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Wii U GamePad Has Clickable Analogue Sticks

The Wii U GamePad, which is the new name for the Wii U controller, will feature clickable analogue sticks similar to those found on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Iwata stated that they had redesigned the controller to make it more comfortable. The controllers hand grips were also changed to make the Wii U GamePad easier to hold. Iwata also revealed that you can use the Wii U GamePad as a television remote – which should come in handy. The bad news was that the triggers on the back of the Wii U aren’t analogue like those found on the Xbox 360.

31 thoughts on “Wii U GamePad Has Clickable Analogue Sticks”

  1. I am sooo excited. Nintendo is really gonna tear up this year e3

    Get N or get the FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What I found interesting was he seemed to imply that they could have different functionality when clicked and moved.

    1. yeah he did actually something like more in depth precise movement maybe? or new button layout for analog stick instead of just up, down left, right, click, it could be all the same but with click+left, click + right, click + up, click + down? could be interesting

    2. …you mean like sprinting in most games in other consols? rly? you find that interesting?
      Anyway, I’m actualy more pumped than I should be for the new mario bros game. The footage looked great

      1. Ah okay. I just either don’t remember playing or never played any games where the click was just another digital button

        1. Yeah it looks awesome, and ppl were talking crap about this games yesterday, they are not real gamers.

      2. “Baby yoshi that ballons up to carry you so cute”- One of the comments posted by a mii in the game
        With my internet dectetive powers i have found out about a new power up in NSMBMii

  3. It was awesome. Iwata said it best, they decided to switch to anoulg stick instead of the thumb pads because thumb pads are more suited for mobile gaming. A very wise decision. To me this show Nintendo was really listening to the devs and consumers when devolping their hardware. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I prefer the final version of the pad instead of the prototype. Nintendo have done a fantastic job on the final model… especially the dual analog control sticks… and you can click ’em as well!

      1. It’s perfect. I see no room for anyone to complain. They’ll certainly find something to complain about anyway.

        1. Sadly yes I think the controller is pretty intuitive and it pisses me off that people are saying its clunky and ugly when they have not even tried it and on top of that people are complaining that Nintendo ripped off the 360 controller with the Wii U Pro

  4. Also i didn’t hear Iwata say anything about the triggers not being clickable. Do you have a source?

  5. the fact that they made those announcements before E3 shows how jam packed their actual conference will be!

  6. Once again, the members of this site didn’t fail to show how huge the amount of the hypocrisy they’re owning is.
    I just love how you’re praising Nintendo after they take features other companies are already using but hating on the others if they take something Nintendo has been using. Fanboyism never fails to make me laugh.
    Anyway, in my opinion it’s a good decision to use clickable analogue sticks. It simply offers more possibilities. And to be honest, I don’t like the analogue pads that much, analogue sticks just feel better to me. And making analogue pads clickable should be kinda difficult, I think.

  7. “Analogue” just makes the “o” seems so round, haha.

    Imma be using the gamepad a good majority of the time.

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  12. Hopefully Nintendo changes the digital triggers to analog before launch. That’s the only real downfall of the Wii U.

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