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Wii U Is A “Powerful, Powerful Machine”

Gearbox senior producer Brian Burleson has openly described the Wii U as a “powerful, powerful machine”. Burleson explained that although he’s unable to talk about the specifications of Nintendo’s forthcoming console, he personally believes that Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U will ultimately be the best version of the game.

“[Creating the Wii U version] has been pretty easy. The Wii U is a powerful, powerful machine and it can do a lot of cool new things. And so the game itself, moving it over to work on the Wii U was not much of a chore.”

“Now the interesting thing is finding out all the cool ways you can use the controller to do new stuff with it. You can imagine all the cool things we can do, with this franchise and having a thing with you, right?”

“You can imagine some cool features, for sure,” Burleson said. “It’s not hard to imagine some cool features.”

The Wii U’s power, though, is “one thing I can’t talk about”, he said. “Actually nailing the specs, they haven’t come out with them yet.”

But, the Wii U version of Aliens will “be better” than the PS3 and Xbox 360 version in terms of visuals, he confirmed. Why? Because of “more modern tech”.

How, exactly, will it be better? “You’ll have to wait and see,” Burleson teased. “Just trust me on that one.”

126 thoughts on “Wii U Is A “Powerful, Powerful Machine””

  1. I find it weird that everyone says something else about the power of the WiiU. I guess it’s the best to just wait for E3 and get the official infos about it. We can’t know anything before that.

    1. the “everyone else” is un named sources or developers that just havent taken the time to just port it over *cough* crytec *cough*

      1. Agreed with first point. There are even rumors that Crytek has tried out the system and even had games running with streaming to the tablet.

        1. thats true they have had cysis 3 running in1080 and 60fps but they had to turn the controller screen off

      1. I really hated the term “butthurt.” But anyway, there was only one instance of a few anonymous, untrustworthy developers that said badly off the U’s power. As you can see, every legit developer that has taken the time to develop for the Wii U praised it’s power.

      2. i think that playing games on my pc is better than playing them on consoles, i’m still excited for the wii u

    2. Non disclosure agreements. What somebody says about it will never be the complete truth, only because they’re limited by the NDA. You can tell some of them are dying to say stuff about it though.

    1. I wouldn’t say that just yet. After all, this would be a VERY good time for Sorny or Microsucks to show a new system. Could steal the thunder from Nintendo if they did. It would be wise for them. Or they could just show more Move/Kinetics stuff, which they will probably do.

      1. Don’t underestimate the power of GAMES.l themselves. Halo 4 is a huge, huge deal. Not just because it’s a Halo game (and because the first Halo game pretty much defined modern FPS games as we now know them), but because it’s the first Halo game with Master Cheif back at the helm in about 5 years. And also because it’s a return to the games roots, which excites all fans of the game because the original is heralded as being the best in the series.

        Also, think about all the surprise announcements they could reveal: Gears of War 4, Dead Space 3, etc. these may not be games that you personally like, but they sell tens of millions of copies upon release; they DEFINITEY have a huge following.

        And if Nintendo’s presentation doesn’t include any hard-hitting first party games, and/or a good stream of GOOD third party games, Microsoft could EASILY sweep the show. Because I doubt very much Sony has anything too great; they hardly ever do.

        1. Microsawft fanboy… this is My Nintendo News. Your comment about Halo 4 is invalid. We’re talking about Nintendo, their new console and its games. H4 maybe a huge deal, but the Wii U console is the REAL deal. We don’t know much about what’s under the hood at the moment except there’s a very strong possibility to see games powered by Unreal Engine 4, the versatility of using Near Field Communication technology in games like Rayman Legends, the possibility to have 2 uPads in selected games like FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13, etc. Nintendo will dominate and conquer the E3 show.

          1. Microsoft fanboy ? His comment is invalid ?
            Many people here never fail to show how retarded they are…
            Just because he says that Halo is a huge video game franchise which plays a big role in the world of video games, which is true indeed, you say his comment does not belong here. Well, if you would be a real video gamer and not just some Nintendo-fanboy who tries to suck up Nintendo’s arse at every single oppurtinity, you would know that it’s true. You don’t need to be a Halo fan, let alone Microsoft fan, to know that. Nor do you even have to like the game to know it. Seriously…
            And I don’t understand how Nintendo, or anyone, is going to conquer E3. E3 is no fight, no war, no competition. It’s a convention, an exhibition for game developers to show their future plans and what kind of great stuff is awaiting us. But yea, your last sentence shows how much of a moronic fanboy you are and that you don’t have a single bit of interest in video games as a whole.
            And I’m saying all this as a die-hard Nintendo fan myself. It’s just plain awkward to see how “fans” act nowadays. Just plainly awkward.

            1. Whoever the hell your name is, why are you kissing his ass? Furthermore, I own a PS3 and PC. Just because I own a console and a computer doesn’t mean I’m considered a fanboy. You don’t belong here if you don’t like Nintendo.

              1. I’m having difficulties in telling if you are really that unbelievably dumb or just a troll. I’m hoping for you that it’s the latter.

          2. as much as i love nintendo, i also do love me some halo. halo 4 is one of the games i am the most excited about this year, including resident evil 6 and assassins creed III. if anyone here is being a fanboy it’s you. stfu and get off of mynintendonews hater.

          3. I owned a Wii first day, I just recently bought an XBOX360 last year, and never owned the original. I also have owned every Nintendo console ever made. How, exactly, am I a Microsoft fanboy? I also use Macs (because in a designer / developer by trade, and they’re just much easier to use for that in my opinion). So YOUR comment is invalid.

            A REAL gamer would respect and embrace ALL consoles for their strengths. Also, as it has been stated before, you don’t have to like or even play Halo to know it’s a juggernaut series. Not the only one, sure, but it’s definitely top 3 in the FPS realm.

            Lastly, I realize this is a Nintendo news site. But I was commenting on a post about E3, which encompasses all formats. Furthermore, this site FREQUENTLY posts stories that are not directly Nintendo related.

            So please… get off my case ;)

        2. The problem w/ your whole comment is it’s backwards. Nintendo and Sony have potential to impress, but unless Microsoft announces Battlefront 3 is an exclusive, they have little else.

        3. Yeah, thats a good point. No, Im not a fan of those kinds of games which is why I probably overlooked that. But somehow I don’t think even Halo 4 would get more attention than a new console that shows something incredible. Also, Im almost inclined to disagree with halo revolutionizing modern FPS with my only defense being that I would give that honor to Half-Life first and Halo second. But I do agree that a playable Halo 4 demo, along with some other AAA titles like a new Forza could easily make a large splash, large enough to take the show.

          1. Speaking of Half-Life, I have a very curious question. Since Valve (rumor has it) are working ports for the Wii U, is there a possibility for Gabe Newell’s company to add the Steam app for the U?

            1. I wouldn’t know, I tend to not take rumors very seriously unless a big name is behind it. I wouldn’t put it past valve though, but I really would rather see Half-Life 3 at this point lol. I also heard that big rumor of Steam working with Apple. Then theres that other one of either Microsoft or Sony planing to release a steam-box instead of a new system. At this point I really don’t know what to believe, so theres not much I can do except wait for E3 and see what happens.

          2. Both Halo and Half-Life came out (multi-platform anyway) at the same time: November 2001. Half-Life debuted on PC earlier, but it wasn’t nearly as popular as it was when I started to branch out.

            Also, Half-Life and Half-Life 2 didn’t sell even close to as well as Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 did.

            So while Half-Life is a great, great series, it hasn’t made quite the impact on the gaming world that Halo has. Love it or hate it, Halo brough FPS games Ito a whole new realm. Clones and other similar series started cropping up immediately after the success of Halo: CE and hasn’t stopped. THAT was my point.

            1. Yeah I can see that. I had the PC version of half life before halo came out, but I can’t argue with numbers, I was mostly refering to the innovation of FPS. The whole adding a deep story to it rather than “Run here, shoot that, repeat”. Well then, seeing as how I misunderstood your point I have to concede.

        4. Halo 4 will just get over shadowed by Nintendo’s new console. Even though the Halo franchise is popular. I’ve even heard some Xbox 360 owners saying they are tired of Halo. And these aren’t “casual” gamers. These are guys who play Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption and they all played the original Halo on the Xbox. Halo 4 is not as big a deal as you want to believe. And I really doubt that Microsofts announcements will sweep E3 more than Nintendo. Nintendo makes big splashes in the industry with their innovations. And that’s what the Wii U is, another innovative machine.

      2. It would be a good chance for Sony and Microsoft but thats not what they are thinking. They both said they aren’t showing their new systems at this year’s E3 and I tend to believe them. One, Nintendo’s press conference is after theirs. they don’t want to take a chance on Nintendo actually out shining them because the big N’s tech, believe it or not, might not be that far away from what they are doing. They may not act like they care about Nintendo, but we know that’s not true. They want to see what Nintendo is bringing to the table and adjust their systems around that, and most likely emulate. I’d bet on that scenario.

      1. ^pretty much this They want sales so of course they’ll suck nintendo’s dicks and it’s fanbase

  2. Anyone else notice Gearbox is the only company that give the WiiU the high praise? No that isbad, but it is noticeable that companies praising the WiiU’s power are few and far.

    1. just wait and see the E3, you will poop on your chair after watching the power that the WiiU will have, im sure it will be around 70% better than 360.

      1. 70% better than the XBox 360, huh? So what is this claim of 70% more powerful you are basing this claim on, or are you pulling this out of you rear?

    2. Thats a good point, but I don’t care what they say. The video card and cpu are confirmed, and as a tech geek I can say the Wii U is as capable as a modern High-End PC. What they end up doing with that power is their business, but I really don’t care. Give me a few good Zelda games, Another good nintendo “Tales of….” game, a good harvest moon and Im good to go. Oh, and another New Super Mario.

    1. Id love to take her out to an expensive restaurant; hold open doors and all that. Id gentleman the shit out of her.

      1. According to the Operation: Bluewave countdown clock, we are now 10 days, 14 hours and 25 minutes away from the most powerful future proof console on the planet to be unleashed!

        1. i wish they have a plan to promote Wii u like a plane every time U see it it saids Wii u, that would be crazy.

  3. Did you guys noticed that the girl was shaking her hand when the picture was taken, what was she doing?

  4. Everyone at Gearbox Software have been saying great things about the Wii U… especially when playing Aliens: Colonial Marines for Nintendo’s new console. CEO Randy Pitchford, Brian Burleson, even Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemont have been given more rave reviews about the new hardware. Whether the U is priced at $299.99 or $399.99, I’m buying that system at, during, or after launch!


  5. Wow, the Wii U is sounding like its going to be a beast of a machine… may even rival a mid-range to high powered Gaming PC =3

    Can’t wait to see it at E3 X3

    1. I think it’ll at least rival low-end high-powered PCs in terms of specs power and any PC in terms of potential for decent MMOs, thanks to that special controller. We’ll see in 11 days! :)

      1. agree, but it needs to be powerful so 3rd partys get a more powerful console (like xbox 720 or ps4 idk) the wii u will still get support

      1. depends if the girl like Nintendo products then ur in for a treat, i mean if both of u like have common does it make any sense too…. :D

  6. “Because it is more MODERN Tech”

    You trolls readin this? WiiU has up to date tech. That alone should shut you up about graphics and power

    1. trolls are now scared because the wiiu will be more chiper than ps4 and more powerfull than 360 and ps3.


      1. Me either Peteriuss. This is the one game I’m looking forward to get along with the U console. Whether Retro Studio powers this game by Unreal (3 or 4) or not, this is gonna be the one game to purchase!

        1. man the most interesting thing for starfox is the online gameplay.i can imagine playing starfox online with friends and i can see their faces to my UPAD or i can see other people faces just like starfox 64 3d and i can talk online.i wish nintendo could do that…

          1. That would be too good to be true… but it’s possible. I hope the Big N instructs Retro Studios to use the same method used in the 3DS game (thanks in part to the Nintendo Network), and add some new extras to the mix.

    2. That doesn’t really say anything at all. You should place your hopes in something more specific. Till then, don’t make any conclusions lest you be totally disappointed in the future. It always happens. The ones who’ve already decided how things are going to be, or just have very narrow expectations, will always be disappointed. And they only have themselves to blame.

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    1. Haters wanna hate… lover wanna love. I don’t even want… none of the above. I’m gonna Wii on U.

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