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LucasArts Tease Unannounced Game For E3

LucasArts are preparing to show off an unannounced title at this years E3 event. The studio have issued press invitations to see an “unannounced game in development”. Rumours circulating the internet suggest that LucasArts could be getting ready to show off another game in the highly regarded BattleFront series. The development team were also rumoured to be working on a Star Wars MMO for Wii U last month.

24 thoughts on “LucasArts Tease Unannounced Game For E3”

    1. LOL… This E3 is shaping up to be content rich. Plus it also looks like Wii U will have the best launch line up of any Nintendo console of previous generations.

  1. It’s Lucasarts. That means it’s a Star Wars game. They seem to have forgotten how to make anything else.

  2. If LucasArts were to show a Star Wars MMO for the Wii U during Nintendo’s press conference, it would be an epic win for the film’s franchise.

  3. whodatforlife(Link)

    Y’know, assuming the Wii U’s launch line-up is going to be as mindblowingly awesome as it appears it will be, it’s going to set a precedent that neither Sony nor Microsoft is going to be able to top come the release of their respective consoles.

    I mean, the big reason 3rd parties are jumping on the Wii U dev train is because of the amazing controller. If MS/Sony don’t have any sort of tricks up their sleeves besides boosting the specs on their next gen consoles like they always do, they aren’t going to get nearly as much 3rd party support as the Wii U is/will be getting, and their launch line ups, no matter how good they are compared to their current gen launch line ups, will just look like crap compared to the Wii U.

    1. The Nintendo 64 had Super Mario 64 at launch. Nothing – even if all these rumoured Wii U games are all available on day one – will ever beat that.

    2. All it takes for either MS or Sony to equal the WiiU’s controller is for them to release apps for phones and tablets. Sure there would be a few minor differences, but it would ultimately be pretty much the same. Difference is, the other consoles will be able to use the onboard processing of the phones/tablets rather than portion off part of their own processing power, and the odds are they will be more powerful in every other way.

      ‘Amazing’ is way too strong for a controller that is basically a detached version of the DS’ lower screen.

      Sure, I’m excited about the WiiU, but to expect anything less than both MS and Sony to kick it into 3rd place when they launch their rival machines is just wishful thinking at this point. If Nintendo follow through on their statement that the WiiU will focus on Core gamers (presumably leaving the Wii2 to deal with the kind of awful shovelware that forms a good 80%+ of the Wii’s software catalogue) then the best they can hope for is to eventually end up with inferior ports that have an interesting gimmick, which is pretty much what they have now with the Wii. Unless both PS4 and Xbox 720 (or whatever they call them) are similarly specced to the WiiU, but let’s face it, this is Nintendo, a company that routinely release underpowered hardware. If I have the money, I’ll totally be buying a WiiU, but I won’t be kidding myself that its wow factor will last for long.

  4. Forget Star Wars – we’ve done it to death! Give us a sequel to Full Throttle!

    The Wii was a perfect opportunity to re-release classic Scumm games and make some new sequels an this didnt happen save for some Sam & Max sequels. The Wii U may as well be the place they start.

    Imagine, remastering every classic Lucasarts point & click adventure for Wii Shop and then releasing retail sequels to Full Throttle, Manic Mansion, etc.

  5. Oooh! Something new to look forward too. This may be the biggest E3 of all time. Leave luck to heaven.

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