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Skylanders Giants Confirmed For Wii U

Activision’s Eric Hirshberg has revealed to GameTrailers that the upcoming Skylanders Giants will be coming to Wii U. A Wii and Nintendo 3DS version of the game have been announced for a few months, but the Wii U version was recently announced during last week’s E3. There is no release date announced for Wii U’s version of Skylanders Giants but the game is scheduled to release later this year for the 3DS and Wii.

“That franchise is just such a great fit for the Nintendo brand. I’m really excited for where they are taking the Wii U and the hardware.”

32 thoughts on “Skylanders Giants Confirmed For Wii U”

    1. but the fisrt was actually REALLY (a really big emphasis on really) big success…. it ain’t shvware if it actually is successful….. :o

      1. Not mad since I have an emulator with the classic trilogy ;) THE ONLY GOOD SPYRO GAMES. Enjoy splashing cash on this crap!

      1. Wii U, it actually displays many more thing that the smart ass glass doesnt, plus smart fart glass only displays the game’s information and nothing else, well with the exception of Madden

        1. no u san use the tablet as a controller but really… who’d buy one (let alone 2) if you won’t be able to afford games for…. so Nintendo’s Wii U is better

    1. smartglass is just an application. Wii U gamepad is an actual controller. it was made for this purpose, in contrast to tablets/smartphones, which are not dedicated to gaming…(i mean, at least give the buttons and analogs some credit dude, wii U is waaay more badass than anything else out there)

  1. I hope the Wii U version will use the NFC sensor on the Wii U gamepad as well as the Portal thing, even though I have no intrest in the game

  2. Skylanders is ok. However, titles like this still don’t give the core confidence that Nintendo is trying to get them back. Would’ve been better if they said dead space 3, farcry 3, or black ops 2. As someone who intends to get the Wii U, I’m hoping that they can get dead space 3, especially since extraction was released on the Wii.

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