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Project X Zone Dated And New Characters Revealed

Famitsu has revealed that Project X Zone will launch exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS on October 11th in Japan. The publication also revealed a number of new characters that will feature in the game. Sadly, there’s no news of a Western release for Project X Zone.

  • Imca: Valkyria Chronicles 3
  • Arthur (Ghosts ‘n Goblins)
  • Rikiya Busujima (Zombie Revenge)
  • Fren (Tales of Vesperia)
  • Devilotte (Cyberbots)
  • Kogoro (New Character)
  • Mii Ouryuuji (New Character)


    1. i only recongize two, maybe 3, and thats yuri and estelle (i put 276 hours into that game, if i cant recognize them thats said,)


      1. Holy Damn! I only put in over 180. I’ve beat the game at least three times. You’re determination is to be admired!


  1. Why are they always doing dramatic poses?

    Just once I’d like to see them all mowing the lawn, reading the paper, or paying the bills.


    1. I kinda doubt they’d put characters from anime in the game. I think they’re only really going for characters that debuted & are mainly known for their game/the game they are from.


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