Nintendo Says Retailers Are Creating “Fictitious” Wii U Game Prices

A number of reputable online retail outlets such as Amazon and GameStop are advertising Wii U games such as New Super Mario Bros U and Pikmin 3 at $100, Nintendo has clarified that these prices are completely “fictitious”.

“Retailers are beginning their presale activity, but given there is no official software price, they are using fictitious prices. When software pricing is officially announced later this year, I am sure retailers will adjust their websites to reflect the true price.”



  1. But then sites like shopto.nethas the games priced at £39.85. And for Assassin’s Creed 3 on their site, that’s cheaper than the 360 and PS3 versions


  2. Man, MS and Sony will do anything to usurp Nintendo, even using underhanded tactics like these. If you don’t think MS and Sony don’t walk hand in hand with these retailers to a certain degree, you need to think outside the box.


    1. Are you some kind of idiot? The same thing happened with the Vita itself. GameStop had it listed at $1000 before the actual pricing was announced. Something is severely wrong with your brain.


    2. @Maker ^This
      I am seriously considering the possibility that Sony or MS or some other 3rd party is pulling some strings here about these fake prices and rumours just to try and sow doubt into potential Wii U buyers. That’s pretty low if that’s the case


      1. I doubt it. they’re probably just guessing on what the prices will be. I don’t think sony or microsoft would try to screw nintendo over. I mean video games are a big part of sony and microsoft. But they do other things too. So it wouldn’t be imperative for them to screw nintendo over


      2. They’re not really guessing, they’re just aiming high. If they guess a lower price, they’d be forced to sell the games to the pre-buyers at that lower price.


      3. Amazon has the price guarantee where the lowest price in the preorder period counts as the price everyone will get it at. Of course they’re aiming high so they won’t screw over themselves.


  3. good news… i was shocked when i saw for how muck amazon was selling Nintendo land… 100 dollars… now Nintendo please tell us the price of the Wii u soon (with soon i mean at least October)


    1. Yeah they do. But still just a place holder price; we won’t know for sure until later. I do find it odd that they specifically priced each individual game…


  4. Figured that much., maybe for the 4th gen xbox and the PS 5 will have that price tag for their games, i thinking $60 per a Wii U game.


    1. Apparently the PS4 is rumored to run games up to 8000p
      (Obviously this is impossible and false, but Sony fanboys really believe it LOL) but if the next Xbox and PlayStation are alot more powerful than the wii U their games are going to be significantly higher. Like 70-80 dollars for AAA Titles. Reminds me of when I bought smash bros 64 on release day for 70 bucks..


  5. Not sure if this is supposed to be a good thin or a bad thing, but the wording makes it sound as though its a positive, meaning its a little cheaper.
    Honestly, the price isnt that much of a big deal to me, as im sure with other fans and core market, but i do want it to be considered affordable to the casual market.


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