Watch Dogs Could Be Coming To Wii U Says Ubisoft

Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key confirmed that the company’s spectacular Watch Dogs will be arriving on console and PC in 2013, and could even come to Wii U. Key stated that the team is currently focussed on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions, but a Wii U version isn’t out of the question.

“Not at this time. We have so many titles in development for Wii U right now that we need to keep that team focused and this is a very very ambitious game. But it’s not out of the question.”

Thanks Jerry.



    1. Great news after that sh*tty Nintendo press conference. I also hope it will be the best looking version of the three consoles since, based on the demo (which is not the final build), the ZombiU game visually looks very impressive with superior lighting effects/great textures etc. That new IP looks very entertaining.


    1. ZombiU maybe a times exclusive to WiiU but the huge selling point is PS3/360 visually will look as good and the WiiU controller bring so many elements to gameplay that cannot be replicated on the other consoles.


  1. I hope this game does come to the Wii U because it looks amazing and it would suit the Wii U’s Gamepad because you could use the touch screen on your controller to hack into things which would be awesome


    1. my thoughts exactly. I feel that the game could be very natural on the wii u game pad, but I realize this means even more development time.


    2. I own a PS3 and if this is coming to the Wii U also, even if its a few months after, I will get it for the WiiU because it will be the superior version of the consoles.


  2. Would be nice if some of these larger games didn’t come out after the initial release of the other console versions… Not like it matters much since I’m going to buy it for the PC anyway…
    Still would be nice if they released it along with the other versions for the sake of not having the thunder almost gone when it does….


  3. Hope so. I want to get another console, probably a PS3 because I wouldn’t pay for Xbox Live, but I also want to get the Wii U so…


  4. It should definitely come to the U. This game would be perfect for the Upad. Use the pad to hack into things. Leave luck to heaven.


      1. I did watch the trailer and it didn’t leave a impression on me.

        There’s nothing special about it what so ever.


  5. Yeah,but 6 of those 8 titles are shovel ware, Ubisoft. Nobody will care if you stop working on one shovel ware game to work on Watch Dogs.for Wii U.


  6. Epic, this game looks awesome.

    But really, all these great games are confirmed for Wii U and Nintendo didn’t talk about them at the press conference! It’s rather frustrating…


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