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Professor Layton Wii U “Would Be Interesting”

Akihiro Hino president and CEO of Japanese video game developer Level-5 has told Famitsu that a Wii U version of Professor Layton would be interesting. Hino initially had reservations over the weight of the Wii U GamePad, but there was no problem when he briefly sat down and used the device.

A Professor Layton game where you walk around a 3D London would be interesting, said Hino. He was at first worried that the control pad would be heavy, but there was no problem when playing briefly.

– Akihiro Hino, Level 5

18 thoughts on “Professor Layton Wii U “Would Be Interesting””

  1. No, Level 5, STOP! lol Territories outside of Japan are still waiting for the localization of the current Layton games. Let us catch up first! :)

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  3. There was a few times I have been tempted to get this series on ds based on good things I have heard about it but never actually have. Is this game good? At least for a portable? What is the game play like too?

    1. If you enjoy using your brains to solve fun puzzles, Prof. Layton is just the right guy for you!
      Also the cutscenes and voice acting are very well-made.
      The animation style is almost as good as in Ghibli films!
      Usually the soundtracks are pretty impressive as well. There may be few “meh”-section tracks but overall they are very impressive.
      I’ve played 3 Layton games, and I think you should DEFINITELY try them!

      1. when you say “using your brains to solve fun puzzles”, how hard of a puzzle are we talking about, i mean, i hope its not for 10 year-olds. a link with some examples would be perfect please :)

  4. I would be extremely happy if Professor Layton came to WiiU!

    Oh…and it’s a little off-topic, but does anyone have news about that Fantasy Life game level-5 was also doing?

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  6. To tell the truth this was an incredible detailed report nevertheless like all fantastic copy writers there are several factors that could be worked well on. However by no means the less it absolutely was exciting.

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