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Wii U Is ‘Definitely More Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’

Jeremiah Slaczka, the CEO of Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell, has confessed that he’s completely fed up with the arguments about whether or not the Wii U is as powerful as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Slaczka says that the Wii U is definitely more powerful than both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

The Wii U is “definitely more powerful than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s kind of frustrating to see the rumours and speculation of people going back and forth saying it’s weaker or more powerful. It’s definitely more powerful.”

“I think we were one of the first developers to see the Wii U.”

“Nintendo came to our studio and demoed it to us. A couple of weeks later Warner Bros. got to see it, and we said we should do this. This game was originally a Wii title but later moved to Wii U. It’s been about two years in development.”

513 thoughts on “Wii U Is ‘Definitely More Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’”

          1. So how come Rayman Origins ran very sluggish on the 3DS yet it ran perfectly on the PS Vita?

            2D games now a days actually needs the same amount and even more processing power to even run the game at 30 fps.

              1. a little off topic but i really didnt like rayman origins. i recently rented it for the wii and it felt like a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns but much simpler. anyone else agree?

          2. they know the hardware because they have the fucking console you idiot. it has nothing to do with the game they’re making.

          3. just because they push 2d visuals doesn’t mean they don’t know how powerful the system is.. They know what is under the hood. They know what is under the hood of the PS3 and 360..

    1. It’s true though, some developers are saying it’s not as powerful, others that it’s just as powerful, all while others say it’s more powerful. It can be very confusing to people interested in knowing.

      Now let me say this, I saw the Arkham City demo, and played it at the Wii U Experience event in Miami Beach just yesterday. And that game is running at full 720p, with all details, particle effects, and 2 or 4x antialiasing, basically the max settings a PC can offer with the exception of resolution, which isn’t noticeable. And only has small slowdowns when there are more than 5 enemies on screen, but only for a second which instantly picks up again. Meaning this system has enough RAM, processing, and video capabilities to load it at full, with the slowdowns obviously being from WBs side of the programming, as they most likely did not effectively make use of it, as it is a new piece of hardware.

      But that’s not all, I noticed the system in the back was running with reduced voltage, which by the way you are not allowed to take pictures of the back of it at this event. This means the system is running underclocked, as cooling tweaks and power consumption have not yet been optimized. The system has a sleek design, which you have all obviously seen, with a fan in the back for exhaust, and one at the side which I could swear runs as an intake directly for the processor and secondly to anything else.

      Lastly, I asked around, made puppy faces, and befriended some of the associates and got them to tell me some information, which I’m posting online so it’s up to you to believe or dismiss it. All of it put together basically told me, the system has more RAM than both 360 and PS3, and not a small margin. The Video processing has a couple of generations on the ps3 and 360. The internal storage is not a HDD, it’s flash storage. The processor is similar to the 360s, but with newer, and different architecture. The game discs are going to come in different storage capacities depending on what the game requires. And lastly the cost is being put somehow competitively with Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles. Take it however you like.

      1. Lying or not I don’t care I’m gonna choose to believe you. You sound like you atleast know what the fuck your talking about.

      2. You’re all welcome homies. Actually I just went again today with a different access code. I was able to get a better look at the back of the system and yes I’m 90% certain it has reduced clocking, the power supply is constantly rerouted with many peripherals which are commonly referred to as adapters. This is good news though, as it makes it certain that Nintendo has already decided on exactly how much power their power supplies will.. supply, therefore instead of using a complete power supply, is instead running adapters to adapt the system for the purpose they intend. I mentioned before that it can be because their cooling was incomplete, but it can probably be for other reasons, as I was wrong with the amount of fans. The side and back do indeed have fan fitting holes, but I just realized the one on the side is a longer orifice, therefore it can mean it has 3 fans instead of 2, giving it a direct intake and outtake of air cooling in unison, I’ve seen something similar with asetek coolers. Now if this is correct, and they indeed have their cooling down, and ready to ship, why reduce the clocking? Well, that answer came after I asked the attendant about pressing the Home button. He responded with that I couldn’t do it, he wouldn’t answer so I had to find it from one of the attendants I had seen on Friday. His answer was interesting, he responded that the system was not available, that the kiosk Wii U was running direct software demos. For many of you it should click, the OS is still not complete, the Wii U kiosks running at this event have no secondary processes and are more directly related to the end 2011 dev kits. So all in all, The Wii U, for now is most definitely running underclocked, with a most likely incomplete cooling system, and maybe even a future danger of overheating in a very similar manner of the early xbox 360, that’s if they decide in the end to just send every commercial unit underclocked, which would kind of suck, imo. So yeah, my 2 cents, peace.

  1. But to what degree, is something he fails to cite like every other developer claiming it is.

    Doesn’t matter; PS4 and Nextbox will crush it anyway. Have fun being barely more powerful than 6-7 year old products in the meantime.

    1. Power =/= everything
      PS4 and Nextbox will probably be very powerful, but that doesn’t mean they will “crush” the wiiU. I’m holding judgement till the respective releases cos lets face it, the final specs of those machines are just as unconfirmed as the wii U specs.

      1. Power is everything when you turn out to be the original Wii, only successful for Nintendo’s wallet; an utter failure and embarrassment to the industry and core gamers along with the unanimous “Regret purchase” opinion amongst gamers.

        Open your eyes and stop accepting this companies blatant lack of options. They can no longer compete, so they choose market disruption.

        Twice isn’t going to be working out. This system has absolutely none of the hype the original Wii had in 2006. And even during that period the console came off as more interesting than the Wii U. Because such a control scheme was never done before and may legitimately give us a glimpse of the future.

        Now Nintendo is trying to convince people it’s not an “add-on”, now developers struggle to outright say it’s significantly more powerful than the current generation, it’s getting a metric heap of ports and timed exclusives along with the exact same third parties onboard and all of the fanboys are too blind to notice.

        Epic isn’t interested in it; period. Crytek shows no signs of having Crysis 3 coming to the platform. The list goes on and on. And by the way, the quote from Epic is identical to their Unreal Engine 3 quote for the Wii, which I will point out here:

        “Epic already showed off UE3 on the PlayStation 3, back in 2005, at Sony’s briefing ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Things have come a long way since then. Don’t, however, expect to see UE3 on Nintendo’s new console – at least not in any official capacity.

        Thanks to some pretty advanced technical requirements on the graphics and central processors, the Wii finds itself unable to run UE3 in its current form. That might not be the end of the story, though, as Rein explains: “I’m sure one our licensees will, at some point, squeeze it down into the Wii, the way Ubisoft squeezed UE2 into the PSP, for instance.”

        The only game remotely running something close to UE3 was Red Steel, and that game looked and ran awful. It was such a butchered and modified engine that it was essentially UE2.

        You guys are getting a repeat of the Wii, but actually worse since it probably won’t have sales to talk about this time.

            1. I love how he randomly spams my replies with something completely irrelevant once he has nothing to say.

                    1. my grammar is terrible and full of aids>
                      yes it turns out you are a 6 year old
                      i cant even be bothered arguing with someone this blinded by fanboyism

          1. i dont think that’s the Aeolus you’re talking about. do you know how many clones he has, most of which are somehow even more retarded?

        1. Oh yeah I’m sure Nintendo will be like,

          oh hi we’re Nintendo and we are sorry for making tons of money and try to do something different with gaming than make more pretty graphics for dem graphic whores out there /sarcasm

        2. Basically, i see your point, but don’t share your opinion!
          It’s true tho a new UE has been shown, and stated as not intended for the new nintendo platform, but the new engine is atleast scalable to the wii U, something that UE3 wasn’t able to do with wii. So, it’s a more positive outlook for those who like nintendo games as well as 3rd party games!

          1. It’s scalable; yes. Doesn’t mean it would be as good as non-scaled down variants. That’s what I’m trying to point out here. It’s not an officially supported platform and companies are solely up to the task of having it on the hardware.

            You’ll have *slightly* less of a curb stomping in hardware this time around, but I can assure you, there will still be a gap in power. This one might suck less since the controller won’t hamper chances of multiplats too badly.

                  1. Evidence is when both companies have cited that Wii U isn’t a significant leap forward, and Epic spearheading the engine for


                    1. Wii U is a next gen console moron
                      Next gen doesnt actually refer to graphics to begin with, it refers to the date of the console, atari jaguar was still 4th gen console even if it was 64 bit at the time of 16 but machines
                      but thats not the point
                      Epic said it can run it if you read it properly

                    2. Clearly isn’t to Epic, who very well stated that UE4 is not officially supporting the Wii U.

                      Therefore, they do not consider it the next-gen device(s) they were clearly implying.

                    1. Forget it, Tim. Aeolus (Amir) ignores undeniable proof… all he does are whine, bitching, and getting a dick stuck up his ass like a failed Sony drone who needs his diapers changed.

              1. The ps4 and nextbox are also going to have to scale down the UE4, unless you think they are going to be able to push out pc level graphics, in which case, you’re the delusional one here.

          2. “Power is everything when you turn out to be the original Wii, only successful for Nintendo’s wallet; an utter failure and embarrassment to the industry and core gamers along with the unanimous “Regret purchase” opinion amongst gamers.”

            i don’t regret the purchase
            neither do those friends of mine who bought one themselves
            and yes i consider myself a “gamer”
            guess it’s not so unanimous

              1. “core gamers” what are they? do they have to only play specific games with pretty graphics? i consider myself a core gamer yet my favourate console is my wii.

                1. You’re a fanboy. Difference between gamer who plays games and Nintendo FAG who plays baby games.

                  1. Don’t play fucking dumb, ass clone. I know who you are, Siegried von Scrotum a.k.a. Aeolus a.k.a. Amir Stuart. Your opinionated comment fails like Sony’s fucked up economy.

                    1. Makes sense when Amir and I are posting in diff parts of this article at the same time…

                      Logic is def not your strong point boy…

                2. oh i see and you’re defining who’s a core gamer and who isn’t now?
                  too bad you can’t see me laughing right now because i am
                  honestly :)

            1. This is also a better situation than the wii! The WiiU is the 1st to come out so it can start gaining traction before the other contenders. And on the topic of hype, nintendo have stated that they aim to start the hype nearer to launch so that it results in the hype still being there at launch… a valid strategy if you ask me…

                      1. failed to answer my question fanboy with the wiiU photo.

                        U MAD BRO?!?!?

                        If you love to dish but cant take any… i suggest you go suck your mum’s tits if shes still alive…

            2. i dont understand why idiots like you continue to run your mouth or even visit sites likes this…”nintendo can no longer compete” what does that even mean? ive ran into a few people who seriously have convinced themelves sony/MS have access to hardware tech nintendo doesnt therefore making them unable to “compete” and “out of options” lol its ridiculous…truth is nintendo time and time again SAVES the gaming industry…sony and microsoft have ran a smear campaign and made terms like “hardcore” relevant in the industry when in reality it doesnt have a meaning its just a buzzword with negative connotations and people openly bash nintendo for also appealing to “casual” gamers (another buzzword)but the reality is without nintendo pleasing “casuals”, staying true to gaming instead creating a media hub, remaining child friendly, and most of all remaining affordable they continue to make life long gamers (example a kid 18 now, chances are he/she fell in love with gaming playing the gamecube and now rather have the “hardcore” console the media tells him/her to….now as far as your crap about epic games (which will have games) UR4 runs on wiiU dont troll and spew lies…also correct me if im wrong but when did they say crysis 3 wont be on wiiU? last i heard it was neither confirmed nor denied JUST LIKE A LOT OF GAMES NINTENDO HAS BEEN PURPOSELY HIDING FROM US….rant over

            3. hm valid argument actually, I’m not going to bother and challenge you but I thought metroid prime 3 was running on UE3

            4. Dude sony and micro can’t fuc with the n never could never will even if they happen to sell more ok let’s say the u drops at 400 dollars if the clones drop at 6 to 7 hundred it’s a wrap they sold in the 5th and 6th gen cause of their newness,gimmicks, favortism, and third party support that’s over now plus when the hd Mario’s and zelda’s start dropping with 50% third party support it will be a wiipeat regardless of what the so called hardcore players say

            5. First off, you are assuming way too much with that UE3 quote; the Wii is much more powerful and perfectly capable of handling both UE3 and a slightly down-scaled version of UE4. This has been stated firmly by the VP of Epic.
              You only think it can’t happen because you hate the console in and of itself. People like you always make rash, blind judgements.
              Epic has PLENTY of interest in the Wii U, as well, or they would not be putting even their UE3 model into the Wii U, and would force them to go with a different company for their graphics needs.

              Second, you have no right to speak for the core crowd.
              Given the fact that you are so blinded by hatred that you can’t even see how the casual crowd has benefited the industry, and gaming, as a whole, you don’t even deserve to call yourself a knowledgeable gamer.
              There are millions of core gamers out there who do not regret purchasing a Wii.
              I talk with thousands literally every single week who are multiplatform gamers and love their Wii to death for its exclusives and many particular third party titles.
              As usual, you’re talking out your ass and speaking for others simply because you hate the company.
              Do yourself a favor and abandon your account here; you’re not going to convince anyone of the bullshit you are spouting.
              It is you, who are blind.

        3. Im holding judgement, those consoles specs are just as unconfirmed as the wiiU specs! And besides, it is the whole market that dictates who crushes who, not one or two people with too much time on their hands…

          1. Damage controlling is not being able to back up your argument.

            But the fanboys will inevitably come up with these beaten to death and easily refuted statements:

            “The three consoles won’t have large gaps in power this time”
            “Sony is too “poor” (LOL) to afford a powerful console”
            “MS is casual now (hurr hurr), they only care about kinect”
            “Next consoles will cost like $599 US dollars!!11”
            “Graphics don’t matter, (even when gamers point out their game’s graphics aren’t that great and they throw a huge fit)
            “They don’t got Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and all of our stagnated, done to death IPs which have barely evolved!!!!11oneone”
            “It’s all about da sales!!!!”

            Nintendo fanboys in a nutshell. 100% accurate.

            1. “Nintendo is for babys, Uncharted warfare 6 rehasment for me”
              “it’s no sony’s fault they got hacked, it was anonymous!111”
              “360 sucks because you have to pay online!!!11”
              “The vita has so much games, like gravity rush, and gravity rush, and gravity rush!!!”
              “Sony Lost so much money because of the tsunami and only the tsunami hurr!!11”
              “Sony has the best and most ip’s that aren’t mediocre rehashments!!11”
              “The 3ds sucks because it hurtz ppls eyes!!11”
              “The Ps4 will be Crush the Wii U because i totally work for sony and i’m also a fucking wizard who can see the future!!!1”
              “The Wii U will suck cuz the control is big!!!11”
              “The wii u has no games so far because i said so!!11”
              “The Wii U will have shit graphics because of E3 and only E311!!!!”
              “The Wii U is a overclocked 360 cuz i read this article about this article who said this about GPU and yeah… did i mention i’m a Wizard?”

              Typical Sonydrone in a nutshell.
              enjoy your casual ps4, because i’m a wizard also.

            2. sony isn’t too poor to make a powerful console, but they’re not too stupid to sell one at a loss like the ps3
              ms doesn’t care about gamers only money
              you can act like graphics mean so much but the reality is without solid gameplay to back it up it doesnt mean anything
              lastly mario and zelda changed the video game industry more than sony and ms did or ever will so i wouldn’t say barely evolved

            3. Actually – and it is sad to say this – but you are absolutely right…

              All of this basicly comes down to the fact that what’s best for Nintendo is not best for Nintendo’s fans. Still, I’m positive that there’ll definately will be enough games that I will enjoy playing very much. My main concern now is the difference between the PS4 and X720. Before fanboys start hating; I do like Nintendo but all the stuff Aeolus has put in his quotes is really what alot (not all of you) are currently saying.

              1. It will have it’s fair share of games but will very likely miss out on the games running high-end engines.

                It also probably won’t be display too much ahead of the current generation in visuals, all signs are pointing towards that based on what is seen on paper, and even during their “Tech demos” last year.

                1. Tbh, a lot of people (me included) will just be happy with it being a significant improvement over the wii. I dont really care how it compares to the PS4 for example. I have a ps3 but i find the library very samey and so have played few games…

                  1. I think most of those games will come out for the Wii U. at a later date and we are already seeing that. These companies that are about to release their games have probably had them in development since before the wii U dev kits first came out. i mean why would you re focus your resources and work completely on a new console and push back your release date when you could go ahead and finish what you are doing and release it for the ps3/360 and then port the finished product ot the wii U. I totally see whats going on here it’s kinda bad for the wii U but also kinda good at the same time.

                2. Exactly, it’s a shame I have to make a choice whether I will play my favorite IP’s (by Nintendo) or alot of the latest beautiful 3rd party games.
                  I wish Nintendo would get back in the game with a major powerhouse, but we’ll have to face that Nintendo won’t do that probably since it doesn’t give them the most profit… Fair enough, very reasonable, but a shame for the fans.

                  This is why I hope I’ll be able to buy both Wii U and PS4 (”hope” because I’m not the richest guy in the world), then I’ll get all the great game of Nintendo plus all the great games that won’t come on Nintendo consoles.

                  1. 64 and gamecube they were very equal or more powerful sold poorly with about the same third party support wii received so i think its more about favortism than power mof i know bcuz if wii can get call of duty with a graphic difference of about 60 bucks they could of had all the third party games and imo would’ve been way better with the wiimote it blows dual analog away imo but favortism is powerful thing

                    1. That’s not what I’m talking about at all.
                      At the timem of the N64 and Gamecube there was no other console with significantly more power, and therefor everygame that was made was available on them (apart from sony and xbox exclusives of course, but that has nothing to do with power.

                3. The nintendo family with graphics better than the hd twins with the gamepad, wiimote,classic, maybe 50% third party support with maybe a 200 dollar price difference would more than likely result in 96 million sold in 5 years imo the wii was unique and affordable a deadly combo

                4. Neither will next gen consoles.
                  It’s all rumor and speculation, but the only way you will see gaming tech at it’s very highest is on a PC.
                  Both the Playstation and the Xbox are just diluted intermediaries to allow more people to play said games with lesser specs with an idiot proof set up/OS.
                  The nintendo at least has it’s own legacy and caters to a certain clientèle of gamers that to be fair, similar games are rarely facilitated on the supposed “big” consoles that are happy with generic 3rd/1st person shooter exclusives and are content to pay more for half spec games.
                  Some console ports, Skyrim included were dreadful on console, never seen so much loading screen in my life! Tell A lie, there was the spectrum.
                  This may sound elitist, but my PC already out powers these next gen consoles, unless they surprise everyone and they announce they can support direct x 11 and run at 4.5mghz….in which case lube up your wallet and prepare for a reaming :P.
                  My 7 year old radeon PC can “run” these games, but not at full specs, yet that PC is worth probably £150 if you cannibalized it for RAM and the 1tb hdd.
                  Yet you will pay for a console that can “run” these games…acceptably mind, but not always well, and shell out for the privilege….and you’re defending this fact with vigor and bashing on a company that still realize what a console really is and have no delusions of of competing with a PC.
                  I can play all your games, cheaper, better and with less lag. I can only play Wii games on…you guessed it, a wii (should I be of a mind, not my thing really).
                  So if you want to talk about power, mine is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        4. And your stupidity triumphs over your Common sense once more.
          Do me a favour, take the average rumoured price of a WiiU, yeah?
          Now, add a bluray player, a HDD, kinect build inside, all the neccessary inner workings needed to run the gimmicks extras the nextbox has, and also remember the added cost of a possible smart glass/ps tablet in there.

          Now, create a system with all that which has the power to “crush” the wiiu, so a GPU, CPU.

          Finally add that all up.

          Enjoy havin your wallet destroyed as well as the conpany who made it, or your fanboy delusions crushed under your stupidity.

          1. Blu-ray players are cheap and the Wii U uses unlicensed ones (fact) the only extra Nintendo would have to pay is $17 in royalty fees.
            “HDD?” Uhm? You can get a 320GB HDD for like 60 bucks. *or even less*
            “Kinect build inside” – this is so sad, until you can actually cite how much a Kinect costs to manufacture.
            GPU, CPU are both cheaper for console manufactures to get a hold of.

            I’ll add it up and it’d still be a more affordable console than the Wii U. And guess what? Sony/MS almost ALWAYS take losses on hardware. So your argument is completely moot. Get wrecked, fanboy.

            1. Nintendo is a gaming company. They don’t need to add Blu-Ray Player or hard drive to add hundreds more. They want to make the Wii U an affordable console.

              1. Except the Wii U is very clearly using a BD Drive.
                Even the original Wii used a DVD Drive for the games.

                17 freaking dollars in royalties. They are being cheap, enough of the fanboy defense. It’s pathetic and sheepish.

                1. And that’s coming from a Sony dick riding ass clown? Get the fuck out of here. Nintendo is using their own proprietary disc drive. In conclusion, your argument is invalid.

                  1. If your argument can’t hold weight without insults, then it isn’t a good one. You have nothing to refute what was said, thus you have already lost.

                    You really think Nintendo of all people came up with their own proprietary disc format that just so happens to be the same capacity as single layer BDs? The amount of cash they’ll lose doing that exceeds just using the damn drive and format without licenses.

                    ………LOL. This is becoming sad.

                    1. ‘If your argument can’t hold weight without insults, then it isn’t a good one.’ This coming from the guy who’s been calling people ‘fanboys’ throughout this entire article?? Kind of hypocritical if you ask me…

                      And forgive me if I’m mistaking a post that you made with another post made by a different person, but you also stated that the the people playing WiiU games will miss out on the high end engines of other consoles. Feel free to give proof that the X720 or PS4’s engines will have much a much more powerful engine than the WiiU. ‘Cause I honestly can’t say for sure if the WiiU’s engine will be phenomenal or anything, but we can’t exactly compare the engine’s of the three consoles until they’re all actually released right? And forgive me if this is kind of hard to understand, I did write this kind of fast, so it might not be very well structured.

              2. “hundreds of dollars”, seriously are you insane? I just missed that part. I think you need to back off, because I have no idea where the hell you’re getting those costs from.

                        1. >”i’ll just start reporting you”


                          Coming from the desperate ass clone who’s already gotten banned 20 fucking times then desperately coming back over and over again for more attention.
                          You can’t take a insult you fucking baby? but when you spew insults it’s all right?
                          Either you’re a fucking hypocrite ass clown, or you’re just a 1/10 troll.

                        2. I’ve only been banned once on this site actually. Everybody else is probably those Peter clones.

                    1. peteriuss evil twins clone

                      Sad thing is, he’s his bitch. As in, a fucking dog that would riding on his dick. Bitch, please, go and suck your master’s dick.

            2. They almost always take loses on hardware. That hilarious. Does that not prove how dumb their business is? Nintendo have had ONE loss, since they first started, make in the 80’s, probably earlier.

              You’re a complete moron. You actually think they can put all that in and make it CHEAPER. Sorry Marty McFly, i sasnt aware you could go to the future and get cheap GPU’s that are the highest tech here.

              YOU are delusional.

              1. Taking losses on hardware to create a powerful consumer device and make up said losses with software. Such a “dumb” business move. /sarcasm

                But I’m sure you’d prefer a 360 with incremental GPU upgrades and not showing any clear signs of improvement over the current generation. HURR DURR.

                1. Yeaaaah, but Sony is doing just fine as business, and not taking heavy substantial losses at all.
                  And you didnt comment on my time travel theory? Whys that? Did you realise you said something retarded?

                  1. Sony’s losses are widespread in divisions, the PlayStation brand took a minimal hit and that’s a fact.

                    You guys are predictable. It’s like reading a book I’ve read to death in first grade. Remembering every line and sentence it had to say.

                    1. A divisionof Sony,is still Sony.
                      If Microsoft
                      took a massive loses in PC’s, their xbox divisionwouldfeel it.

                      And you still didnt answer the question

                2. And it wont be a 360, because it wont break after its 1 year warranty.
                  Seriously, you have hard evidence thrown at you evey damn day from this site, and you STILL say the same thing over and over.
                  You’re the real fanboy. Not to mention a disgustin racist fuck who would be killed on the streets if he was out of his fucked up backwards country

                    1. Red ring was anothet fault all together.
                      Warranty fixes are still happening.
                      And youre still a racist cunt

                        1. IloveknowinghowtobreKypudowntillyouhavenothingvalidtosay.itjustpoveshowsmallyourbrainis,parasite

                3. “Taking losses on hardware to create a powerful consumer device and make up said losses with software.’
                  no its not, look how many people lost there jobs because of it.

            3. pish.. just sying it generally… how about putting some numbers eh? saying things like “manufacturer, will get everything for a cheap price, it will sums up to be better priced than wii u” lol

              shut up.. stop saying nonsense smartass

            4. Actually, unless current graphic cards drastically drop in price, the most powerful cards that the next Sony or MS console would be able to afford use are Radeon 6850HD or an Nvidia 550 (My current PC build uses dual Nvidia 580GTX which cost about $50 a piece). The Wii U is rumored to be using a radeon 4800-6700 series card. The ones Nintendo decide to use won’t be that much weaker if at all unless Sony or MS decide to use 300+ dollar cards.

              1. Damn typos. my 580gtx cards were $450 a piece, not $50.
                Anyway, Sony or MS really can’t afford to put out $700+ consoles so expect similar graphical quality in all three consoles.

              2. Wii U is definitely not using 4800/6770 based on that “confirmed” document. Those specs at best, look “close”, but that’s definitely not HD4850/4870 or even 6770. The latter of which is basically a rebranded version of those with DX11 compatibility.

                And dude, seriously, cards back then were roughly the same price as they are now when they launched. X1800 for instance, came out costing like ~$400. That surely didn’t stop the 360 from using a similar card.

                1. The WiiU is definantly not using 4880/6770 based on that “confirmed” document.

                  Isnt that a double negative?
                  You’re taking a rumour, which you acknowledged as a rumour, as a fact. Nice going, pal.

                  1. “Definitely not” isn’t a double negative, so I’m not sure what the hell you’re trying to say.

                    Also, it’s spelled “definitely”.

                    1. No, but saying, “definitly not” and then saying “confirmed” is. And aww how cute,you have spell check, and youre a grammar nazi, and a really nazi

                      1. So Definitely not … then “confirmed” (in quotations, no less) is a double negative now?

                        This is just comedy. xD

              1. Whatever makes you sleep better at night but I feel better in my assumption based of of my PC builds the past 5 years and current graphic card trends.

        5. So basically, you will buy a console (PS4 and/or XBOXNext) in two or three years to get what gaming pcs are already delivering? Seems pointless to everyone, but go on, noone will care.

          1. Exactly, if it gets to that point where consoles are as good as PC, and care about nothing else other than their graphical power, i’ll probably buy a PC. I can live without the Sony exclusives.

            1. The 360 on launch was powered by a GPU on par with some of the highest end cards at the time.

              I’ll let that sink in for you. Just so it hurts all the more that your argument sucks.

              1. The GPU itself was an odd…yet very similar card to the X1800/X1900 series cards from ATI in 2005-2006. The 360 launched at $400 in two configurations *the cheapest being $299*


              2. And how much did PC’s increase in power over that time period from then to now?
                The rose far above consoles, to a point where they cannot be even equaled let alone outmatched

                1. That’s irrelevant. The point is the console launched with a modern GPU. You obviously can’t upgrade a console. But even then, the Xenos stood up against the test of time, because the modifications done to it made it surprisingly more versatile.

                  The Wii U is launching with a GPU series based in 2008.

                  If you seriously believe a current gen console -can’t- be on par with some of the best cards available now, keep fooling yourself. It’s been done since the 6th gen, and it will continue to do so for the companies who care about power.

                  1. Oh its irrelivant is it? No, its relevant as everythin else, you just deny it.
                    The Wii had a GPU based on one that was about 15 years old. The date of it, is irrelivant

                    1. The Wii was essentially an overclocked Gamecube, captain obvious.

                      In fact the Wii’s processor happened to be inferior than the Xbox 1. Js.

                          1. peteriuss evil twins clone

                            Just to let you know, “Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.”

                            Look at you right now. What the hell are you doing?

                2. Hey guess what. Some people don’t care about graphics or processing power. They care about fun games.

                  Now believe me – I love a good looking game. I’m a PC gamer and my console life is fully based around Xbox 360. But you know what?

                  There are no games on PC or 360 that come close to the complete and utter joy that I get from Zelda and Mario titles.

                  They may not be graphically comparable to anything the other systems have to offer, but it makes no difference. The games are a joy to play. They’re enthralling, exciting, colourful and glorious.

                  I personally don’t care which console “wins” or “loses”. I, like billions of gamers across the world, just like to have fun. We spend our money on games and systems that peak our interest.

                  We, unlike you, don’t sit at home thinking of excuses to visit the website of a company/console that you apparently despise, purely so you can argue with them about why you think you’re better than them. And all because you prefer nice graphics?

                  Way to show yourself up as not being a real gamer, kid. I’m sure Black Ops 2 will be the best game ever created.

                  Now please. Go back to 9gag or wherever you came from, and continue to masturbate to Activision and Sony and whoever else claims to be the best and most powerful.

                  Cause us grownups… we just want to have fun. Thank you.

                    1. >Fanboy whine

                      isn’t that what you’ve been spewing out of your ass clown ass this whole time.

                      All you do is predict the future, this is probably the exact same thing you did when the NGP announced.

                      and look how that turned out.
                      3DS >>>> VITA

                3. PS 4 and XBOXNext are maybe running UE4. PC is already running UE 4. End of story.

                  And now get a life. For someone who keeps insulting Nintendo fans, you keep being too much on this site, dont you? Or are you just not interested in being remembered as a decent human being.

                  PS: What will you do when the generation after PS4/WiiU/XBOXNext will launch? Are you going to say: “Oh, the PS5 will completly crush the XBOXNext”? Or what? You seem so desperatly focussed on the graphics of the upcoming generation..

                  1. Graphics and power will always matter when it comes to subsequent generations.

                    Imagine if graphics never evolved, we’d still have Atari 2600 visuals.

                    Imagine staying in the PS2/GCN/Xbox era, people will undoubtedly want to see graphics improve no matter how much you want to blind yourself into believing otherwise.

                    1. You can only ride on “art direction” for so long until ultimately, people want to see new things. More characters, objects, more scale of the game’s map, more everything. They would want to be immersed into the experience. I would not be getting such if GTA had N64 visuals for instance.

                      Or if Skyrim barely looked different from the first Elder Scrolls.

                      1. I feel like you’re not thinking of a really important part of games: gameplay and story.
                        A game can look extremely hyper-realistic, but if the gameplay is shitty, then it’s not a good game. The same can be said for story. Games can look bad, but still be amazing. Look at older games, like Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The graphics are dated, but people continue to go back to it, because the story is timeless. And games like Okami, that have a different art direction, but an addicting plot and good gameplay.

                        TL;DR-Graphics aren’t everything.

                        1. Graphics aren’t everything; ruling them out however as a leap is stupidity.

                          When people think next-gen, the first thing is generally going to be graphics and games previously not possible on last gen hardware due to the sheer horsepower they would require to run.

                          This is why the gameplay argument gets old. Graphics -do- matter.

                          1. I never said that graphics -didn’t- matter. I’m just saying that I, for one, and most gamers in general SHOULD care more about the game’s overall experience, not just the graphics. Graphics are only a part of a game’s overall experience.

                4. but dude what your not understanding is sony barely got away with releasing a 600 dollar console last time…why would they do it again?..the truth is graphics are at a point where majority of the increase we see are like lighting effects and extra res on a field of grass small stuff like that…if MS/sony want to blow wiiU away they have to use gpu’s like the radeon hd 7950 and that thing 400 bucks bought at a bulk discount lets say 300…you see what im getting at? analyst are predicting a lot less consoles sold this gen from ALL companies…the economies different…so i dont think any of the big 3 will be taking a huge price tag risk thus by default making the consoles similar in power…just read around the internet…no credible journalist or indsutry figure-head is predicting huge graphics leaps its only the fanboys…a simple understanding of how stagnant gaming has gotten and basic business economics wouldnt have you pipe dreaming of a system like you are

          2. owh you think the ps4 and nextbox gonna powerhouses? well good luck to the company who did that.. and good luck to you too, if it turns the other way..

            1. The amount of leaks incoming and Sony’s recent statements reassures me that they will be. Nintendo fanboys, keep regurgitating this crap. It’s hilarious to read, LOL.

              Then when the truth rolls up, and the consoles demonstrate abilities that terminate anything the Wii U can conjure up in visuals…they’ll resort to 2006 quotes and holding on to sales. Predictable.

              1. we’ll wait n see.. I will admit my defeat if your “visions that microsoft and sony WILL build powerhouses and survive next gen” turn out true..

                and yeah.. have you heard the rumours of the nextbox, the patent leak? I heard they aren’t focusing that much hardware for gaming capabilities… they are putting 2 separate processor, one for gaming the other for media capabilities.. in other words, they are pushing away from building pure gaming console..

                but yeah rumors are rumors.. fanboys/some idiots can easily made that up.. including the rumors you’ve heard…

                  1. Hey can you freaking tell me if your so sure about everything then why do you even come to this site. You hate Nintendo and the Wii U so why keep up with all the news. Your really making it seem like ALL you care about are graphics. I admit the Wii U will be less powerful then the PS4 and Next Xbox and its pretty obvious. But if graphics are all you care about go outside or watch a movie. What exactly are you trying to prove here. We know Nintendo been behind lately and still haven’t blown us away with the Wii U so what are you trying to prove. And I’m no fanboy, even though my name might make me sound like one. I don’t bash other companies and I give Sony and Microsoft respect and credit where due.

          3. Hey can you freaking tell me if your so sure about everything then why do you even come to this site. You hate Nintendo and the Wii U so why keep up with all the news. Your really making it seem like ALL you care about are graphics. I admit the Wii U will be less powerful then the PS4 and Next Xbox and its pretty obvious. But if graphics are all you care about go outside or watch a movie. What exactly are you trying to prove here. We know Nintendo been behind lately and still haven’t blown us away with the Wii U so what are you trying to prove. And I’m no fanboy, even though my name might make me sound like one. I don’t bash other companies and I give Sony and Microsoft respect and credit where due.

          4. keep waiting for this supposed ‘giant leap’ from sony and ms in the near future, with like 4000p resolutions or whatever because it’s not fucking happening
            neither sony or microsoft are going to spend another 5 years making losses, the sony president even said so himself.
            yes i copied the same comment i said last time so this idiot can see it.

              1. you’re the one that’s fooling yourself
                sony SAID IT THEMSELVES
                you can believe rumours from IGNorant or whatever but trust me it isnt going to be a huge leap over anything and pc’s will be more powerful than them when they launch

                  1. Look at all the core gamers agreeing with what was said in those comments. Sony knows what matters in the next generation–when your console distinguishes itself from the current.

                    1. when your console distinguishes itsself from the current
                      yeah because sequels to the same old fps’s with the exact same controller just with updated graphics is a complete difference

                        1. A dated meme for a dated term.The term “core gamer” hasn’t been defined well for years, and I don’t think anyone, especially someone who goes on a Nintendo site just to bash its products and fans, can say who is and is not a core gamer.

          5. Fucking hell. How sad are you? You’re missing the point of it ALL conpletely. I find it amusing how you keep stating how important nice graphics and high clock times are when the weakest console of Generation 6 dominated it all, so did the weakest one in 7.

            Also, Ocarina of Time (N64 version, still one of the best games to date) Runs on tech about 20 years old by now.

            Who CARES how realistically you can make a collapsing buildling look. Who CARES about how “realistic” The God damn water looks. You gush and fawn over graphics for ten minutes, and then proceed to get back to the actual gameplay (I have a high-end gaming PC). If the visuals aren’t top notch, not a loss as long as the gameplay is intact. Prie examples: Minecraft, Magicka, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2. All of those run on dated engines and with some tweaking still look terrific, And the Wii U would be powerful enough to run Portal 2 three times I bet. But that’s not what it’s about.

            Maybe you shoul increase the clocktime in your brain so you can think of more aspects than your irrelevant own one.

            1. Another boring wall of apologist filled text from a fanboy that misses the point entirely.

              It must suck being confined to Nintendo systems with such a mentality–pretending graphics don’t matter in next generations.

              1. I will laugh when you come to realize that companies are not gonna invest US$50.000.000 into making one video game. AAA titles are already expensive enough as it is. Making the graphics even better would result in games being developed for 5 years to get finished, which would either result in a ton of cost or one hell of a short game, and considering profit isn’t guaranteed in any way (especially with AAA titles being to freaking expensive to produce) nobody is going to risk wiping theselves out with a single mistake.

                1. Unreal Engine 4 will reduce development costs by removing the necessity to create one’s own engine and the sheer versatility of the engine is a warm welcome. The Wii U is not officially supporting that, the companies are going to be less likely to put up extra work to compensate for an engine that probably isn’t too hot when scaled down.

                  Also, development costs drop every year. And prices of these “AAA” games happen to deteriorate faster than Wii games do…I wonder why is that.

                  Stop fooling yourself.

                  1. And how exactly does a new engine make it easier to create original content; models, landscapes, textures, dialogue, story, creativity, and captivating gameplay? No engine will do the work for you, you just have something to base your game off of. Unreal engine 3 isn’t a magic unicorn of an engine and won’t make it any easier to be original and fresh.

                    You STILL NEED MORE PEOPLE TO WORK ON YOUR SHIT when you want to make an even bigger title than what you previously developed, which will drive up costs.

                    1. …If you’re honestly asking that question, then you have absolutely no clue about gaming engines and thus not worth my time until you find out through research yourself and figure out how exactly does it do that.


              2. The gamepad makes the u unique and next gen if the power is low that means they are going for the affordable advantage like they did with the wii 360 and ps3 didn’t really sell until they dropped the price by 2 to 3 hundred dollars

          6. Obvious troll is obvious. If you actually knew anything (at all) or anything about hardware, you would know that gaming hardware hasn’t actually gained much ground in the last 3-4 years. I had a HD4890 1Gb card in my PC till about 2 months ago. Card is definitely old. Still runs every game ever made, in 1080p, with all effects on, and smoothly. Just like newer cards do. And its more powerful than the rumored GPU in the Ps4/720. A 3 year old card more powerful than the GPU reported to be in consoles coming out in 12-24 months. You know absolutely nothing about hardware at all do you.

            The WiiU is reported to be using the RV770 GPU from Ati used in the HD4850/4870/4890. When a GPU is thrust into the warm embrace of a console, it can be pushed MUCH harder. Take the ancient 7800GTX in the Ps3. Could that GPU run any current HD game if it was in a PC? Not a chance, but in a console, it can be pushed to its absolute limit because a console doesn’t have to deal with multiple configurations and games are optimized for that specific hardware.

            So imagine then, if the WiiU was sporting even a HD4850, a card many times more powerful than the GPUs in the 360/Ps3, and games being optimized for that specific hardware just like in my above paragraph? You’d have a hardware beast that will compete well with PC visuals for at least a few more years and keep up with next-gen hardware from Sony and Microsoft. Since my original point was that hardware hasn’t advanced much in 3-4 years, even with the WiiU running an older RV770 Gpu from ATI, its still on-par with whatever Sony or Microsoft want to put in the next-gen consoles.

            Even if they put in the rumored 6670 for the 720 and the 7670 for the Ps4, the RV770 GPU (whilst having slightly less features) still has much more power than either of those GPUs. Hardware simply hasn’t evolved much in a few years. Nintendo knows this, so they go with decent, powerful tech, even if its a few years old, that can still keep up with whatever the Ps4/720 would hope to use. Several leaks indicated that the ‘720’ would only be 7x more powerful than the 360, 20% more powerful than the WiiU. 20% is barely any difference at all, and definitely not “crushing” of the power of the WiiU. No matter what tech ends up in the Ps4/720, it’ll only be marginally more powerful than whats in the WiiU. They can’t put in tech that doesn’t exist yet. So there stuck with 6000 and 7000 series equivalent ATI gpus, which are barely any more powerful than the 4800 series in the WiiU. Especially if they end up with the 6670/7670 and actually have less GPU raw horsepower.

            If you’re going to troll at least know what your talking about or people are going to call you out for being an idiot. When it all boils down to it, all the next-gen consoles, will run all games the same way: 1080p native, 30FPS minimum. It’ll finally be an even playing field graphically.

            1. I stopped reading a bit and skipped to a ton of things that made it clear a verbose reply wouldn’t be worth it. Especially when you started basing this off of rumors and idle guesswork. Wii U is either running those cards, or it is not. There is not “if” in the equation, and what is seen on paper is by no possible means HD4800-onwards.

              Hardware hasn’t “advanced much” you say…I’m curious as to what you’re actually running, because that’s is a complete fabrication. And I’m very interested on posting this drivel on just to witness this post being chewed out by people who actually have expertise in PC’s.

              What’s even worse is when you claimed 7000 series is barely more powerful than HD4800. Why should I actually -read- all of this and honestly take it seriously?


              1. Actually, I’m thinking about the wrong series, 7000 series are known to be buggy and quite buggy, so I’ll stand corrected.

          7. Wow people can get really bitter huh? If you feel The XBox or PS will be more powerful then wait for it. Instead of enjoying what new gameplay N has to offer, you sit back, cry and whine, hoping it fails. Shouldn’t you be playing COD or something instead of hanging around here hating like a true fanboy you are?

          8. And that’s what’s going to be the PS4 and Nextbox’s down fall because knowing Sony and Microsoft they will only focus on graphics and not gameplay.

            So in over turns, Nintendo will beat the living shit out of Sony and Microsoft anyway whether you like it or not.

          9. it’s hard to swallow that with the impressive technology that exists today, and the fact that PS4 and Nextbox are releasing in only a few years, PS4 and Nextbox will be as powerful as you think theyll be

        6. In the end I don’t give a fuck, I play Nintendo because I love their games and not shitty “movie like” games when I could go to the movies instead,

              1. they had some Amir. But yeh most of it was crap shovelware. Some gems but I can run them at 1080p on my rig ;0

                1. Dolphin ironically makes them look better and ran smoothly on a friend of mine’s laptop running a first gen core i5+ HD5650.

                  That’s just sad…

                  The amount of “good games” people can list on that console, I can list heaps more.

                  1. Agreed. Xenoblade is a fantastic game… in HD. Also Mario galaxy etc. I own all consoles and yet people bash me cos I tel them how it is (Wii is dissaponting). Fanboys eh Amir? Gotta love them

                    1. I own all 3 console as well, but you dont see me bashing on any of them. TBH I have more game on my Wii than my Xbox360 or PS3 and I have all their exclusives its just that Wii has more varieties of games that I find interesting..

        7. It’s great to hear great words from the CEO of Level 5. Even the guys at Gearbox saying their game is the most definitive version for the Wii U. Nintendo’s new console is truly more powerful than Sony and Microsoft’s console. Not only the graphics are more powerful, but the play controls and overall fun are the key element in making a unique home console.

            1. You’re truly one sad ass individual. You have no fucking clue who Level 5 is. They’re the guys who have made the award-winning Professor Layton series.

              1. Prof Layton? A 2d PUZZLE GAME. Hardly pushes tech to be fair :P

                Now if you said dragonquest 9… I would give you a nod of approval…

                      1. I actually saw it myself…and its in 2d… I swear mario 64 pushed 3d? if so… why are there 2d games still? lol poor hardware that’s why

                    1. Nothing special, he’s just holding on to idle hope.

                      I’m sure Wii U won’t require powerful hardware to run the latest Mario and make it look good. They’ll just add extra lens flare and higher poly Galaxy models and call it a day, lol.

                      1. Amir…. you still don’t know fucking shit about Nintendo. You’re so fucking stupid that you completely ignore the headliner– “Wii U Is ‘Definitely More Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3′”. Either you accept it or shut the fuck up?

                        1. this is coming from a dev making a 2d game… yes it looks gorgeous but hardly Watch dogs graphics…


                    1. Uh no. If you look at the real Aeolus and sigfried up top, you’ll see that they have different pictures to them. You just replied to yourself lol.

                1. I’d still play 16 bit games over Wii U

                  In fact, let me pop in S3&K, a platformer only matched by the previously Hardcore Rare’s DKC.

                2. Have you seen the Rayman Legends trailer? The lighting and graphics in that game are great for a 2D platformer, hardly pushing it to the limits, but a feat that couldn’t be accomplished without a powerful console.

        8. Doesnt matter how many times and how many different people say this, stupidity will forever blind the haters, and fanboys of Nintendo. Having an open minded in all aspects of life is how it should be.

          1. This. We won’t know anything about the next generation of consoles until they’re all released. Everything we know right now is speculation or rumor, that different people accept or discount to fit their own argument. *cough* Aeolus *cough* And in my opinion, the power of a console doesn’t matter as much as having quality games, which Nintendo always had and probably will continue to have into the future.

        9. I think we’re all fed up with this. It basically comes down to each individual developer and how they handle the technology. It’s why some multi-platform games have a “best” version, since some are more comfortable on certain systems.

          1. Great for indie games, I love the concept of a hackable, cheap console.

            If only it wasn’t being powered by a Tegra 3 and had the option of an external GPU. Ultimately, this just doesn’t interest me for the time being.

            1. it doesn’t intrest you purely because it isnt running high enough graphics assclown?
              have fun with your over 9000 powerhouse ps4 or whatever its meant to be

              1. A next-gen device must demonstrate a clear leap over the current generation to interest me. A set top box running Android does not.

                1. clear leap can be anything it doesnt have to be graphics
                  the wii didnt have the technical power but it did have the controls which were revolutionary and new
                  the ps3 and 360 were just the same old crap same controllers and more and more shovelware sequels to fps’s just with updated graphics

                  1. If the graphics are not improved, it is plain and simply irrelevant.

                    I don’t want silly control schemes or new format, I want my games looking better than devices I’ve owned for years.


                      1. If the controller isn’t broken, don’t fix it, also stop throwing words into my mouth. It’s idiotic behavior.

                          1. Considering they last 3 generations without complaints, then they’re fine.

                            “Uncomfortable”? The control isn’t meant for fatties, so that’s why it’s probably uncomfortable to some of you.

                  1. It does, being “next generation” in spirit and chronology means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

                    1. Is that a dick in your booty, Sony whore? A true next gen console isn’t about just graphics alone… it’s also play controls and fun, communicate with friends and family.

                      1. Sony hasn’t even created a new controller and I think that ps4 will have the same unconfortable controller as always