The Last Story North American Release Date Confirmed

The Last Story has been given a North American release date – August 14th. If you pre-order The Last Story from, EB Games Canada or GameStop, you’ll receive a bonus soundtrack CD, – pictured above – which features seven tracks from the game’s score. Xseed revealed that all launch copies of The Last Story will be limited edition, and will retail for a suggested price of $49.99 MSRP.



    1. This is the kind of stunt that a hater who is jealous of the Wii exclusivity of this title would pull.
      Are you a hater?
      I’ll bet you’re a hater.
      If I’m wrong then I apologize, but my money is on jealous hater who is trying to spoil things to discourage purchasing the game.


      1. Actually I am from Europe and bought the game! Back in Feb :) Its a good game but Xenoblade is far better! I love the Wii and love Nintendo and I will get the wiiU. If i was jeolous, I cud easily rip this and play it on dolphin emulator on my rig :)


      2. 0_0
        did a troll just act like a normal person???
        now thats something i havent seen in like……EVER


      3. storyline isnt that great to be honest. Especially since Dagran your best buddy is the final boss….


  1. It’s very unlike any jrpg you’ve ever played. Cleared it recently.
    It’s like an unholy mix of jrpg, cover-based shooting, and lots of Dragon Age.
    The story is told final fantasy style and it’s pretty good. Just feels a bit short, since the story drags towards the middle.


  2. Pre-ordered this game at Gamestop last week. The employee said the 31st, the website said the same, a flier said the 11th of July, and NOW it’s confirmed it’s August 14th? Smh.


  3. I have already paid of my preorder and am now anxiously awaiting the release of this game now let’s please try and keep this release date…thank you.


  4. so do you get the art book only through xseed or does pre ordering anywhere get you the artbook and the soundtrack (limited edition was confirmed to be with artbook).


  5. Interesting. I pre-ordered my copy through Best Buy who originally had a release date of 7-31. I then got an e-mail from them on 7-6 stating the release date had changed to 8-5. Maybe I’ll get another e-mail.


  6. Really? Whatah fuck?! I checked my amazon account and it said it was going to be here by the 19th of July :( oh this damn agony! :( back to tales while I wait then.


  7. Hello! I just composed an e-mail to the folks at Club Nintendo. I don’t expect it to get very far. If you agree with anything I ramble about, please consider sending a similar message (or cut and paste this one) to their feedback department.

    It only takes a moment to stand up and say, “Hey, Nintendo. You seem to love Japan more.”
    And they do.

    My letter:

    The Elite Status Rewards were announced recently, and I’m sure you’ve already heard from a lot of fans who are disappointed by this year’s selection. True, Club Nintendo is a bonus service and on some level fans should be happy for anything they see here. Sadly, this is just not the case. Many members such as myself spend a lot of money on products we would not have otherwise considered had it not been for the Club Nintendo coins we would receive from completing surveys many of us feel aren’t even taken seriously. The reveal of the Elite rewards every year is a huge deal to a lot of dedicated Nintendo fans. And this year, after a lot of hard work and lots of spending in an uneven economy we get a deck of playing cards. Your diehard fans, the ones who support your systems and products and frequent Zelda news sites for even the chance at hearing of a new game are getting frustrated. Let’s not focus on E3. It was just bad. Let’s look at the deck of playing cards as a reward for spending hundreds of dollars on Nintendo products.

    A few years back Club Nintendo of Japan made available as a reward to its members a Super Famicom controller you could plug into your Wiimote. What a great idea! Surely Nintendo of America would see that retro gaming is a live and well in the USA and that a Super Nintendo controller attachment would be appreciated in America! And we get a button set. Or a deck of playing cards. Club Nintendo of America members have yet to see the golden nunchuk offered overseas as a compliment to the golden Zelda Wiimote. I assure you, Zelda fans and anal retentive folks live here, too.

    In comparison to the variety and quality of the items offered by overseas Club Nintendo sites is should be very easy to see why lifetime fans such as myself feel pretty let down by the low bar Club Nintendo continually sets for itself with its elite gifts. The idea should be to present your fans with something unique and creative that they just can’t get anywhere else. A button set? See Etsy. A deck of Nintendo playing cards? Hanfuda would have at least made more sense. It seems as if every year the decision makers at Club Nintendo of America have simply no idea what its fans want or just don’t care enough to make it happen.

    I don’t imagine my letter will get much past an auto-reply or a very kind person who really has no control over the things I’m talking about. And that’s too bad. Perhaps if I was a member of Club Nintendo Japan I would have more of a chance.



  8. At least Nintendo and Xseed finally agree on the choice of a release date. I bet they were both struggling to agree on a particular release date.


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