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Nintendo 3DS XL Impressions Appear Online

It appears as Nintendo Europe has begun letting the press gets hands-on with the recently announced Nintendo 3DS XL. French site Puissance Nintendo managed to get some time with the device, and were incredibly impressed with what they saw. Here’s their translated impressions:

  • Huge screen
  • Better viewing angle
  • 3D effect looks better/more effective/more natural
  • 2D mode looks better than regular 3DS
  • Image looks better/softer (they assume there might be some filter but not sure)
  • The grip (round corners) fit nicely
  • Unit fits better in hands (they wonder if it should have been the main design in first place)
  • Unit is lighter than they expected
  • There’s a coat in the unit (not fully matte) that gives it a “deluxe plastic imitating metal” look
  • Not sure at the sound as the room was quite noisy

Thanks to those that sent this in.

126 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS XL Impressions Appear Online”

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  1. Ok, after reading this, I’ll probably get one now. I was worried about what effect the larger screen would have on the 3D effect and the weight. But since it makes it look better and the system is not heavy, I’ll probably pick one up. Just wish they had different colors… NA only has red and blue. I love my black 3DS. I just wish I could get a black or white 3DS XL.

    1. I feel the same way; I was worried the extra-bigness would ruin the 3D, but if it looks even better, I MUST get it!

      Ugh…..better start saving now. With this, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros 2, and the Wii U all coming this year, I’ll be completely broke by December!

    1. Circle pad pro is just an accessory for the system, and it just came out. In a year or 2 it’ll probably get thrown in. Nintendo just doesn’t wanna make the people who got the system early on to feel like they got jipped. This way, when they do release the circle pad pro built in model, it’ll be garunteed not to have circle pad pro required games, for those with the original model. Cause we all know third parties would end up only using the circle pad pro feature. And don’t forget, that also had double shoulder buttons, so it would have made the system bulky, and I think they wanna not have that be a requirement. They made the right choice with this. The second shoulder buttons would have probably resulted in a needlessly huge system, or an awkward system to hold, so that’s why they did it like this.

  2. Still looks hideous to me…and besides the fact I have no money, there’s no way I would buy an XL when I already have the original…

  3. god dommit, i guess i’ll cave in and get one. but i probably wont be getting rid of my old one because it’s the zelda edition and it looks bad ass…. -_-

  4. Sounds decent, although I still want a regular sized one. Just gotta get me a 3DS and a Vita, then my mobile gaming craving will be satisfied.

  5. Looks cool, but at the same time, hideous. If only they added a 2nd analog stick for it, I would buy it.

    Otherwise, I’m not really sold on it. If I want something portable, I’d rather keep it compact. I was fine with my original DS & DS Lite.

      1. Not “whiney,” just ignorant. It’s obvious why they didn’t include a second circle pad, so that it was clear this was a device to complement the original device, not replace it.

        1. i agree but all they do is whine. Reggie was right. u give them wat they want… hey reggie give me some more lol

        2. Even though your right, i wish they did put one on, 3rd partys might be more persuaded to make more diverse titles if the device is more capable

          1. how will a new circle pad be “more diverse” if anything (and if the console keep selling this good) we will get a shitload of FPS, like if we didnt have enough already…

            1. Second anolog can be used for more than crappy FPS titles. Also the left handed market including myself is at a disadvantage with having 1 circle pad

              1. That’s why kid icarus used the circle pad pro to make it switch from right handed to left. Hahaha, but most left handed people I know say it really doesn’t matter. The xl is $20 more than the original, and the circle pad pro is $20, so if you want a second circle pad, plus double triggers, and don’t mind the original’s size, just get that for the same price as this system. It’s not the most comfortable accessory, but you get used to it. (Or you can wait for the third party cpp that also extends the battery life and costs $30)

                1. What’s up with this left hand market shit? People have been playing with analogue with their right hands for years.

                2. Beinglefthandeddoes make a difference,it was fine onthe DSbecause the ABXYcouldbeuseda directions,but hold the stylusin myright handjustisnt comfortable, and id rather not have to buy an ugly extention just to play it properly

  6. Too big, can’t carry it around in my pocket all day like a regular sized DS/3DS. Only way I’d get one is if it had a 2nd analog stick. Otherwise Nintendo can suck donkey dong on this one.

  7. Couldn’t you really consider mobile gaming handheld gaming and handheld gaming mobile gaming? ;)

  8. I bet that guy is getting his ass kicked. Mario Kart 7 is HARD! Then again, I’ve been complaining that the one-player mode is too easy on Mario Kart since 64. Basically you just played through it to unlock stuff. It’s an honest to God challenge in 7.

    1. Hard as in, the AI is good and tracks are tricky orrrr


      1. Slightly better AI and BLUE SHELL BLUE SHELL BLUE SHELL BLUE SHELL. Ive been hit right before the finish line more times than I can count in this version, and I haven’t played nearly as much as I have the others, yet. My luck with that has been killing the usual Mario kart buzz

  9. I’m just curious why a 2nd circle pad was not integrated into the 3DSXL and also if or when a “CirclePadProXL” will appear? And imagine how massive the device will become when using “CirclePadProXL”. Don’t get me wrong I plan on buying a 3DSXL at launch but I’ll have to keep my o.g. 3DS in order to have the fuctionality of 2 Circle Pads for games like RE:Revelations, Kingdom Hearts:DDD, Metal Gear, etc..

    1. That’s true that’s the only reason I might not want this. If they choose not to release a cpp for it then I won’t be able to play kid icarus(left handed) ,kh, and re:rev. And that’s a big deal for me so yeah I want it but I’ll see how things turn out lol

      1. ^ this
        Im also left handed. I never really thought about it that way but yeah, come to think of it they need it just so everyone can at least play

    1. DUDE!!! Is that a stylus on the side of the system?! Sweet mother of mercy!!!….Not being sarcastic, just so happy they moved it!!!

      1. I havent bought one either, ive been tempted to, but then the WiiU started coming, then i didnt have enough money ect ect. Im saving now for WiiU and if i have enough money or if WiiU is cheaper than i think, then i’ll get a 3DS, if not i can wait till 2013 when XL prices drop (i live in the UK)

  10. This makes it look alot more appealing than the initial responce, but the UK pricing from stores is still ridiculous. I’ll probably wait till a Pokemon or another 3DS Zelda as well as the price being reduced, not really tempted to move to the current handheld market yet

      1. It’s barely any more expensive than the current, selling at a loss 3DS original. You might be waiting a while…

        1. I live in the UK, its about £40 more than it should be, which is about an extra $70 dollars. Would you pay for that?

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  12. Why didn’t Nintendo use plastic in the original 3DS? IMO it’s better than the glossy material they used. I really don’t know if I will get this or not, but i’ll most likely just stick with my current Aqua blue. Plus, this thing looks hard to fit in your pocket for StreetPass.

  13. Thats it, im getting this baby, i was worried that it wasnt “better enough” to warrant a higher price (besides being bigger), i still play my DSlite quite a bit (imo, one of the best consoles of all times, shitload of great RPG, and many many other games), and i didnt want t get the normal 3DS because i knew there was a new one coming

    now this looks great, deff first day purchase for me (sad that only its red/blue, as i love my black DS) and i hope that we get the same amount of great games and RPGs

    1. You still have a DSlite? Those thing were fucked up as hell with the whole hinge cracking and L and R wear and tear

      1. (different anon) hey they’re not all bad. my L button may be a bit dodgy at times but it’s still a darn good system to me and my favorite of the 4 DS types! and the reason i got it in the first place is because the hinge on my original bulky DS broke xD

        1. I happened to me and my brother. It was probably a faulty batch of plastic, because it was common enough problem. DSi is great though

      2. thats odd, ive my DS Lite since almost the launch of the Lite one, and non of my L/R buttons have died, meh iive heard about that problem thou… guess i got a “good” one

  14. So it seems the screens are fine. My main concern was that since the screens have to be of the same resolution to work on ALL systems, the games would be stretched out. If they’re using a nice filter of some sort, hopefully better than a blur filter, then it might be worth it. Then again, since it’s just a bigger screen, I’m not ready for the “upgrade.” I’ll wait for the next one if it has a second stick and much better battery life. If my brother decides to get a 3DS, I might give my current one to him and get the new one for myself.

    My money right now will go towards the Wii U and games (Wii U, 3DS, Steam) this holiday.

    1. Nintendo said they’re saving those bigger changes for the next generation of handheld. Besides, what is even the point of a second stick? Lay the system down to play with two sticks, or just to lazy to pick a stick from the non dominant hand side. Most we’ll get, this gen, is a circle pad pro built in, but since that would add bulk to the system, and the regular size still has to be relatively portable, they may take their time with that, to find a way to still have it be pocket sized and minimal bulk

    2. Miyamoto already said they’re not looking to redesign the 3DS. Besides, this version does have better battery life.

    1. A lot of people like playing on a bigger screen. It’s like why have a tv with a DVD built in when you can have a portable DVD player. If you’re only bringing it around the house or carrying it with a bag, the big size may not matter for portability issues, and you get the big screen experience. Don’t underestimate the power of bigger and sleaker looking designs, people love that

  15. Its actually cheaper for nintendo to make the xl because even tho the screen is bigger it has the same pixels so a bigger screen would actually be cheaper to make because the original 3ds screen is very small it it cost more money to make small screens with high pixels

  16. I have a circle pad pro but I gotta say… What’s the point in a second anolog circle pad? Wasn’t that what the touch screen has been for since the original ds? Metroid Prime Hunters was amazing.

    1. It was a good game, tbh i hope they brin back Hunters multiplayer for WiiU, customise your own Hunter from any race in the Metroid universe, would make a killing

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  18. So, will Nintendo sell a XL circle pad pro?? or are they abandoning dual analog?

    I hate addons like that. I wish they’d either just forget dual ananlog or build it in every future 3DS revisions.

  19. Wow, think about how much more immersive the 3d would be on that big screen! It also seems to fix some issues (battery, screen scratching, d-pad peeling, etc.) from the original 3ds. Still, it looks to kiddy for my tastes and I really think it should have the second circle pad built in. I’ll stick with my old one.

  20. I’ll believe it when I see it in person and I REALLY want to see it. If it’s better than I hoped, I might get one. The resolution is the only thing that MIGHT bug me.

  21. that thing is a BEAST!! :( shit now I want it, but I don’t need a 2nd 3ds. ill wait for a price drop but ill most deffinetly be getting this :)

    1. If the original is still selling at a loss, and this improvement, is only $20 more expensive (in US at least) it’ll probably be a while before a price drop, just so you know. I say no price drop for at least a year, and only if they make a 3ds xl with circle pad pro built in. And even then, that might just be another $20 more expensive than this is, rather than dropping the price. Nintendo likes to hold firm to their prices. They didn’t like cutting the original 3DS like they did

  22. Crap, I can’t stand when Nintendo pulls stuff like this. They make the original thing, then as soon as everyone has one, they release either the same thing but an epicer colour, it with a bundle, it larger and more epicer, or they lower the price, just to make you feel like crap. With this 3DS XL, not only have they made it larger, but they make it look awesome, just to get another 170$ outta your wallet.

  23. They probably planned this all along! They saw that the DSi XL actually did pretty good so they decided her 3DS XL too!

    But this makes me feel so much better now about the XL. Definitely considering getting one.

  24. This was my reaction: OH GOD DAMNIT NINTENDO REALLY?! then i realized that the bigger screen would help with 3d, but im still not getting one

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