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Epic Games Says Unreal Engine 4 Ports Are Possible On Wii U

Epic Games Isn’t looking to bring Unreal Engine 4 to Wii U, but it is possible that third-party developers could port Unreal Engine 4 games across to the console. Epic president Mark Reign says that it isn’t the firms intention to bring the next generation engine to Wii U, but he claims that Unreal Engine 4 is going to be supremely scalable.

Epic Games doesn’t intend “to bring Unreal Engine 4 to Wii U, but the engine could run on Nintendo’s upcoming console “if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game” to the hardware.
“We have Unreal Engine 3 running on Wii U.

You saw games at the Nintendo press conference again this year – a fantastic demo by our friends at Warner Bros. showing Arkham City running on Wii U. And Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming on Wii U, that’s also Unreal. There’s, I’m sure, several others. Mass Effect was announced for it as well. So we’re certainly playing a role there with Unreal Engine 3.

“I’ll state that I don’t think it’s our intention to bring Unreal Engine 4 to Wii U, but Unreal Engine 4 is going to be supremely scalable.

“We’ll run on mobile phones and on a wide variety of things, so if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game to Wii U, they could. But Unreal Engine 3 is a really good fit for that platform.”

313 thoughts on “Epic Games Says Unreal Engine 4 Ports Are Possible On Wii U”

      1. How am I hating? EPIC MENTIONED PORTS. And since wiiU specs look almost like 360…. gimped ports compared to next gen.

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              Not really, Aeolus doesn’t, and that’s why it’s so funny. He’s going to do something that everybody benefits from, except himself. The stupidity is unbearable.

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                You are still going to buy the system, you moron. So these 2 things will still happen: ”Aeolus shows his stupidity, and the Wii U is unaffected since it’s inanimate.”

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                1. actually if you buy a game or console second hand… that money DOES NOT GO TO THE MANUFACTURER in this case Nintendo. Thats the reason why some companies dont want used games! They are losing money from it

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            1. The 360 is selling well because it is a very popular doorstep unlike the ps3. If you want to play great computer games you get a gaming PC. If you want arcade games you play on a Nintendo console. So there is no point in getting a Ps3/Xbox 360 unless you want to use them as a doorstep.

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    4. What a laughable, embarrassing piece of crap. I’ve been right the whole time. Even if UE4 was possible on this console, you’ll get a scaled down turd which barely does anything the proper engine can do. He specifically said UE3 was a better engine for that platform because he knows the console won’t be showing anything noteworthy that the engine is known for.

      Accept the bitter truth, Nintendorks. The console is just plain weak and an utter joke of the next-generation. Enjoy your current gen ports and upscaled DS games.

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    7. Listen it still gonna be good wiiu is at least 3 to 6x more powerful than current gen consoles and Just HOW XBOX/PS3 DIDNT RUN UE3 TO THE FULLEST BUT IT STILL LOOKS FUCKING GOOD RIGHT!!!? SAME WITH WIIU MOTHERFUCKER.

  1. “It’s not our intention to bring UE4 to Wii U, but it sure does work on mobile phones!”

    Epic, you fail!

        1. i think what’s really sad is this troll here comes to a nintendo blog to rip on nintendo because he likes some other system more.


      1. Compared to Wiiu thirdparty games ps3/xbox ARE THE GIMPED PORTS but!!! They still look good right?! right?! Now fuck off.

    1. No they don’t. They are a business. Their mobile phone games have sold far more than any of their console games have, making them more money.

  2. That’s very good news. UE4 can be scaled to work on Wii U. There just aren’t any games atm that use it. We should see it in the future. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. You mean the low clocking speed? That has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in the hardware? Forgot about that?

          1. More like a fake Aeolus, fanboys are stupid to identify the original (Moi). :P

            In any case, we’re both right. Gimped ports, underpowered hardware. This desperation console from Nintendo has it all, with none of the hype the original Wii had. None of it.

            1. That isn’t what they mean by ports. A scalable engine is one that can run on any devices still outputting relatively the same features.

              You really need to research this more. Oh before you bother replying I don’t plan to comment again: Good day sir.

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            He typed ”it’s not confirmed”, and then he proceeded to tell what he heard, and ended his comment with ”have to wait and see”
            You truly are a idiot, you don’t even know what ”I’ve heard” means.

      1. I think only people with some expertise in the area to do so. Laymen like you and I most likely can’t tell the difference.

    1. the only game from epic is fucking gears of war! now everything else like aliens colonial marines, mirrors edge fifa games, batman games, masseffect games, and many more use unreal engine now get your facts straight . Ps3 doesnt even run ue3 to the fullest the difference between wiiu and ps4 will be like ps3 to wiiu Now!

      1. This article is about UE4 not UE3. Of course a lot of games today use UE3, it’s been around for a while. UE4 was recently unveiled and is scalable to work on Wii U. There just aren’t any games coming to Wii U that use UE4 yet. Try to read my comments properly before replying.

  3. And everything the Trolls will read is “don’t intend to bring Unreal Engine 4 to Wii U” and miss the fact that that doesn’t mean UE4 CAN’T Be run on Wii U.

    The same trolls will also only read “UE4 CAN’T Be run on Wii U”..

    1. It’s not a matter of can or can’t (not ONLY, anyway), it’s a matter of possibly the biggest game engine not being on the console as a tool for developers, and about the company who MADE that engine not having enough interest in the console to make it happen. That doesn’t bode well, especially for third party developers; and if it doesn’t bode well for them, then it doesn’t bode well for people who want really strong third-party support on the Wii U.

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

        Just because they don’t have a interest in making a dedicated version for the Wii U means nothing, did you even read the article? They are supporting it with UE3, so they have interest in the platform.

          1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and he also seems to be a idiot

            And that means they don’t have interest? We probably won’t see the 720 and PS4, until 2014, obviously there won’t be any games using UE4 until that, except for exclusives on the PC, or Wii U, since it is able to port the games using the engine.
            Why are you proving my username right all the time?

            1. 2013 is the first unreal 4 game actually… STOP THINKING TO YOURSELF THAT TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER… DELUDED LIL FANBOY

              1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

                Read my comment idiot, it’s going to be a PC exclusive, since MS and Sony are waiting for a huge leap in hardware, which they will be waiting for 2 years. Again, you are proving your stupidity.

      2. I myself see Ubisoft and Capcom as more important than Epiq Games to be honest. And they said that ports were possible so I don’t think this will affect the Wii U as much as I think other people who usually comment here (trolls) will think. But it is not a good thing which I never claimed, just that it is not as bad as some people will imply.

  4. Unreal Engine 3 is still pretty impressive, I don’t really care about the Wii U not getting Unreal Engine 4, all I want is my Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Starfox, Smash Bros. etc. I didn’t really notice any real difference graphics wise between the two engines, just better physics, is all I saw

          1. unreal engine 4 wont even be used until 2 years from now, unreal engine 3 will still be the most used for years

              1. keep waiting for this supposed ‘giant leap’ from sony and ms in the near future, with like 4000p resolutions or whatever because it’s not fucking happening
                neither sony or microsoft are going to spend another 5 years making losses, the sony president even said so himself.

        1. Duke Nukem didn’t even have good graphics, what the hell is your point?

          That didn’t even look like something from 2003, lmao.

        1. Well, I’m glad that you finally admit that you lack a brain (now we only have to wait for you to admit that you don’t have a life). But I think that you only can talk about yourself. It’s not as if we ALL have to not have a brain because you don’t have one.

          You do nothing here except telling us that your opinions are facts. And when facts that don’t support what you say comes up you totally ignores them. Also, when something that makes the Wii U look bad (even if it’s a rumour) comes up you tells us that Wii U is dead.

          Before calling me a braindead follower of Nintenderp (or whatever you Microsoft/Sony master racers call them): Yes, I am aware that Wii U might be less powerfull than PS4 and Nextbox. BUT 360 was weaker than PS3 and still sold even though it did nothing that the PS3 couldn’t. The Wii U will be able to do things PS4 and Nextbox will not be able too, so that it lacks power because it’s released a year earlier should be more than ok. I will buy all 3 systems as long as they offer different experiences and I am sure that the Wii U will be unique compared to the other 2.

          Have a nice day sir, and please stop trolling and go back and read about PS4 or Nextbox that you actually want to buy :)

          1. hahahaa indenial much with your gimped ports? and next gen will crush wiiU. Enjoy your mario and i hope miyamoto catches cancer!

            1. Yes I will enjoy playing Mario. Why do you talk about that as being a bad thing? You really are more brainwashed than I thought. And beside, what ports? Didn’t I tell you that I will also buy nextbox and PS4, so if the port thing is true I will still play the real games. But yeah… All you trolls read is “I’m going to buy a Wii U” and then stop at that and conclude that the person in question is retarded or 6 years old… Geeze, you’re so ignorant…

              1. Miyamoto is an old washed up fart who hasn’t been relevant in any major Nintendo game in nearly a decade.

                Seriously, look it up–he’s always in some “overseer” role and little else.

                1. How dare you insult Shigeru Miyamoto. He is the guy who’ve created the Nintendo franchise of characters that we know today. Characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus Aran, Pit, etc. Without Miyamoto, the console market would have been revived. No NES (Family Computer in Japan, no SNES, no Game Boy, etc. And especially no rival consoles from Sega, Sony, and Microsoft.

            2. Although all of your obnoxious Fanboy bullshit is incredibly annoying, you just crossed the line their buddy. You just wished a horrid death of Cancer onto an incredible person, a genius who saved and paved the way for the videogame industry which you are enjoying right now. And not only that, but wishing that sickness on ANY human being is completely and utterly WRONG. Am I raging a bit at the dumb troll? Maybe, but that is a line you shouldn’t cross. Joking or not, you deserve to go to hell.

            1. Well. If we looks at Numbers (which you LOVE so much) so did Sony sell the LEAST systems in this gen. And it’s really losing hard to the 3DS.. So if there’s any company that’s going downhill so is it your beloved Sony. But yeah, I hope they stay because they actually tries new stuff and have good free online.

              1. They’re a few million units shy of the 360 that launched a year before it. Pull your head out of your ass.

                And even then, the PS3’s library absolutely crushes the Wii and that’s a fact no matter how idiotic of a fanboy you are.

                1. ps3 library absolutly crushes the wii>
                  then calls other people fanboys
                  wow not a hypocrite…
                  Everyone likes different games, i play my wii regularly because i enjoy all it’s games, where as i played 3 360 games and barely used it again. no this doesn’t automatically mean i think the 360 is a ‘piece of shit’, people can have different opinions moron so grow the fuck up

      1. I cannot see it too. I hardly can tell the difference between 30 fps or 60fps.
        I cannot really tell what 1080P is or what 720P is. They just looks the same to me.I think 360P is very nice and high quality.

  5. Does this mean unreal engine 4 works on Wii U, but Epic just personally isn’t doing anything on it? Or am I mIsinterpreting this?

      1. Um, this system was made for top of the line new pc hardware. No console will get the full experience of it anyhow. And don’t start saying ps4 and nexbox haven’t had their specs announced or any other rumors like that, cause this tech would be thousands of dollars, pc gaming enthusiast level tech. No matter what discounts any company gets, they won’t be able to bring that tech down in enough, even waiting a year, or maybe even 2. Maybe CPU can be something pretty good that’s now modern if they wait, but the gpu is the real determining factor and that won’t be 4k amazing either. So if you care so much about getting the non-gimped down ports and games, I recommend you get a top of the line gaming pc, cause that’s the only way to really get what you claim you want. otherwise, shut up, cause even if ours is somewhat more gimped then yours, you’re still only reaching for second place at best.

        1. Just wondering if halo 4 and new gears are coming what’s gonna be 720s launch line up? Crackdown3 And Piñata paradise party

      2. Gimped compared to what? Ms is has there next gen console it’s called a pc running windows 8 and Sony is going to the cloud they just blew all of their r&d on that one purchase.

        Worst case seneario is we don’t see a real system form these guys for 5 years.

        You do know unreal engine 4 only runs on a $1000 gpu?

    1. It means we will get ports of UE4 games, but we won’t get any Nintendo console only games that use UE4. So this means we won’t be getting any Metroid UE4 or anything like that.

      1. I still don’t understand why UE4 won’t run on Wii U. I obviously can so why not make any UE4 games for Wii U instead of ports.

        1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

          Because there is no dedicated engine, i. e. you can’t implement the Wii U’s features, like the 2nd screen. And nobody would make those games anyway, apart from exclusives, since the other 2 next gen consoles aren’t out yet.

            1. U mad, Aeolus’ boyfriend? The Wii U haven’t been released until this Holiday. Nintendo have already proven to all of them that it’s at least 3 times the power of PS3 and X360.

            2. Whatever, you’re just another sad loser with nothing else to do but troll a random site. Go and get yourself a life.

        2. Because the engine itself is not going to be made for the Wii U console. Ports can happen of games made on other consoles, but the engine itself won’t work on the Wii U. It’s really no big deal. It’s not like UE4 is the only engine they could use. It’s even possible Nintendo could make their own engine that’s even better(But I doubt that).

    2. Okay, cool. But the comments on this site are confusing me, and I still have some questions:

      First off, if the Wii U can run ports of games that use UE4, doesn’t that mean it runs UE4?
      What would be stopping developers from making UE4 “ports” specifically for the Wii U? (I know it’s slightly contradicting)
      I think Epic’s saying it runs UE4, they’re just not optimizing it for the Wii U. Could anyone elaborate on that?

      And why are people saying “LOL NO THIRD PARTY MULTIPLAT SUPPORT” when Epic just confirmed the Wii U could get ports?
      Thanks to anyone who replies. :D

      1. Cause they probably figure third parties will almost only be making multiplats for the next gen. Though, someone could make a Wii u exclusive 3rd party game with the engine if they wanted, but they’d probably need help from Nintendo to get it done and no fees. And yeah, they aren’t optimizing it for the Wii u. But it can be optimized for it. So we will be getting games. Trolls are just stupid. Watch, one will probably respond to this cause I called him stupid, and he treats it like his name. Trolls are like dogs, fight with them, and they’ll keep fighting, ignore them and they’ll still bark some, but eventually they’ll either tire out, or you back hand slap them then never give them the time of day again and they’ll go away eventually

      2. Epic simply is not supporting games running on the wiiu just yet. Their focus isn’t even next gen console gaming at the moment it’s pc.

        So can the wiiu do dynamic lighting and particle effects? Which are the main reasons for this engine? Look no farther than the Zelda demo… It had all of that. Actually most of the things in unreal engine 4 can be done on consoles right now if they had more or faster ram.

        Otherwise these lighting effects can be prototyped in 4 and then baked into the texture shadow map like before.

        The Samarin demo with unreal 3 tech was way more impressive and yes that can run on the wiiu which is all that is coming from them console wise until there is money to be made.

        This is smart, they are getting out of the console arms race and back to the safer eye candy producer pc gaming. I got a bad feeling people are not going to see the leap they want to see.

    3. It can run a watered down version since UE4 is scalable. Don’t expect games to look anything like the demos you saw from Epic on the Wii U.

      There, does that answer your question? Fanboys aren’t going to be able to since they don’t know anything about PCs.

      1. Unfortunately the other next gen console will not be running it ethier unless it is gimped or ms and Sony foot the bill for a gx 680 or higher. They could always wait 4 years like nintendo and use that card then.

        Cryengine and frostbite run great right now on it along with other direct x 11 class software. There isn’t much to improve on console wise. I think people will see that before the end of this year.

  6. Well that’s the nail in the Wii U’s coffin, then. No UE4? One of the most powerful engines out there. I’m assuming CryEngine and the like will follow suit with their new iterations as well.

    I mean, games matter more than engines, obviously, but if Epic doesn’t have enough interest in the platform, it’s definitely not saying good things from a third-party perspective.

    1. Yes, Ubisoft, Activision, EA, indie developers, Bioware, and everyone else can be on board for the Wii U, but, wait, what’s this, Epic doesn’t plan to bring UE4 to the Wii U? Even though it just implies that it could work on the Wii U but they’re not putting it out yet? Oh, no, the Wii U’s SURELY dead!

      1. EA and Activision produce heaps of “samey” garbage these days; do not even pretend like they’re providers of great games. Maybe a couple of decent games here and there, but they’re few and far between.

        And you don’t realize: those companies you named? They love to use Unreal Engine to make games. And if they are forced to use other inferior engines, or older versions instead of progressing forward (like they will be able to do on the other consoles, I’m sure), then it’ll be another Wii situation where third parties favor the other 2 consoles because they offer more modern tools to create their games with.

        1. So third party support only matter if you like their games?

          And no, tard, they’re not going to destroy every Wii U console there is because UE4 is currently not on the fucking Wii U.

          1. To me? Yes. Third party only matters if I like their games.

            Why would I buy a console that has games that I DON’T like? Idiot.

            I also never said anything about destroying Wii U. I said more third parties will flock to the other consoles because they’ll run UE4 and likely all the other more-powerful engines as well. What you’ll get on Wii U is ports with older engines that won’t quite match up. Nintendo fans will be happy with it, because they’re used to playing horrible looking Wii games, so anything in HD with an even slightly modern game engine will be like Christmas to them.

            1. Actually, they said it can run UE4 ports, so that basically just means it has to be optimized to run on the Wii u. UE3 had to be to run on current gen consoles. You may not realize it, but, unless you’re a gaming pc player, you’ve been playing weaker versions of third party games this whole time. And looking to next generation consoles, it’ll probably be the same thing, cause these are all made optimized for top of the line modern gaming pcs, and next gen consoles never have that kind of tech in them. Consoles use tech from 2 years before, and never the top of the line stuff. Yeah, the cell was made special, but that didn’t work out well for Sony. Consoles can’t cost $500+ and Sony learned that the hard way. So yeah, the Wii u may be a bit less epic than the other next gen consoles, but it’s out a year earlier, at least, and

            2. Actually, they said it can run UE4 ports, so basically it just needs to be optimized for the console, and epic isn’t doing that themselves. But third parties optimize when they make their games anyhow, so the Wii u can get the ports. Sure they may not be as flashy as the other consoles, but it’s coming out at least a year earlier, so no duh it won’t be as pretty. But if you really want top of the line stuff, get a top of the line gaming pc. Cause that’s what this engine has been optimized for and even the other next gen consoles won’t be powerful enough to run it at max like that. So non pc gamers get their weaker, optimized versions anyhow, so it doesn’t really matter, cause we can still get the support

        2. You do realize no one is using the current version of unreal engine 3? The Samaritan demo is the current tech and even a new gears of war could not match it on current consoles.

          What mark is saying is the wiiu can run the Samaritan demo which is current unused unreal 3 tech at its max.

          No one is going to use unreal 4 just yet it will need to be scaled way down for any console. Plus most are using some thing else or the old ass quake 3 engine upgraded.

        1. Yes I am. Because those guys have been around longer than Epic and they have alot more experience about the business. It’s really only graphic whores that cares…

      1. Capcom hasn’t done anything original since Resident Evil.

        The first one.

        They just rehash Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Resident Evil. And they don’t even really do anything new with those franchises.

        “Derp! Change some characters around, add some different colours, and uh… give Chris Redfield a shinier gun! DONE.”

        1. They killed Mega Man a long while ago.. lol Not suprised that you don’t know that since you are living under a damn rock all the time.

              1. Those games were bound to be shit anyway.

                Some games are just meant to hover in their established genre. For Mega Man, that’s 2d platforming. That’s where it started, that’s where it became famous and beloved, and that’s where it should stay. If it ain’t broke: don’t try to fix it.

        2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

          So you were saying that the Wii U won’t have any good 3rd party support in one reply, then somebody counts the 3rd party that is on board, and you just deny all of them? What the fuck are you going to play on your system then? Air?

          1. PORTS…. ALL PORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and he also seems to be a idiot

              And the 720 and PS4 aren’t going to get ports of games? Do you realize what ”port” means?
              BTW, what Epic said means you can’t build a Wii U game using UE4 from the ground, but you can make a port for the Wii U. All that was said means, you can’t build a UE4 game using the Wii U features, idiot.

            2. Well. Have a nice time enjoying games you could play on your PC with better… Erm, everything :S I’m not really PC masterraceish, but you act like them, except that you use a graphical inferior system so therefore you fail.

            3. All the kids i know like gaystation and hexbox the wii graphics were better than the hd fags if you go by launch price they scammed a lot of people the n is microoff and fonys father they will never lose 2 those chumps even without third parties if they get third parties than the beatdown will be worse

          2. Because I don’t think any of them are “good.”

            I play games like Half-Life (Valve), Halo (Bungie), Final Fantasy (SquareEnix) at least prior to XIII-2 anyway, RAGE (id Software), etc.

            Yes, I also play Zelda, Metroid, DK, etc. That’s the ONLY thing I ‘m looking forward to on this console, and they already let me down with their debut Mario game, which is just a Wii port with new levels and slightly prettier backgrounds… oh, and if you ever have a bunch of people over to play Mario (never), you can “zomg draw boxes on screen for them!” Wow. Soooooo impressive /sarcasm

            I own ZERO games from EA and Capcom on my 360, PS3, or Wii. Except Mega Man 9 and 10 on my Wii, because those are the only 2 good Mega Man games they’ve made since X3.

          1. Barely, from what most developers are saying. They say “it’s powerful,” but then so is the 360, so that’s not saying much. Most developers that have spoken about comparing it to other consoles have said it’s barely an improvement.

              1. Iwata also said he doesn’t pay attention to his competitors at all.

                Really? That Pro controller looks suspiciously like an XBOX360 controller. He trying to tell me he “thought that up all by himself”? Bollocks.

                Besides, that’s a stupid statement anyway: in business, you ALWAYS pay attention to what your competitors are doing. Because you learn what failed for them so as to not do it yourself, and what worked, etc.

                He’s not as all-powerful as you fanboys like to think he is. Fanboys in general are laughable, for ANY console. But Nintendo fanboys tend to be the most pathetic.

                    1. Not really… Many of those who follow Nintendo has done it from start. You know, before the beginning of time BEFORE HD consoles. Most of the followers of Microsoft is newfags, and the followers of Sony started playing videogames between PS2 and PS1 period. Only SOME played during NES time.

                    2. “Many of those who follow Nintendo *HAS* done it…”

                      “Most of the followers of Microsoft *IS* newfags”

                      Right here is what I’m talking about. Poor grammar, usage of the bigotry of the term “fags”, etc. That exudes low intellect. He’s also probably 18 or younger. If he’s not, that’s even MORE pathetic.

                      1. Sucking Sony’s dick?

                        Who said I was a Sony fanboy? You’re just assuming things now. Again, another Nintendo fanboy getting ass-hurt because someone (me) doesn’t blindly have a huge boner for Nintendo and everything they do.

                        What a tit.

                        1. I attempted to send you an email a few minutes ago, but it appears not to have sent. Chill with the trolling and bad language. I’ve already banned your buddy. Thanks.

                        2. Dude u didn’t know that you’ve been playing with modified snes controller with dual analog thats all the standard controller’s are how can you copy what you created wiimote is superior anyway

                        3. If hexbox and gaystation didn’t have third parties they would be nothing fps games suck without motion and the wii graphical difference is like 60 buck with that terrible 2000 gameplay its like trying to shoot with an eighty year old blows my mind how people like so much garbage and think its superior i strongly disagree the u will win easily

                          s people that 500 for hexbox and 600 for gaystation got straight jacked the horrible

                  1. u mad bro? and fanboy? ur the one with a wiiu baby console for your avatar..nice try. and I HATE JACK TRETTON actually. Unlike you lot hu suck up to reggies body hhahahahahahahaha

                        1. Maybe Asslus… but Wii has the best first party titles like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, New SMB Wii, etc. Sony may have good games, but most of them are between good and mediocre. How fucking good are you at Wonderbook?

          2. Denial? Of what? How lackluster the support for the Wii U is thus far? Look at the launch for Christ’s sake: bunch of shovelware, bunch of casual games, 1 or 2 “core” titles (Zombie U and Assassin’s Creed 3), a Mario title that looks and plays almost identical to the Wii version (that’s just sad) except for a new “derp, draw a block” functionality, and that’s it.

            And what, EA’s singing it’s praises? Of course they are, they have games coming out for it. But it says a lot when Epic doesn’t bat an eyelash at the Wii U, and that Ubisoft is making ZombiU go multi-platform, and that there are an anemic amount of third party developers with projects even ANNOUNCED for the Wii U.

            Trust me, I was a hopeful like all of you. Prior to the last month or so, anyway. I’m a realist, and I love all consoles (I have all three major ones of this generation). But I have no delusions about how weak the Wii U is shaping up to be.

            Maybe in the longrun it will pick up, like the 3DS did, but I don’t see it being a real “core” gaming system until much later after it’s launch.

            1. “How lackluster the support for the Wii U is thus far?”

              A new Mario game, a new Pikmin, new Scribblenauts, new Rayman, IMPROVED versions of past games, new games in general.

              But, nah, those games don’t exist because you don’t like it!

              You’re just as terrible as Aeolus. You’re just a literate Aeolus.

              1. Mario: it’s a carbon copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Seriously, Put a video of 1-player side-by-side, and with the exception of knowing the levels of the Wii version by heart, you’d hardly be able to tell the difference, or that they’re different games. It’s the same game with new levels, some moving backgrounds, and lame ass multiplayer tablet-drawing thing tacked on. It’s not a “NEW” Mario game. Mario 64 was a “new” Mario game. Super Mario Wold was a “new” Mario game. Mario Galaxy was even a “new” Mario game. This is just a slightly updated sequel.

                Pikimin? There’s barely an audience for that. Only the small hardcore fans of the GC title will be pleased with that. The rest, like me, don’t give a shit.

                Scribblenauts? What are you, 5?

                Rayman: one of 3 great games the console has right now. The othes are ZombiU and Assassins Creed 3, and AC3 is multi-platform and looks/plays almost identical on each console (as reported by folks who saw and played both at E3).

                IMPOROVED versions of past games? Oh, and that warrants paying another $40-$60 for a game you already have? These “improved” versions have been covered endless times already by gaming sites: they basically have what amounts to a small bit of DLC added to them, and a few tablet-specific functions, and most people who have played them said most of them are more awkward than they are “cool” to use.

                If all you played last gen was Wii, sure: Wii U looks KILLER! But those of us who had other console(s) aren’t quite as impressed, because we’ve had something almost equivalent (as far as games go) for 7 years now.

                1. You forgot games like darksiders 2, the remade ninja gaiden 3 (which from all accounts sounds much better than the original), mass effect 3, it still is getting FIFA and Madden which are popular titles and with 26 games in the launch window that beats out any other system launch ever. Plus aliens colonial marines is coming to the system when it launches in February, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is the biggest launch lineup ever. And these games are still just launch titles, let’s not forget what your current gen hd systems started out at. With barely any time they’re saying it’s at least as powerful as the 360, so after a couple years, when they really get into it, it’ll be showing stuff that never could have happened on current hardware. And considering it’s comparable to the 360 while running the second hd asymmetric screen, imagine what it’d be able to do if it didn’t have that. This console is fine. It can multistream hd quality video, it has all those functionalities built in, and it runs at a smooth 60fps, way better than current hardware. And, knowing Nintendo, it shouldn’t have any prominent amount of systems dying like Microsoft did this gen. The Wii u will be like the ps2 of this upcoming generation, less powerful, but it won’t really matter.

      1. Who cares? I will buy all consoles again, so I can enjoy every single game, while the fanboys are killing each other!

      2. I don’t care if a Wii U game is powered by Unreal 3 or 4, CryEngine 3, Anvil Plus, Havok, or Frostbite 2.0 … I’m still purchasing the U and its games.

        1. Not many games since MOST games use those engines…. fanboy. EVEN METROID PRIME USED UNREAL ENGINE

          kiddy gamer

          1. You’re more of a kiddy gamer yourself, you fucking fairy. U mad because Retro Studios have used Epic Games’ modified version of Unreal Engine 2 on a hardcore title Metroid Prime for the GameCube.

            1. Yeah. And guess what? They’ll not be able to use UE4 for the next Metroid game, which means it’ll be a worse game than it could have been if it WAS made with UE4.


              1. “Yeah. And guess what? They’ll not be able to use UE4 for the next Metroid game, which means it’ll be a worse game than it could have been if it WAS made with UE4.”

                Implying that Nintendo or Retro even uses the Unreal Engine.

              2. Have you read the article, Vanilla Icy? You failed at damage control.

                “Epic Games doesn’t intend ‘to bring Unreal Engine 4 to Wii U, but the engine could run on Nintendo’s upcoming console ‘ if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game’ to the hardware.”

                There’s a possibility that the Wii U will have games powered by Unreal 4 real soon.

                1. Read my comment (it’s the fourth one from the top. prob trolled to death right now) it explains why you can’t use that argument with the trolls..

            2. Not really if I can use an emulator and play it in 1080p ;) Nice try though… and you missed plenty of lovely THIRD PARTY GAMES like skyrim, BIOSHOCK etc hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              shovelware belongs to wiiU

              1. How old are you? 12?
                Do you really dislike a console that still has lots to show?
                Broken kids of america…. I will throw you a dollar to save your economy! Lol

                1. ever heard of the .4 patch? course not. All you do is play terrible SD rehash games hahahahha!

                  Bad excuse since its fixed now AND WON GAME OF THE YEAR AND OTHER AWARDS. How is that SD game looking?

                    1. Don’t insult Monkey Ball… That game was actually pretty funny :) But yeah, Skyrim is the most overrated game of the year :P

            3. Metroid Prime did not use Unreal Engine, once this crap surfaced everybody started spamming it around. Do your research, because there was no UE powering any title of that series.

              1. I’ve already done my research and it’s true. The Metroid Prime game was indeed powered by a modified Unreal Engine 2. It is YOU who needs to do you research instead of talking out of your ass. You don’t belong here. Go to Sony/PlayStation message board on instead whining and bitching here.

                1. No, it fucking didn’t. The guy who reported that posted it because of one folder which had terminology which he THOUGHT was unique to Unreal Engine, but actually wasn’t. Following his logic, all sorts of of engines making use of the word “cooked” is UE2.

                  I’m going to quote a few sane posters, because this shit has been spread enough:

                  “Just because some of the tool developers used the same terminology doesn’t mean it’s running on the same engine. “Cooked” could mean baking the geometry, or anything else. Metroid Prime was written on an engine from the ground up; This guy doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. Please close this thread… you’re insulting Jack Mathews.”

                  “The term “cooked” is Maya-related (on top of being pretty generic). Which makes sense since the screenshots in that linked thread show they used Maya as an editor. Similarly the terms he uses to attribute the scripts to UE are things like “sounds, skeletal meshes”, so what, we’re supposed to think only UE can do sound and skeletal meshes? There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that indicates UE at any level whatsoever. Add to that the fact no UE version ever was gamecube-compatible, the model format’s completely different from UE, and that Epic not credited anywhere (which would constitute a breach of the licensing contract), and I can safely conclude whoever saw UE in there doesn’t know the first thing about what he’s saying.”

                  Also, there’s no way it was UE2 to begin with. It would have been one of the FIRST games running that engine. Good luck believing Retro went out of their way to make a virtually unrecognizable engine from how “heavily modified” it was, LOL.

                  1. In other words, you don’t know ape shit about video games whatsoever and you have absolutely no life but to whine and bitch like a failed troll. You don’t know shit, you hate Nintendo… just a fucked up Sony fanboy who’s favorite company are losing the console wars. You lose! Good day sir!

      3. Besides his comments, he didn’t said that UE 4 can’t run on Wii U, but “I don’t think it’s our intention to bring Unreal Engine 4″…. But, haters gonna hate anyway.


              also enjoy the low clock in the CPU.

              1. Asslus, you are a fucking failure. Go damage control your fucking ass out of MyNintendoNews. Your ass is already redder than fucking Rudolph’s nose!!!!!!

                1. “The clock is kinda low”

                  A next-gen device shouldn’t have anything “lower” than the current generation. Period.

                  1. Clock doesn’t mean shit nowadays as there are FAR superior ways of improving on a CPU such as optimizing the pipeline or adding cores. Ntm, having a higher clock speed leads to more power consumption and that can lead to heating problems.

      4. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

        Why are you haters even spending your time on this site? You truly don’t have a life, and what gamers are you to spend the time hating, instead of playing games. Just read the article and go, do you seriously think anybody cares that you hate Nintendo?

        1. +1 people like Icy Vanilla are not real gamers. They don’t even game. They just keep bringing up the same shit nobody gives 3 fucks just to get some attention.

      5. ports arent exactly a bad thing right?? as long as it can run on wii u its fine. we already know its a hd console so its good news. and yes, graphics dont make the game. but imagine how awesone nintendo could be along with graphics!

            1. haha 6 years late?! in the meantime Epic is making unreal 4 for true next gen platforms with great games that wiiU WILL NEVER EVER HAVE!

      6. Yes, this is awesome news for me! TBH, I don’t REALLY care about graphics so much. The next gen isn’t going to be a HUGE graphical leap anyway. Sure there may be more attention to detail in some things but if I really cared so much about graphics that’s why I can always get a PC which I am in the next couple of months which would trounce any next gen console. All I want is for the Wii U to have good third party support. He didn’t say UE4 couldn’t run on the Wii U but at least I know it’s possible for it to get ports of the next gen games. The only reason I wanted it to run on UE4 in the first place is so that it can get the third party support Nintendo so desperately needs. It’s not about graphics but it’s about the games and that’s what I want more than anything. If it was all about graphics then these Sony and Microsoft fanboys should buy a PC cause the next gen consoles will still be behind PC.

        1. u tell yourself that… wiiU will be a Wii guranteed. Third party at first but then the bigger consoles will come and TRUE NEXT GEN BEGINS

          feel sorry for you deluded souls

          1. Hey, poor european guy, go ask money for save yout continent instead be an ass here!!!
            How much do you need, my country has plenty!!!!

          2. Sory guys I apologize. I was too busy playing kinect to realize how amazing of a console wii u will be. Forgive me all

                1. Who is this fag ^ will the real Aeolus cock sucking faggot please stand up…oh yeah that’s me. Haha now watch me as I play kinect and look forward to a hopeless next Gen focused on kinect 2.0 and laforza glasses augmented tech that is trying too hard to be like nintendo.

          3. Are you from the future or are you just pulling shit outta your fanboy ass? Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s the latter…

            Lol you may not think Wii U is next gen but it is. While current games on it look like the best that the PS3 and 360 have to offer just imagine what it’ll be in six years. 360 and PS3 games looked like shit when they were first released but now look what they’ve done six years later. It’ll be just the same with Wii U cause if games at launch look better than 360 and PS3 it’ll look EVEN better in the years to come.

            And next gen isn’t all about graphics anyway. Lol you may feel sorry for me but I’m most likely getting all of the consoles anyway. Not for graphics but for games.

            I feel sorry for YOU though because you fanboys won’t ever have as much fun as true gamers

          4. You know you can keep trolling all you want.Go suck Microsoft or Sony’s dick.Do you see any of us go somewhere where it’s all Microsoft and Sony and bash on their upcoming consoles.You haven’t seen the Third-Party games and there are more unannounced third-party games too.Unreal engine isn’t everything have you even seen Far Cry 3 yet?It runs on Frostbite and it’s better than your stupid engines you think that are powerful.Bash on the Wii U all you want it will not do you any good.Get off this site and never come back.

          5. Aeolus why dont u just play PC if u r obsessed with graphics and power. PCs will still be more powerful when the next ps and xbox come out.

      7. So Wii U can run UE4. Isn’t that what people were complaining about in the first place? And now that it’s been confirmed that it can, people STILL complain. There’s no pleasing some people… -.-

      8. I like how everyone keeps saying UE4 is a huge step up when, really, only the physics were different.

        Everything else they showed, graphic-wise, can be done on UE3. The only real difference between 3 and 4 is that the demo displayed for 4 was real-time. That’s about it. And even then, that’s not a very big update.

        Also, haven’t they already stated this before? I could’ve sworn this was talked about already.

        1. I think they said they made it to be easier to develop for, so you don’t need huge hundred men teams to make quality games. I think that’s what they were going for. With improved physics. That’s about it, and makes sense. It’ll make making games a lot cheaper, if that is the case

      9. Blah blah blah, we could keep arguing for hours but, even though I don’t understand Epic’s intention in all this, we gotta keep in mind something: scalling an engine so that a console bears dealing with it doesn’t mean the game will be bad.

        After all, Metroid Prime graphic engine was an Unreal 2 port… ;)

        1. People really know nothing about the engineering of game engines. They’re only designed for PCs. IN EVERY OTHER CASE IT WILL HAVE TO BE SCALED DOWN TO FIT THE ARCHITECURE OF ANY CONSOLE
          not just the wii u
          And I think people don’t understand that.
          UE3 is running as a scaled version on all current Gen systems.
          What the guy is saying is that Epic is not building a scaled version of UE4 for the wii U right now maybe in the future.
          Instead they’re probably building it for the next Gen and mobile platforms.
          For now developers will have to scale the graphics engine and create modded versions of it in order to make UE4 games for wii u.
          get yourself educated. Go to college for Computer science.

      10. Stop feeding the trolls folks. My suggestion is that if you see thier name skip the post. It’s hard to do, but try. They will lose interest and go away eventually. Most of us are here because we genuinely have interest in the Wii U and other Nintendo consoles. They are trolling for the sake of trolling. Don’t reply or engage. That’s why they continue posting.

      11. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

        Aeolus and Icy Dead People, calm your panties you little bitches. It can still get the whole engine, without getting it gimped, it probably will get gimped a lil’ bit, but so will the next XBox and the PS4, since MS and Sony obviously won’t release consoles with the same hardware as in the year they release their consoles. All this rep said was that there is no dedicated version of UE4 on the Wii U, which means there won’t be UE4 games using the 2nd screen and other features for the time being. They may make a dedicated version later though.

      12. never doubted it could be done in spite of epics earlier remark that it couldn’t be done because it “lacked the hardware capabilities” or some such
        with enough scaling any engine can run on almost anything

        1. They said that UE4 is ‘Scalable’, this means that the engine will most likely run on the Wii U and also when they said they weren’t going to bring the engine to the Wii U they meant that they THEMSELVES won’t be using the engine on the Wii U but other companies will have the ability to uses it.

          I wouldn’t be surprised that when the PS4 and Next Xbox comes out they’ll be making games for all three of the next gen consoles using UE4.

          1. epic games hardly develop any games themselves nowadays

            what they meant is that they won’t scale down their engine so developers can use it on the wii-u without any adjustments of their own

            it’s up to the developers creating the games to make it work if they want to use it on the wii-u

        2. Dude, Epic said that they themselves will not be making games that utilize Unreal Engine 4. Who’s to say other developers can’t use the engine for their OWN Wii-U games.

        3. Lol, nobody got the part that I don’t care for the engine epic develops. Hardly any game made with it pleased me. I’m basecaly into JRPG, Zelda and those kinda of things. So I don’t care whether Epic developed a new engine or if it will run on WiiU. Moreover I don’t like how games are made these days, where every single game has to be on every plataform. Sure, games cost more to produce now that when we had psOne, n64 and saturn. But I would prefer having three consoles (like, right now) and differents games for each one of then to having only one console because everyone of then have the exact same game.

          P.S.: I agree when people said that UE4 will only be full powered on PC, making a console that can reproduce that is to risky. Well, will have to wait and see.

      13. So this sort of semi-confirms that the Wii U can use Unreal Engine 4 but its just Epic aren’t going to bring it to the platform THEMSELVES. I can’t see why but this is good news none the less, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Wii U and I can’t wait to see what developers have in store for us.

        1. Enough said.

          I have an active social life, so I actually don’t surface here nearly as much anymore. Oh well.

          1. Still talking out of your ass much, drone? You have no life. You have no girlfriends… especially getting some poon in life. All you do is talk shit and insult Nintendo supporters including Sickr and Alba. You show absolutely less than 0% loyalty. You’re a fucking joke, troll, no life, scumbag, Sony dick riding asshole!!!!!!

      14. So I’m trying to understand. Developers will not have the option (wont be given a license) to use the UE4 software to build their games on the wii u development kits. But a game that was developed for a different console that supports the software, that game can be ported to wii u, and i assume the devs have to adjust they’re assets.

        So if it’s so scalable, why not just license it to wii u developers?

        1. They didn’t say they weren’t licensing it to them. They just aren’t optimizing it for the console. Other developers who make games for the Wii u will do that themselves

      15. expected… actually none of the next box or ps4 can run the engine at full force… it’s not practical… stop being delusional…

        if either sony or microsoft managed to pull off a freakin powerhouses again, and survive… i’ll admit them as a genius.. really

        1. Thats the thing, even if they make a powerhouse of a console, it’ll still be damn expensive, and nobody will buy it, the exonomy is just too bad to release it. Its why people dont go to PC games, its expensive for the most part (although you need to be tech savvy), but you can guarrentee, MS and maybe Sony will put stuff into their consoles that we dont need. They’ll probably both. Have bluray, that jacks the price up, MS will put kinect inside, i can voich for 80% o the gaming community and say, we dont want that shit.

          The WiiU is acctually a very simple machine. But because its saving costs in everyrhing else, it can afford to push its power, but keep a reasonable price

      16. sweet. wiiu can definitely handle un4. now if only those idiots actually make a good game for wiiu with the engine.

      17. Great to hear this! Now there is no excuse when games can’t be released on the Wii-U (Looking at you Capcom for not bringing Resident Evil 5 to the Wii for a reason)

      18. Guys, the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo we saw was running on a GTX 680, a GPU that costs over $500 so the chances of the PS4/720 actually having them are pretty slim, just saying.

      19. So the Wii U is already more powerful than the PS4 even b4 it gets released. We all know Orbis is only going to be a cloud gaming console (not a real console IMHO) which will barely surpass the PS3 let alone the Wii U (which is 4-6x more powerful than the PS3).

        1. LOL what? Sony would be a fool to make the PS4 cloud-only and even bigger fools to make the PS4 WAY weaker than the PS4. I expect all three next-gen consoles to be close in power.

      20. 1. I almost hope a certain troll is getting paid to be here because this level of devotion makes me sad. 2. I’ve enjoyed games for most of my life… WITHOUT Unreal. 3. The Amazing Spider Man was in fact amazing lol

      21. Non-Specific Action Figure

        With Cliffy B being a Nintendo fan it would be a shame if he didn’t push for his engine to be on the U.

      22. Guy let’s get back to topic. We are talking about Unreal 4 ports, not Aeolus choices. That what a troll does, talk bad to throw EVERYONE off topic. It’s best to ignore them and stay on topic.

        Speaking of topic, I think Epic just want to see more from Nintendo and it’s 3rd party support before jumping the gun.

        good luck buying your Wii U, friends.

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