10 Minutes Of Intense Project X Zone Action

Namco Bandai has released a new action-packed Project X Zone video for its all-star brawler. Japanese publication Famitsu revealed last week that the crossover beat-em-up will be released in Japan on October 11th. Project X Zone is a joint collaboration between Namco Bandai, Capcom, Sega and Monolith Soft. We’ve yet to hear about a Western release for the game.

35 thoughts on “10 Minutes Of Intense Project X Zone Action”

  1. i hate to say this but this game doesnt impress me looks like something on the n64 or gamecube and the 3ds can deliver great garphic but not this time

    1. Well the backgrounds look pretty nice, and it seems to have a crapload of content. Plus, a game on a handheld system that has gamecube graphics is hardly bad :P.

    2. Who gives a shit, If you want graphics so bad go play a Xbox and PS3. I swear you retards are amazing

      1. whats wrong with the graphics? these type of game fits better with sprites, personally I think its good, the animation for each characters are awesome too

      2. bro graphics play a big part in games now days if u hate them so much stick with nes or older as for people who do enjoy games we demand great visuals

        1. “Now-a-days” You’re implying as if there was a time when graphics DIDN’T matter

          Besides, ntm, he’s talking about how people are criticizing the games visuals, even though they look very appealing and suit the game.

  2. if a game has lots of dialogue its unlikely to be localized unless they know it would sell a lot because it would just take too much time/money and not worth it

      1. same thing u still have to hire translators and make sure its up to the companies standard its not as easy as people think even without voices

  3. The cross over is a good idea. The background looks nice but then there are gameboy or some paper mario graphics for the characters :O thats like a no-no

    1. It’s called sprites, ever heard of them? So what your saying is paper mario is ok but this isn’t. What is wrong with this community

        1. Woah first of all im saying the paper mario graphics is good for that particular game, And I dont care about graphics its just that they could produce so much better. I have a 3DS a wii and a xbox ive played games with horrible graphics and did I care? Nope its just that 3 big companies has “sprites” for the graphics. That doesnt seem right to me.

          1. Sprites/Pixel Art is seen more as its own style than a sign of graphical limitation or laziness these days. (Although it does help performance) The game has a unique appearance with sprites along with being capable to have a
            lot more action on screen. I personally really like sprites and have done some sprite animation myself so I thinks its
            really cool.

  4. Officially hyped! I was wanting to see it in action and it delivered. Graphics are actually really nice and fluid as expected from a strategy RPG. If this plays like fire embem, this might be one of the best games to come to 3DS!

  5. To bad the only characters I recognize from this EXTENSIVE lineup is Megaman and Dante. lol I dont think I’m going to get it because I dont know anyone!!!

  6. I agree with you. These retards are like those dumbasses calling themselves “hardcore” just because they play mature rated games.

  7. God I swear Nintendo and then u guys wonder how u lose the hardcore audience we still have not heard anything about this game being localized when it should be and if a special edition came out for this here I would be the first to pre order !!!

    1. Nintendo isn’t responsible for the localization of this game so stop acting as if everything is Nintendo’s fault.

  8. This game looks fun. This trailer influenced me to make a purchase even if it is an important and I have to buy a Japanese 3DSLL.

  9. Why are you guys complaining about graphics ? there really good the backgrounds are very detailed and well done but your complaining about the sprites and how pixelated they are ? well the game play seems very smooth and if they made the characters 3D then the will slow and overall ruin the game ..and the 2D add a RPG charm to game ,Cmon get over it guys .

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