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Wii U Is The Best Technology Of E3 2012

1UP’s choice for best technology shown at E3 was based on this question – “what hardware or software demoed at E3 offered the greatest potential to change the way we game?” The Wii U is 1UP’s answer and was awarded best technology showcased at E3 2012. The other nominees in the technology category were Square Enix’s Luminous Engine and PlayStation Cross-Platform Play. Xbox SmartGlass, which “makes the Wii U irrelevant,” wasn’t even nominated.

E3 2011 may have featured the unveiling of Nintendo’s next console, but this year was Wii U’s true coming out party, and the possibilities we saw for the technology were intriguing. Games like Rayman Legends, Nintendo Land, and even the Miiverse social component showed how Wii U can offer gaming opportunities unlike any others. In an E3 rife with murky realism and murders a-plenty, it’s nice to know that Nintendo is still out there creating colorful and innovative experiences.

42 thoughts on “Wii U Is The Best Technology Of E3 2012”

  1. Good stuff. I agree also with the last few lines

    ” In an E3 rife with murky realism and murders a-plenty, it’s nice to know that Nintendo is still out there creating colorful and innovative experiences.”

  2. “In an E3 rife with murky realism and murders a-plenty, it’s nice to know that Nintendo is still out there creating colorful and innovative experiences.”

    I Loved That Part

  3. No smartglass? Hahahahahahah take that microsoft! Wii will wii will rock U!!!!!! Loving the reception of wii U!

      1. Yep u got that right! Wii had some great first party gems. That combined with hD and third party will be a total beast!

        1. Yep! I just hope Nintendo can shine this time, given time!

          I want that SNES era back, I believe Nintendo got what it takes to be competitive, they just need to focus on core Nintendo fans and hardcore gamers.

            1. I have faith in them too! =D
              Im a hardcore PC gamer nowadays, but I must tell you…Wii U is what I’ve been waiting from Nintendo, for a long time! Nintendo instantly brought me back last year, with their promise to offer Nintendo games + Hardcore games..and the controller looks gorgeous too!

  4. “In an E3 rife with murky realism and murders a-plenty, it’s nice to know that Nintendo is still out there creating colorful and innovative experiences.”

    And that’s why I respect 1UP.

    1. Since you aren’t really first, I can’t really say “not until you take my penis out of your anus”

      So i’ll just say “Good day”

  5. Nintendo truly deserves that win from . I’m glad the Wii U wins the award for Best Technology of E3 2012!

  6. Glad to see the Wii U receive its’ just dues. Unfortunately, g4 (x play) gave smart glass that honor. All I can say is, “can’t wait to get my Wii U”….

    1. We already figured out that G4 bow down to Microsoft and whatever they do, so there’s no real point listening to them.

      1. Yeah, I tried watching the coverage G4 had to offer all 3 days, and I got the impression that they had no respect for Nintendo. Like they were being ordered by a higher power to cater to the XBOX and PS fans. They truly seemed like a bunch of puppets. It was quite sad to watch. Best E3 coverage goes to Nintendo All Access E3 2012 lol.

        1. Their E3 coverage sucked this year btw. I only watched it because it was the last time Kevin Perriera was going to be on G4.

    2. Don’t put any stock in anything G4 has to say about Nintendo. They are blatantly anti-Nintendo. Figures they would overlook the Wii U and give propls to Microsoft’s Wii U imitation.

      1. You ever tried playing an fps on a touchscreen, without buttons?!

        It’s god awful… I mean Alien 3 awful!
        (not grieving just making a point lol)

        1. I know, touchscreens without buttosn are awful and I don’t see how anyone can use them outside of simple puzzle games. I tried to play Pacman on my Galaxy Ace once, it was unplayable…

        2. I remember when i tried, and really hard tried to play Resident Evil 4, the first and last time I’ve played in an Iphone or anything like that, is a complete waste

  7. Respect + 1UP.

    For the praise and award I’m gonna spend the next 20-30 minutes giving them some much deserved hits while I check out their site

  8. i want the SNES Era back . honestly as we get closer and closer to launch, we will mainly hear more about 3rd party games coming to Wii U (maybe a few more first party games),

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  10. Respect to 1UP for recognising the potential of the Wii U. Nintendo’s presentation may have been bad but I haven’t heard a single bad thing about the Wii U from people who have actually played it (and were smart enough to realise it’s a new console, not a peripheral for Wii) Leave luck to heaven.

  11. You just HAD to link to your “makes Wii U irrelevant” article, didn’t you? Give me a break. SmartGlass is no threat. The most it can do is act like a HUD. Like someone else in the comments already said, you can’t do a whole lot of actual playing w/o buttons. Also, it requires that a person actually have an Xbox 360 AND a tablet. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t. I sure as hell don’t. But, w/ the Wii U, you buy the console and you’re guaranteed the experience. If that weren’t enough, I don’t see people holding cards or figurines up to their f-in tablet to upload or download data. People need to just face the fact that the GamePad does things that no one else can do. I think all of this huffing and puffing and bragging on behalf of Sony and Microsoft is just a front for a whole lot of insecurity. You guys had a year to come up w/ something and you still couldn’t beat it!

    1. This, its 2012 and a lot of people still play on SDTV or just recently changed their TVs, so tablets are even more rare… And i believe you will need a Tablet with Windows 8 so thats its even more RARE than iPads/Android tablets

  12. Because there weren’t that many new hardware to be shown this year. If Sony or microsoft were to have announced their ps4 and Xbox 720 I can bet it would have been a totally different story…:p

  13. Because there weren’t that many new/interesting hardware that the Wii U needed to compete with. I bet that if Sony and microsoft revealed their new systems, it would have been a completely different story…:p

  14. Now thats journalism instead of fanboism like some of the so call gaming sites have been doing since they saw the WiiU. The first and only way to be a journalist is to remove your prejudice from the story and look it from the angle of the person or thing in the story. Then write from that point of view and then give a little summary as to why you agree or disagree, something the rest of the gaming sites forgot to do. Thats what 1Up did and they did it well and earned my respect

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