Nintendo of America’s president, Reggie Fils-Aime, revealed his favorite Wii U game to Nintendo’s Facebook fans. Out of all the Wii U games showcased during E3, Fils-Aime’s favorite is Nintendo Land. He mentioned that his favorite two attractions from the game are the ‘Zelda Experience’ and the ‘Donkey Kong Experience.’ Which attraction appeals to you most?



    • Do you think “Nintendo” some kind of omniscience lifeform pulling the strings from behind closed doors? He’s the president of NoA. He can say whatever he likes.


      • You really think nobody at a company is bound by NDAs? Nintendo doesn’t HAVE to be some stupidass “omniscience lifeform” for its workers to say nothing. The contracts are all what bind them. You can screw with everything in life, but you cannot screw a contract.


        • This was an interesting post. I undnastred where you’re coming from, it seems like there’s been no negative feedback whatsoever. But then again, people are getting free DS’s and free GAP merch, so what’s there to complain about? My experience w/ Brand About Town and the GAP so far has been wonderful – so nothing to complain about! But I have done reviews that weren’t great. I once got a book to review that was ehhh, and I also got a Nokia phone that I didnt review because I just didn’t use it and it wasn’t something I wanted to promote on my blog if it wasn’t something I was interested in. So I think it just depends on the product!


    • Its a shame that you think that way, you haven’t even played it and you are saying its bad. The people at the E3, seem to be enjoying Nintendo Land a lot, im sure its not as big as Pikmin, but at least it looks interesting.


        • You can NOT look at gameplay and know for sure that a game is bad for you.

          You CAN look at gameplay and know for sure that a game is interesting to you.


          • … Yea, as well as I can say it is NOT interesting to me after looking at the gameplay. And when I’m not interested in it, it means it is not a good game for me.
            Your comment doesn’t make much sense to me.


  1. Seriously folks, Nintendo Land is an interesting concept.

    It’s just that Eguchi wasn’t able to deliver the idea in a way that could be seen as exciting.

    Watch the gameplay videos, read the impressions, it’s a good game.


    • Adding this too – think of this as Nintendo’s way of tiding fans over with TWELVE different games inspired by TWELVE different franchises until those franchises get their own Wii U debut.

      Seriously, people need to stop whining and open their eyes.


      • I’m with you Kristen, I love pumpkin this time of year, and I am not gteitng sick of it! LOL in fact, every time I think of what I should bake next, I think about something that has pumpkin in it. At least we’re gteitng our Vitamin A and Beta Carotene in, right? Better just be careful we don’t turn yellow is all oh and your mom’s soup looks great, can’t wait to see the recipe Pamela recently posted..


  2. The Internet: where opinions don’t matter, your’s is always right. That being said, Reggie is a people, too. Remember, he’s seen and played these games longer than any of you have, so he knows EXACTLY which games he likes. Maybe when the Wii U comes out, your favorite Wii U game might suck more than you thought it would. Don’t pick favorites until you actually have played the games yourselves.


  3. Aliens: Colonial Marines from what i’ve seen so far. I just saw Aliens for the first time and i’m PUMPED for the game :) I’ve only seen the first Alien before and both Alien vs. Predator movies just in case you guys were wondering.


  4. It’s a PR thing. They’re promoting the game. He would not say “Nintendo Land is boring/crap.” He is a big Zelda/CoD fanboy after all.


  5. He said which NintendoLand Attraction do you like most not what game from e3 you liked.

    the Donkey Kong one looks kinda fun plus I like donkey kong.


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