 2.0 built into Xbox 720), & are focusing on more features & are turning it into a entertainment system.

      Sony? They definitely can’t afford another huge loss leading model like they could with PS3. Most of their divisions are suffering in profits, & they’re trying to do whatever they can to get back in the game financially. They’re not gonna risk losing tons more billions that they can’t even afford to spend just to outpower Wii U.

      Face it, PS4 or Xbox 720 will not have another huge power & graphics leap like from PS2 to PS3 or from Xbox to Xbox 360. Both of them are gonna want to turn profitable on the first day next generation, which means, no more expensive, quality tech from either MS or Sony.

      1. Thats IF sony decides to do this generation. From what I hear (all rumors as usual so take it with a grain of salt) they might just be releasing a “steambox”, something thats very cheap, low on specs, and just streams amazing looking games from a server that does all the rendering for it. Who really knows though, only the wii U so far has confirmed specs, everything else is just a toss up. Thinking logically, to keep good with their fanbase, they will have to release something at least a little more powerful than the wii U, or else their fanboys have no ground to stand on. Call of Duty is popular, but I somehow doubt its a 400+ dollar system seller. Seems kinda pointless with better FPS games on the PC and one can be had to play said games for 700 bucks or so.

  11. To all those saying the Wii U isn’t next gen or “true” next gen you are wrong. It doesn’tatter how powerful a console is, it just depends on when it gets released. Nintendo could make the Wii U less powerful then the Wii (lol) and release it and it still counts as next gen. I think…

  12. 720p honestly is fine by me. It what i game on.. 3d 43 inch 720p samsung. I had a led 1080p.. but the picture quality on this looks so much better its amazing. as most television is projects n over air signals ar sonly 720p.. as most games as well.

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