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Nintendo Says Wii U Takes Social Gaming Further

Ex-Nintendo UK employee David Yarton is confident that Wii U will rightfully expand on the social gaming element that the Wii became renowned for. Yarton says that the tablet controller’s screen “can bring someone in, get them involved, but give them either a very different or subtly different experience”.

“With Wii U we are still looking at the social aspect of gaming. Wii games got the family playing, and got people that didn’t usually play up and having a go. Wii U takes that further.”

28 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Wii U Takes Social Gaming Further”

      1. I think they confirmed that already. It was a pretty big feature shown during the Non-Specific Action Figure teaser.

  1. i can imagine you are playing online starfox or ghost reacon online on the wiiU online and you can speak with your friends while ur playing.Make it happen Nintendo!

        1. Hey, you’re that guy who spammed the Earthbound article at Nintendo3DSBlog! AFTER HIM!

          Just kidding. xP

  2. This is not talking about online social gaming its talking about at your house social gaming?? Also its already been stated that there is no social integration on Wii U, such as Facebook or Twitter.

    1. They have MiiVerse and Nintendo Network, but those features wouldn’t connect to Facebook or Twitter.

  3. @waveg wtf are you talking about? We are living in the era os sociable networking. Heck if anything implementing & focus heavly on the social aspect more than graphics will be more important as gamers can socialize,share, &bring expand hobbie on a new lvl

  4. @scotty if true than smh whays the point if adding acheivements/trophies theres no way of showing your accomplishments? I know it extends gameplay value but still. They should focus more on this aspect than graphics imo

  5. Look at xbox they are constantly evolving the social aspect of gaming. Like sharing your accomplishments,trophies and photos on any outlet like smartphones and apple. Also they ability to view and comment on movies and game playthroughs

  6. Oh for god’s sake, Nintendo! FAMILIES DON’T TYPICALLY PLAY VIDEO GAMES ON THE WII U TOGETHER!!! It’s the sad truth behind all of those commercials D:

    1. I… am saddened to second that. I play my Wii alone. The upside to that though is that we don’t have flying Wiimotes xD

  7. fuck, nintendo stop calling it Social gaming, you’re making it seem like your’re targeting the casual crowed again. I’m fine with you keeping up this whole catering the casual crowed, but don’t promise the hardcore promises you aren’t gonna keep. smh.

    1. Yeah, because we all know “hardcore gamers” are anti-social fucks who bitch and moan on the internet!

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