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Nintendo Of America Stays Quiet On Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS

We heard yesterday that Nintendo of Japan has decided to discontinue selling the original Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS, but what about Nintendo of America? Well, a representative of Nintendo of America has issued a brief statement which suggests they will still continue to sell the console for a limited period of time.

“We have nothing to announce about the Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS in our territory at this time.”

– Nintendo of America

26 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Stays Quiet On Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS”

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  2. Kinda like Nintendo’s idea… with all the new colors out, people with the original black and blue 3DS are gonna feel a little bad about buying it too early… now we can brag about how rare our 3DS were like 2 years later :D

  3. Is it truth becuase aqua blue has bad poorly constructed plastic thing? Screen scratches the most and hinges are so weak? Who knows of this?


  5. “We have nothing to announce about the Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS in our territory at this time.”….”AT THIS TIME”; that means we’re cleary getting the aqua blue 3ds pretty soon!

  6. Maybe because no one is buying that color scheme, since most people have Cosmo Black, Flame Red, Coral Pink, and two new colors : Cobalt Blue and Midnight Purple, are coming out soon.

    1. They had the Ice White 3DS that came out in every region except America. Hmm maybe Nintendo secretly hates us. I’d buy one in white, but they have that goddamned region restriction on it. Yu know what? we should do something in the likes of that Operation Rainfall thing and protest 2 Nintendo 2 remove the region lock on it. The PSP and the Vita, as well as all of Nintendo’s past systems leading up 2 the DS Lite dont have the region lock, but the DSi, DSi XL and the 3DS do. I understand that consoles dont necessarily need that feature removed, but the 3DS is a portable system, so yur bound 2 take it wherever yu go. Back in the days yu could buy a Game Boy, and no matter what part of the world it was originally from, yu could buy games from all over the world and play it without any problem. When yu region lock something, it makes that product less desireable due 2 all the restrictions 2 the hardware and the software thats on it, which means people will resort 2 hacking and pirating their games 4 said system as a result. Btw the only 3DS yu can buy in the world that is better than the regular retail 3DS is the Devolpment Kit 3DS that game designers recieve. Its about $2,500 to $3,000 but it has no region restriction, can play betas and retailed commercial 3DS and DS games, as well as coming with a 8GB flash card from Nintendo allowing yu 2 change the region at will. See if developers are afforded such an opportunity, why not us? We gamers have a voice, and if its loud and clear enough they’ll listen and deliver.

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