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Survey Says Only 4% Of Wii Owners Bought A Wii Game In The Last Year

A survey that’s been conducted by online retailer ShopTo shows that Nintendo is losing market share in Europe. 68 percent of those surveyed owned a Wii, but only 4 percent of them had purchased a Wii game in the last year. The retailer says that Nintendo is rapidly losing customers to mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.

“Gamers are changing their gaming device of choice with more getting their casual gaming fix from Android and iOS devices. We are seeing game sales on the Nintendo consoles losing out as the casual games market on portable devices continues to grow.”

– Igor Cipolletta, ShopTo

106 thoughts on “Survey Says Only 4% Of Wii Owners Bought A Wii Game In The Last Year”

    1. I own a Wii and I didn’t buy SS, does that make me a fake Wii owner? Some us genuinely had no interest in the game.

      1. There’s something wrong with you if you call yourself a gamer and are not interested in Skyward Sword, seriously. You should get that checked out.

        1. No, it’s called “personal choice”. You should respect his decision. So what if he didn’t buy it. I bought the special edition. Big deal. Move on that he didn’t buy it.

          1. No but you need to find time to game. Everyone needs to game. Who in the world did they survery? I admit I have not bought one in the past two months but I have shifted my focus to 3DS.

      1. Were any of them secondhand? ‘cos secondhand wouldn’t count since they Nintendo do not make any monetary profit from them

  1. I don’t get this hate on for Nintendo and not doing tablets. Besides the Playstation Experia phone and the new Microsoft Tablet I don’t see the other two making games for tablets.

    1. ….. Sony has 2 tablets and have signed a deal with HTC to bring Playstation mobile and ps1 games to all new HTC phones.

      So companies making games and such for tablets is actually a big thing. You can even access Xbox live from smartphones now.

      1. dosen’t matter what companies bring what games to what smart phone/tablet, the fact of the matter is smartphone/tablet gaming is terrible, i believe its a shame that companies loose out to them (even though most apps are free and can be pirated anyway), even if the nintendo wii isn’t selling the 3DS is and whats more, the Wii is doing better in europe than the PS Vita so Nintendo are still in the lead

    1. Actually, it does.
      Just because somebody doesn’t play the same games as you (or, shock horror – plays games you might not even like!), or for as long, doesn’t make them any less of a gamer.

      1. When he says gamer, he means a diehard gamer. He considers casual gamers the swine of gamers. Pests, rodents, dogs. You get the picture.

  2. It’s because Nintendo is trying to appeal to too wide of a market. They’re trying to please both the casual and hardcore audiences, in doing so, they’re pleasing nobody.

  3. Skyward Sword alone has sold to more than that percentage of the userbase. Then you have other new releases, people buying older games, etc, etc…

    Basically, this is wrong.

    1. 4% of 100 million is 4 million. As of june. It has only sold about 3.7 million.

      So actually no, the best game on the system in over a year sold less than the average.

      1. The Wii hasn’t sold 100million yet smart guy.

        Skyward Sword is the best Wii game released in the last 12 months. But not the best selling.

        It’s also had…

        Just Dance 3 at 9.2million sold (this one definitely does prove the survey wrong all on its own)
        Mario & Sonic 2012 at 2.82million
        Skylanders at 1.8million sold
        Mario Party 9 at 1.3million sold
        Kirby at 1.2million sold

        Plus dozens upon dozens upon dozens of other games that sold several hundred thousand units including the likes of Xenoblade.

        That’s way more than 4% of the userbase buying games before we even get started on back catalogue sales.


          1. Right. And if you’re even remotely familiar with surveys, they are used to show trends of the OVERALL BASE.

            Clearly, this survey doesn’t match up with what is happening.

  4. I have an iPhone 4 and I don’t play games on it. I do however play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 every day almost on the Wii. If you’re ever on I’m sure you have ran into the Smurfs.
    I’m Nintendo for LIFE!!

  5. Well, I didn’t buy a Wii game last year, but I certainly didn’t buy any mobile games. Why would I ever use my phone for games? I use it to make phone calls and texts, that’s it.

  6. So the 4 percent are the Nintendo fans I guess and this is really not surprising and correct me if I’m wrong but there haven’t been a casual game for the wii for long time.

  7. Hard to buy new games when the console hardly gets any 1st or 3rd party. Also Doesnt help when most of the companies focus is to make their new console have a successful launch. But when it launches, looks like wii might get quite a few more titles at least 1st party.

    Other consoles are only staying alive mostly by 3rd party, MS has a bit of a dry spell with their 1st party and even though Sony is still pumping out new 1st party IP’s, they aren’t doing well at all (twisted metal and star hawk for eg.)

  8. there is a distinction which needs to be made. is it 4% of all the people they surveyed or 4% of all Wii owners they surveyed? cuz if its the first one then the title should be renamed as 6% of all wii owners… Hope people here know some math…

    1. I now who this guy is so I’m not gonna watch the video cause when it comes to Nintendo he has no clue what he is talking about.

    2. How does he know the hardware is on par with current gen systems? Specs haven’t been released. Most devs say the WiiU is more powerful than current gen.
      And graphics add to something, but honestly, gameplay trumps are.

    3. Graphics aside, the ergonomics of the Wii U (and the Wii) are subpar to the 360 or even PS3… I mean, I bought Twilight Princess the day it was released, and exchanged it for the Gamecube counterpart within 24 hours, simply because the Wii remote. Graphics are very important, gameplay is important, and ergonomics are vital.

  9. The only Wii game I bought in the last year was Monster Hunter Tri. No regrets, though I wish I got Xenoblade and Last Story.

  10. Wait, so Nintendo Wii which is a CONSOLE is losing market share in Europe to Androids and co.? Wait. why are they saying losing market share to ANDROID?? O.o

    If they wanna see who has more market share, shouldn’t they do this with the 3DS instead? Comparing Wii to mobile devices is like Comparing DVD movies sells with Oranges. “Nobody bought a DVD movie these past 2 weeks, but everybody seem to have bought Oranges for their home”.

    Anyway, people are not purchasing Wii games because clearly Wii is running out of fuel. That is why the Wii U is coming later this year, right? (which will be a success, you can bet on that)

  11. I bought two this year! But i didnt do the survey ;O
    and i just got my wii in november :3
    got skyward sword and harvest moon :) my grandma never buys me games ;( but i just got a job and Im getting a 3DS

  12. When a console has only one AAA in a year while the rest is shovel ware, yea, it’s a given it would lose market share.

    Commence fanboy abuse for making anti-Wii comment on 3…2…1…

    1. There’s also, you know, an entirely new console coming out. So that’s gonna have it’s impact on the games being produced.

  13. Well wait until the Wii U will be released, then that 4% will be come the 98% that bought a Wii U and bought 20 Wii U games in the last year

  14. There is a growing number of people owning smartphones (actually making people dumber?) and I see tons of people glued to their phone and killing time with tiny games while waiting on the bus or whatever. (I actually find this concerning on it’s own) However, I think that actually taking some time to play a decent game on your couch is something many of these people do not do. So to me it would be a waste of Nintendo capacity if they started developing Nintendo games for the quick fix devices, because these people are not interested in playing larger games. Many ‘casual gamers’ bought a Wii and never bought more than a few other games. And now they can wet their casual gaming appetite with cheap 0.79 cent games on their favorite time killing device: easy choice. WiiU is more directed to people who actually like to play games at home and I think it is therefore logical that they’re losing the whole so called ‘casual’ crowd. I don’t really care, as long as Nintendo is able to stay alive by earning enough money for their target audience. Maybe they can convince ‘casual gamers’ again with some Just Dance or Nintendo Land games, but then it’s the same story as with Wii again.

  15. I bought Skyward Sword @_@ I’m sure a lot of people did. I mean, I don’t even like my Wii and I bought it lol They should also not jump to the conclusion that it’s being lose to mobile games because A. If I had a cell phone which played good games I’d buy some but it would never even come close to a fraction of replacing my consoles. And B. If it wasn’t for SS the reason why I wouldn’t have bought a game is because there is hardly any good ones and the system itself kinda sucks.

    1. Me too but did you know that OOT is better or something…

      And to better agree with me or you’re a “insert Nintendo fanboy insult here”!

  16. I hardly play Wii anymore. Bought Skyward Sword completed that, play Xbox and PC at the moment. Don’t play iPad games that much.
    I’m all for achievements.

  17. I’m gone for 24 hours and my point is shown once again. There is a reason Ninteno’s stocks droped after E3. We have something saying something bad about Nintendo and its wrong. No matter what proof they show its wrong cause Nintendo does no wrong to you fanboys. Can’t you ever look at something objectively? Funny thing. Have a Wii..and for the life of me I don’t know why. Anybody remember the year hardcore games didn’t show up on the Wii? Sorry Reggie said Animal Crossing was “hardcore”. And yet you all worship them. SS is so great you say…how many years did that take to come out? Meriod suck…and 99% of Mario games are just mini games. I hope one day the fanboys get a clue…

    1. For most fanboys, Nintendo can do no wrong. But are you seriously trying to tell me that SS wasn’t worth it, that Metriod sucks, and that the main Mario games are mini-games?

  18. i started buying wii games this year and last year. i wonder if that help sells? now i’m gonna buy smash bros and donkey kong because of the price drop :P

  19. “Nintendo is rapidly losing customers to mobile devices, such as phone and tablets.”

    And THAT is why you don’t cater to casual gamers. They will just jump on the bandwagon of the “next big thing.”

    Any serious gamer will not substitute a console for a mobile device for gaming.

  20. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    so many people are just counting on their phones for games these days. i see it happen all the time, and it disgusts me. whatever, it’s their fault for missing out

  21. Probably because some of the biggest games recently (think Call of Duty/Medal of Honor/etc.) are nigh unplayable unless you use the “classic controller”. Wii is like a party system you bring out to entertain guests… then pick up your 360 for serious gaming.

  22. Not surprising tbh…Many people have a Wii because it became big, so it looked like Nintendo was doing well because they had the most console sales, but most of these “casual” owners probably lost interest quickly and didn’t buy many games

  23. Not surprising, there is simply no interesting software, last game i bought was Skyward Sword. The game before that Donkey Kong Country Returns.

    1. imo the wiimote is superior to the standard snes design it can do every thing the analog controller can do but better and as far as graphics the wii was worth 249 hexbox and gaystation were not worth 500 to 600 dollars on youtube i saw the call of duty comparisons the ps3 had like a 50 dollar advantage if tendo had third parties i think things would have been a lil different the last 16 years but hey didn’t need them

  24. I got two Wii games last year; Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and Skyward Sword.
    Though that statement said it’s only in Europe; I’m in the US.

  25. I would probably take this survey with a grain of salt. It might not represent the majority of Wii owners in Europe. On the flip side however, I wouldn’t be surprised if people weren’t buying as much Wii games today. After all, remember the Wii game drought last year? And also I haven’t seen as much cool 3rd party games (although there are some gems out there!) that may appeal to owners who may have a Wii and a PS3 or Xbox, as the other consoles. Therefore, they would probably spend more time with the cool 3rd party games on the other consoles that aren’t on Wii

  26. I have to admit the last game I bought was Skyward sword and that was last christmas. I think the problem for me is that i also own an xbox 360 and ps3. There are few titles I want to buy for wii such as DK country returns which i rented a long time ago, super paper mario, mario galaxy 1 & 2, Xenoblade, Kirby’s return to dreamland, etc. sadly most that are on my list were released before 2010 I can honestly say i feel this is going to change when the Wii U comes out.

  27. They didn’t survey me. I’ve bought 5 Wii games in the last year. Most Wii owners are probably either busy enjoying other things in life instead of JUST playing games OR waiting for Wii U OR saving their money.

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