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Dragon Quest X Real Players Versus CPU Characters

In Dragon Quest X, a player has the option to invite real life players or CPU characters to join his or her party. Real life players will have their names written in blue, where CPU characters’ names will be written in either pink or white. A pink name means that a character must be approached because he or she is important to the game’s story.

Armor shops, inns and churches return in Dragon Quest X. Players can rest at an inn to regain their health; churches need to be visited in order to cure poison, revive allies, or remove curses from party members. Unlike Dragon Quest IX, Dragon Quest X saves your progress automatically. Dragon Quest X for Wii will be released in Japan on August 2nd.

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      1. And updates will be downloaded straight onto the Wii U memory or external hard drive rather than the flash drive provided with the Wii version.

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