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Reggie And Wii U Will Be On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Tonight

During every night of this week, television host Jimmy Fallon had a video game – from last week’s E3 – featured on his show. Tonight, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon showcasing Wii U. Fils-Aime appeared on Fallon’s show a couple of times already.

Before The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released, it was demoed by Fallon on his show. The Nintendo 3DS was also on Fallon’s show before its debut. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs on NBC at 11:35 CST. What Wii U features or game(s) do you think will be showcased?

45 thoughts on “Reggie And Wii U Will Be On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Tonight”

  1. Body readiness meter will be the big wiiu game

    i can already picture the cover, a big reggie face staring at you and the title would be

    “MY BODY IS READY: how about yours?”

    1. Non-Specific Action Figure

      One does not simply says is your body ready to reggie you will have a bad time

      Together Wii U.

      1. Websters defines the word ReggieCide as the state of which your body is ready to the point you could kill the king.

  2. I’m thinking more of New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and pretty much all the features they talked about at or before E3, I doubt we’ll hear a price point or release date, we’ll probably get something like Holiday 2012

  3. Awwww… he’s still got it! Back in E3 2006 when Reggie became famous for his meme, i thought that was just for then. But it seemed that Reggie’s body was still ready because he said it at E3 2012. His body is still ready and he is gonna prove it tonight. Reggie FTW!!!

  4. Additional Note: They’re taking questions to Reggie about the Wii U on Twitter. Go ahead and ask while they’re still time.

    BTW, I’ve really been digging some of the stuff from Jimmy’s new album. The Doors doing “Reading Rainbow,” Bob Dylan doing “Charles in Charge,” Neil Young doing “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” It even has him with Paul McCartney doing their fleshed-out version of the rough draft lyrics for “Yesterday,” “Scrambled Eggs.” This combined with all the video game segments has certainly made for one entertaining week, and tonight’s time with Reggie should be a perfect cap to that.

          1. Dude you need to leave, there are kids on this website and your posting nasty things on every article!

    1. Lol, they’ll be appearing on Jimmy Fallon? Sounds weird, don’t you think? Don’t try to correct people

  5. unfortunately Jimmy Fallon, when announcing Reggie and the Wii U, was as confused as I fear most Americans will be about what the WiiU actually is. Jimmy said it works with your wii to play games, then asked if he actually needed the Wii, then gave up on explaining it and just called it the future. Ugh, that name along with bad presentation makes this very frustrating.

      1. Not really over reacting. It’s a fear from journalists all over the internet, and if they aren’t talking about that…they most likely think its a Wii addition like Fallon did. We all know Nintendo hasn’t been the best at Advertising on TV (Internet they seem to do fine though) And I just think it’s going to take their strongest effort yet to Get the point across of what this is. I had a hard enough time selling and explaining the 3DS to average customers, the Wii U name and the look of this system is going to make this an uphill battle as well, atleast this thing is coming out around the Christmas push……

  6. The Ninja Star game, I didn’t catch the name because I walked in while they were demoing it, that looked awesome. For a resistive touchscreen it looked surprisingly responsive to touching with fingers alone.

  7. God fucking damn it Reggie!! Just put us out of our misery and tell us when its coming out! Don’t use that “Holiday of this year” excuse because everyone is dying to know when they can actually pre-order the game

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