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Ubisoft Says Wii U “Will Please” Hardcore Gamers

Ubisoft EMEA MD, Alain Corree, has told MCV that the company believes that Wii U will satisfy hardcore gamers. Corree believes that Wii ultimately appealed to the causal market, but he strongly believes that Wii U will cater to both. Ubisoft says it has been “a strong believer in Wii U since day one”, and that the company’s games “appeal to Nintendo gamers”.

“Nintendo can start to please the hardcore gamers too.”

“We are playing both fields because we think it will appeal to the family the way the Wii did, and start to please the hardcore gamers too.”

147 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Wii U “Will Please” Hardcore Gamers”

  1. It’s always good to hear third parties that make hardcore games believe this console will please hardcore gamers.

            1. To compete with PS360? Yes.
              ” ” PS4/X720? We’ll see, can’t tell yet.

              Looking forward to it nevertheless.

              1. Next gen will not be a powerhouse, its too expensive, and pointless.
                It’ll be about consoles who create new or stolen (MS), gaming innovations. The only improvement will be native 1080p and 60fps, a slightly boost in graphical power (6x is barely anything).

                1. But knowing Sony, they may invest their money into making an absolute powerhouse, even if the end result may cost a ton in the market.

                  1. I don’t see that happening. The PS3’s initial 3 or so years should be a wake-up call to go back to how they were before the PS3; making competitive gaming systems w/o adding in things to make it uber-expensive.

                    1. Really? Because the COO for sony spoke at E3 and said “We don’t wanaa be the cheapest, We wanna be the best” That statement sounds like the haven’t learned SHIT!

  2. Hopefully that’s true. I’m sure it will as time progresses and its library expands. Core gamers play where good games are, no matter what system. So if the Wii U throws down some good core games, I’m sure hardcore gamers will be pleased.

    Why not?

    1. Right!!! lol thats so true and make the games for the wii u uniques and not ported like multiplatforms (PS3 n Xbox) lol heck, if the second screen of console is the selling point creatively use it!! Nintendo cuz if it comes out short it is straight going 2 plunge like a gimmick and by now Nintendo should’ve learned it errors Ex. 3DS lol

      1. Nintendo isn’t the overlord of Ubisoft, or any other company they don’t own. They can either restrict companies from letting their games on the Nintendo platforms, or allow them. And there is nothing wrong with ports if they are done right, that’s what the Pro controller is for. You can’t expext every game to have some unique stuff for the controller. And last, but not least, those gimmicks were not errors, the Wii and DS/3DS were good, if not fantastic, investments for Nintendo. And a feature only becomes a gimmick if it’s done bad. You can’t call motion controlls just gimmicks if there exist games like Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Skyward Sword. You can call a games controlls gimmicky.

  3. So far, we’ve seen a few hardcore titles from Ubisoft– Assassin’s Creed III and Zombi U. I’ll look forward to next year’s title for the U… Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online.

    1. Seeing as microdick bought splinter cell, probably not. Might get a FC3 port, but for all we know, Watch Dogs might be a WiiU game, the gamepad is basically the phone

      1. it is a wii u game. ubi showed it off at e3. but, they were using the pro controller. and, they never said what system it was for. i only know it was for the wii u because of an easter egg type logo, that is what nintendo is using with the 3ds and going to be using with the wii u. i forgot what the logo is called though. sorry.

            1. Yes, im aware of that, but neither was Tomb Raider, or the last Splinter Cell, it WAS bought out, i didnt know if it still was or not

              1. There was no buying out. Plus, Conviction also came out on iOS and PC.

                Just because a franchise has an exclusive installment doesn’t mean there was any buying out of anything. Sometimes it’s just a choice a studio makes. Or they may strike an exclusive deal for one title – although those usually turn out to be timed exclusives.

                And what are you talking about with Tomb Raider? It has never had system exclusive games (Save for the handheld gameboy versions that really don’t count).

                1. I meant MAC and PC (although it did come out on iOS and Android as well).

                  In fact, the only company that has had a Splinter Cell game that was completely exclusive so far is Sony with Splinter Cell: Essentials. Every other Splinter Cell game was multiplatform.

  4. I wonder how creative companies can be with the tablet in creating some strategy games. I’m a big fan of Age of Empires, FF Tactics, GR Shadow Wars, etc. Maybe with two tablets we can get some real competition.

    1. *facepalm* Age of Empires is a Microsoft published franchise, and as far as I know, it’s been dead, Online doesn’t count.

      1. So what if it’s Microsoft franchise, I’ve played it for the computer and Ds. Also I referred it as an example of strategy games. Damn this dude is dumb! *SMH*

    1. For some reason Ubisoft and Handhelds just don’t seem to mix well though. Hell, is Rayman Origins even out on a Nintendo handheld yet?

      1. The Talking Cartridge

        Yes. Well, technically, Rayman: Origins hasn’t been released yet, but there’s a demo of it in the Nintendo eShop.

        It has been announced that Rayman: Origins will be released somewhere in November after multiple delays.

  5. “Nintendo can start to please the hardcore gamers too.”
    Dafuq? They can start to…? Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Pokemon; Metroid, Donkey Kong…Ninty plays in its own league. But considering with “hardcore gamers” they mean most of the time 14 year old boys getting wet over blood and guns… yeah, than they can start to…

    1. I think they meant stuf like assassins creed, COD, Battlefield, hack n slash, ya know, third party titles

        1. AC2 is my favorite. Brotherhood was alright, Revelations can eat my shit
          Hopefully 3 will over throw 2, its certainly looking that way

  6. well the wii pleased me and I’m a hardcore gamer. as in I love to play all sorts of games so the wiiu is sure to please me as well.

      1. That is an imposter, lol.

        However I will still buy this console regardless just for the sake it, hopefully not being burned nearly as much as the Wii did. With standard controls, they at least can’t screw the experience up with gimmicks, right?


        1. Whether you’re playing a Wii U game on either the Wii controller and ‘cuck, the Pro controller, or the revolutionary Game Pad, Amir… it depends on what controls that seems fit to you.

        2. How is it a gimmick? From your point of thinking, shouldnt analog sticks be a gimmick? The D-Pad? Bumpers? Wireless? What about rumble?
          (yes, all these things were made or caught on because on Nintendo)

  7. I just hope that the Hardcore gamers (The people who play lots of games, not the elitist, bloodthristy chavs) will give it a chance.

    1. Splinter Cell I really doubt it, because of the Microsoft thing.
      But it doens’t matter because it was looking like a third person shooter instead of what Splinter Cell is really about.

      1. There’s no “Microsoft thing” with Splinter Cell. It’s still a Ubisoft property. The next game, Blacklist is multiplatform, confirmed for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. So there’s a chance it could make it to the Wii U if they want.

      1. Nintendo Loving Aeolus

        yes for sure, when your gravatar pops up I instantly see if it matches you comment posted..

  8. It certainly will. I’d like to thank Ubisoft. They’ve always supported Nintendo when they could. I want Watch Dogs and the new Splinter Cell on the Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

  9. I kinda hope they bring Prince of Persia back eventually. Assassin’s Creed is conceptually PoP minus the Zelda-y elements and more stealth. I don’t see why they can’t work on both franchises at the same time. Hell, the reboot they deed a few years ago was flawed but had tons of potential. The first AC wasn’t great gameplay-wise either but look at the series now…

    Oh, and they should continue pushing 2D Rayman, of course.

    1. Yeah, it needs a good re-boot, Forgotten Sands was pretty decent, liked the freezing water idea. Also liked the idea of the cell-shaded PoP, execution was a bit lame. They need to make the “parcour” easier, its always been a little stiff.

  10. Heres the thing, its not if they will appeal to hardcore gamers but what theyll do to insure future support of the hardcore community. Wii should have tried to appease both. On that note they should strive for media and social entertainment more aggresiv

  11. Since they already have established games, working towards an all around entertainment social media machine ought to help balance out their achillies heel that they been having

        1. I thought he was funny xD but like, facepalm funny.
          Giant black woman was cool bu only because shes in Archer.

  12. People really need to understand the differences between hardcore and casual, and not just toss them around to make everyone feel better.
    It’s important that casual/hardcore games don’t really exist. It’s all about the players. Players can either play casually or be dedicated gamers.

    For starters, Tetris or Bejeweled are not casual games. Those games can attract some of the most skillful and dedicated players in the world, all players who understand the game so well that average people can only sit back in amazement while they play. Call of Duty is not a casual game just because you can pick it up and run and gun like a lot of the average players. Mario is not a casual game because of its simple gameplay mechanics.

    As soon as people can learn about the differences and meanings of the word (I don’t actually know how you can mistake them when the words tell you exactly what they mean) then people can go on into making some diverse games, not being held back by the thought that not making a shooter won’t be “hardcore” enough to appeal to the “hardcore” audience.

  13. Yes, the Wii U will please casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike.
    Because of Porn. Thank you tablets!!

  14. Power always helps with the core gamers; Wii U being 4-6x more “powerful” than the X360 (my HD system of choice at the moment) Wii U will certainly cater to core gamers for the first 2-3 years. I don’t see PS4 or X720 coming out until mid-late 2014 seeing that both systems wher M.I.A. during this year’s E3. The X720 might have a chance of coming out as early as 1st qtr 2014 but is doubtful.

      1. No, unless Sony proves it otherwise (which these last 8 months doesn’t) I will keep the name. My 1st amendment rights I guess lol!!!

            1. Well yeah, Sony did sort of push the VITA under the rug, I agree with that. BUT, Sony isn’t stupid enough and they’re too stubborn to let a handheld just die.

  15. I don’t doubt that they believe it. I just need to see actions that represent their belief in it. The actions do not need to be their own, but actions from all third-parties relevant to the Wii U in general.

  16. I don’t care much if you call a game hardcore or casual. Just make it good. Definitely buying Zombi U and renting Assassin’s Creed 3, Just Dance 4, Ghost Recon Online and Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, and reviewing all those games. Looking forward to more good Wii U games coming from Ubisoft =D

  17. Hopefully we will get those big box collectors editions of DS2, Aliens, and A.C3 That’s what will be the turning point for me. Not just the game but the effort to make EQUALLY relevant editions for the Wii U not “oh yeah, its on there too”

  18. @dragon actually the first dpad started in arcades than made its way a standard precursor dpad was on intellivision. Ps had 1st anolog & invented 1st dual anolog since n64 was actually and inverted mouse ball.

    1. Intellivision had a keypad, like a phone, not a 4 way D-Pad now seen on every home console since the NES. And i never said they specifically invented the analog, although it was on the N64 and sony re-designed and oroduces their entire controller. Don’t try to educate me.

    2. D-Pad was popularized by Nintendo. Otherwise you can see that there was no standard control option throughout the first few generations. And the N64 had technically the first analog stick, it was meant to be released before the PS1, but got delayed some days after the PS1.

  19. Continue also many ppl dont relize it but sonys dual analog was actually the first to feature built in vibration feedback and was released in japan first and unlike nintys rumble pak it didnt require batterys

    1. I didnt said, which controller had the first built in rumble, i said which introduced it, whih was Nintendo, and then Sony came out with the dualshock.
      Again, dont try to educate me, im not a nintendo fanboy, ive owned every playstation, and a 360 ( unfortunatly, although it didnt last long).

    2. First BUILT IN, but who had vibrating controllers 1st, huh? Don’t just rush to Wikipedia for everything you know about consoles. Do some othe research.

    1. I’m sorry, but are you retarded? The rumble pak came out in early 1997 in Japan, April or March. The Dual Shock came out in late 1997.
      Look, stop this fanboyism, the Dual Shock is great, but you have to accept that it wasn’t the 1st with a vibrating feature.

  20. @thedragon um SON DO U KNOW WHAT PRECURSOR MEANS?! it means smh it means its an aforemention or precedes to indicate which sorry if u dont like the facts it did precurs the famicom. The other linksvr waiting moderations

  21. @dragon dude ur taking thing personal this is in no way to bash. I can error jesus im human the point is its to debate which i like an freandly bashings :) smh again yes famicom was crossed dpad but intell was a PRECURSOR and they appeard in arcades to

  22. @dragon nintendo is innovativeno doubt but ppl mistake innovation with the term INVENTION smh innovation is taking an existing concept and improving or revolutionizing it which YES that makes ninty innovative. As for dual wrong sony had patents 1st

    1. Oh for the love of God, that isnt what an innovation is, an innovation is in this sense, producing something thats unheard of or not used in the gaming industry. Using a second screen for home console gaming is innovating, using its gyrosensor is innovative.
      Im not bashing Sony, im just saying, THEY DIDNT BRING IT OUT FIRST. And that piece of ass the intellivision used isnt a D-Pad, ao dont compare the two. Its about as comparable as saying, the d-pad wasnt invented by nintendo, the keyboard on a commadore 64 had directional buttons. Give it up, stop using wikipedia from your information, and use the DAMN REPLY BUTTON

  23. @dragon heck im planning to get a wii u. Even though i may come off as bias and ninty hater ;) i actually own a few of their products. I im no fanboy I hate ps3 and sony for many resons. Im displeased with microdick see i can admit they have faults lol

  24. @dragon I like this site because ironic enough you get to debate ideas without any bias thoughts. We all debate & learn or teach. Sony can invent but usally cannot innovate their concepts like nintendo can lol even after copying :'(

    1. this must be a big lie.I know that playstation 4 will fail miserably thanks to sony;s boring games but if they put that new resulation then sony will make the trounle double

    2. Thats the biggest load of balls ive seen, and a concept idea from a fan. I mean, im not even sure if that graphics chip it says is even real. Fanboys who think next gen is going to be better, or the same, or even slighty worse than a PC, is out lf their minds.

      Please, any fanboy, hater, anyone, just listen. ITS NOT AFFORDABLE!!!!
      PS3 was a ridiculous price, and it bombed till it got cheaper, and Sony lost alot of money from it, and only made it recently in its lifecycle. To have a next gen console push out graphics that are significantly better isnt going to happen.
      I understand that it can be misleading when graphics have constantly inproved massivly for consoles, but IT WONT HAPPEN. So, stop with this obsurd graphics war bullshit, and look at whats on offer, then, you might actually start to play good games, and release Microsoft are a bunch of thieving arsehole who dont get a single fuck about the comsumer, just money. Sony and Nintendo? Go for it. Everyone should have both of their systems in their home. Why? Because they actually give a fuck. Sure, Sony can steal, but its not new, so why get in a rage.
      Buy a WiiU, buy a PS4, and drive Microsoft the fuck out, because gaming should be controlled by companies who make it business to entertain and please you.

      1. Nope I’m getting a Wii U but I’ll pass on ps4 I hate Those other 2 and now I REALLY don’t need them because Wii U will be so much better, I can’t wait to get mine for my bday.

        1. You do realize that once the PS4 and next gen XBox release that the Wii U will follow Wii’s lead of getting almost no multiplatform games. It’s not just about graphics. The Wii U is rumored to have 768 MB of system RAM (which is likely given the fact that Nintendo said they want to minimize it’s cost), yet the PS4 will probably have at least 2 GB and may have as much as 4 GB of system RAM. Developers aren’t going to dumb their games down for the one console that’s least popular with core gamers. Wii U will still have some great exclusives and will do well with 3rd party casual games, but it’s not going to compete in the core gaming market once next gen consoles release. That’s just reality.

          1. Don’t believe what you read on the internet, Mathers. We still don’t know jackshit about PlayStation 4 or Xbox 8 so there’s no point adding delusions. Nintendo haven’t given the detailed specs on the Wii U at the moment so it would be better just to wait instead of assuming things. Nintendo and third party publishers will be releasing Wii U titles for casuals, fitness, and core gamers. Let’s not forget the fact that Nintendo WILL be releasing an M-rated Wii U title “Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge”. The truth of the reality that the Wii U will be selling games and accessories.. especially digital downloads on their dedicated eShop.

          2. No thats just reality in your head, Reality is the rumored 768 is “e” dram and its designated specificaly for the O.S and that it’s expandable up to 1GB. So theres notelling what the ACTUAL specs. An IBM (watson) with 8 core chips &8 threads per chip) Not to mention the ATI GPU, Power 7 acrhitecture, AMD 4770-6770? and a RADEON R7700. I highly doubt those other two will be making THAT big of a jump in technology.UNLESS they sell their consoles at a loss, which they would have to do to install all ne 2011-2012 tech inside! I’m with Nintendo at $350 but I have nor will I ever pay $499-$599 for a console. The Wii U is gonna be just fine!

  25. @dragon if thats your term of innovation than it doesnt fit with the concepts behind ninty as they improved upon previouse tech smh example lestick…which ninty with influnce from glove innovated motion to the masses making it popular

    1. The Power Glove wasn’t motion gaming. It didn’t use motion technology, it used a sonic transmitter. No, it’s not the same thing. Also, Sony had a prototype motion controller back in 2004, look it up.

      It’s not stealing though, it’s innovation. They don’t own this specific tech, everyone shares and develop it to the best of their ability.

  26. @dragon I would think Sony are the theives since they force a propertary memory cards and their online games made to be cheaper than retail games is redundant for the simple fact u have to buy spotpass = retail price=oxymoron on sonys virtual distribution

    1. You dont have to buy a pass…I OWN A PS3, i have never had to buy a pass to play a game, and id refuse to anyway. If you mean online pass, microsoft have those as well, but theyre to stop people buying second game games

  27. @dragon fair enough. But have you ever play xbox live? Theres a reson they charge and why sony and even wii u cannot copy & doubt ever will that level of social gaming community without charging

    1. Very true. I know I’m safe on xbox live because we are paying for it and they give us the best for our money, the smoothest online games and movies and downloads!

  28. I think as long as the graphics and power hold up, then this console will see hardcore multiplats and hardcore original titles. Once I see that is true I will be forced to buy this!

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  30. the ps1 did not have analog sticks until way after it’s release. the n64 did have it first. however, the ps1 is the one that gave us 2 sticks first.

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