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Pachter’s Claim That Activision Forced Nintendo To Release Wii U Pro Controller Is A Guess

Michael Pachter previously claimed that the Wii U Pro Controller exists because Activision forced Nintendo to develop it. Earlier today, Pachter confessed that no one actually told him this was the case; his claim was just “an educated guess.” However, Pachter still believes that Nintendo was pressured by third-party developers to make the Wii U Pro Controller.

“I am putting two and two together to conclude that Activision put pressure on them. I do not know this either first-hand or third-hand; nobody told me. I am merely deducing it from what we know, and it’s an educated guess.”

“If the Pro Controller is for multiplatform games, that means it is for third-party games. Nintendo has never done anything altruistically for third parties, so I concluded that they added the Pro Controller because of pressure from third parties. The pressure could have come from anywhere — EA with sports games, Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed, or Take-Two with GTA — but it seems to me that the ‘prize’ that would make the Wii U legitimate as a console of choice for multiplatform games is Call of Duty.”

153 thoughts on “Pachter’s Claim That Activision Forced Nintendo To Release Wii U Pro Controller Is A Guess”

    1. Do you hear it? The stampede? The troops are prepairing themselves for the biggest flamewar of the day!

    1. this fossil don’t know shit about Nintendo wii-u or games in general he thinks the game pad is a tablet and that the best hardcore gaming device is ipads. he just a old fart that don’t know shit and Alba needs to stop posting the crap that comes out this old fossilized turds mouth

  1. Patcher loves the taste of his feet, doesn’t he?XD
    We had already figured out he was full of it during the last report.
    His lack of faith in Nintendo to do some forward thought during a time as critical as this is truly amusing.

  2. I don’t understand why he had to say this. In the same statement that he made the Activision reference, he started by saying no one told him anything. The problem is with the people reporting it.

    1. He had to say it to create a new flamewar. He is one of the trolls that for some godforsaken reason is creditable. All he tries to do is to ruin Nintendos repotution and earn some $.

      That’s sad as he is actually a pretty good analyzist, but he’s way to biased against Nintendo which will end up ruin his repotution

      1. I’m not defending him, but it’s the headlines that are the problem. What he is saying is asinine, but he said this yesterday. It’s not new. It was just reported differently. The first article made it sound like he was stating a fact even though he said he didn’t here anything from anyone. This article makes it sound like he is back pedaling when that is exactly what he is not doing. The people writing the headlines are the ones who are misleading and giving Pachter a mountain top to shout from.

        1. Yes, the headlines are strongly missleading (thanks to Alba, creator of a thousand flamewars) but fact still stands: He is a big hater of Nintendo and he has claimed that they’re doomed for I don’t know how long. He is usually wrong when it comes to predictions about Nintendo but usually right when it comes to other things (yes, I’ve read some other stuff by him, good reading actually) that should say something…

          1. firesplitter… did u see the pach attack video about him chatting about the wiiU controller?

            I recommend you do.. you maybe in for a surprise

            1. I know what the suprise is already ;) But he has still a long way to go to earn my full trust when he predicts things about Nintendo. As I’ve said, he is good at what he does, but sometimes he’s clearly just out to start another flamewar.

          2. I believe that he has an agenda, but I don’t fault him for having to repeat himself. Regardless of the stupidity. It’s to much to ask for responsible reporting or just ignoring this guy altogether.

  3. Pachter- I think I was adopted.
    Us well how do you know.
    Pachter- because I look nothing like my mother or father.

  4. okay… first off… why would nintendo ever listen to a western developer… 2nd… I think Capcom would be more influential with an exclusive monster hunter game rather than stupid sports games from EA or call of duty from Activision… 3rd… NONE OF THIS MATTERS as the Wii U gamepad is perfectly capable of providing the input necessary for all of those games… AND it has rumble AND it has a touch screen…

    1. 1. Because N wants… no… NEED the western 3rd party for this gen to win back the ones that disliked the Wii.

      2. Can do nothing but agree with ou on this one.

      3. To be fair, I think a normal controller will be more confortable for most gamers for some games.

      1. Spoken like a Boss.

        Anon: first point… what a fucking idiot you truly are to believe Nintendo can do another gen alone. Yeah they have great first party… but that is NOT enough for those who want something MORE than just Nintendo games! Stop living in Toad’s hut in the mushroom kingdom house and fucking play something different and expand on your hoirizons!”

        1. Anonymous didn’t say that Nintendo can do another gen alone. Can you read? Oh and stop acting as if EVERY person on this damn site JUST plays Nintendo, it just makes YOU look like an asshole.

              1. Long ago the 4 video game nations lived in harmony. Then everything changed when the Microsoft nation attacked.

        2. 8th gen will be the best gen ever for the third gen in a row the the n has been game neglected who’s fault is it don’t know but if they ever get heavy third party that could be nasty people say the wii is for kids majority of my collection is mature the wii can’t get ports but they have call of duty

      2. agreed. #3: there would need to be a very significant advantage with having a touch screen in order for people to use the gamepad in place of this pro controller. i know that i would probably use the pro controller in place of the gamepad for something like super smash bros, considering i am most comfortable with the gamecube controller, which wont be usable on the wii u…

        1. Hopefully they can make a “classic” controller that is almost exactly like the Gamecube controller or either nintendo or a third party can make an adaptor so you can hook a gamecube controller up to it, I mean when Brawl came out I tried the other control methods but Gamecube controller is the best one imo.

  5. Let me rephrase this for you who don’t understand simple gibberish;
    “I am putting two and two together to conclude that Activision put pressure on them.”
    “I am putting two and two together and am getting zero. Yet I still think I’m right. Weird?”

    “I do not know this either first-hand or third-hand; nobody told me. ”
    “Quite like Aeolus, everything I said is total gibberish.”

    “I am merely deducing it from what we know, and it’s an educated guess.”
    “I am merely getting my monkeys to bash typewriters, and it’s still not actually making sense.”

    “If the Pro Controller is for multiplatform games, that means it is for third-party games.”
    “I can also assume that the Pro controller is only for Developers and not for the consumer, which is like Microsoft do.”

    “Nintendo has never done anything altruistically for third parties, so I concluded that they added the Pro Controller because of pressure from third parties”
    “I’m a moron and think that just because a company makes the developers try be innovative, they’re being selfish, so I concluded that developers are lazy because I play too much CoD.”

    “The pressure could have come from anywhere — EA with sports games, Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed, or Take-Two with GTA — but it seems to me that the ‘prize’ that would make the Wii U legitimate as a console of choice for multiplatform games is Call of Duty.”
    “I could claim that Nintendo made the Pro controller to help anyone, although know it’s all gibberish – EA have already shown they want to become a better company, Ubisoft show they have great plans for the tablet, and Take-Two just aren’t lazy — but it seems to me that the ‘prize’ that no-one wants would be CoD. Because I’m a fanboy.”

    1. “Quite like Aeolus, everything I said is total gibberish.”

      true very true he would say your just a fanboy raging, well looking at his history he has been more of a fanboy that us.
      now his minions and his grandmother will attack mii with nice comment i will never read.

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      1. well it’s true? also I have been watching PACH attack videos and he ACTUALLY PRAISES the wiiU tablet and said he likes it alot. Youtube it if u dont believe me. The media love to twist things around as always. Especially tabloid newspapers :P

    1. Oh come on, even you must admit how stupid that comment was. It doesnt even make sense. He basically has no facts to make a justicifed point so he says something retarded to get noticed. It was stupid. Like Activision can boss around Nintendo, and COD was on the Wii, using the Wiiremote. Total bullshit Pacther as usual.

      1. Call of Duty 3, World at War, Modern Warfare, Black Ops etc.. so many COD games came out on the Wii and used the wii remote and nunchuck, we even got Call of Duty on the Nintendo DS! If he had done proper research he would have realised that his guess about the controller was flying in the face of previous Activision efforts on Nintendo platforms.

        1. He knows they got ported over to the Wii, he said it himself.
          Pachter’s a moron, who has no knowledge of gaming at all. I could make a better show. I dont have a degree in stocks to know whats bullshit and whats not, and how the industry is going to go, and i dont need to take bribes from microsoft and gametrailers and spike eiter.

  7. its sad that someones paying this idiot, and he has probably never picked up a controller. old dumb ass

    1. errrrrrm COD SELLS whether you like it or not. WiiU will benefit from the likes of Cod… unless you want zumba and wiifit…

      1. I love COD! ( not like a lot people do, but the game is fun) and it does realy sell, but if Activition ( Patcher ) is forcing nintendo for the pro controller for COD only… he can go jump off a cliff

        1. He never claimed that they forced it for CoD only. It was an example ffs. But yes, I don’t think third party forced it eighter. Facts I have to back my theory is that the Wii had the classic controller and that Nintedo knows that some gamers want a normal controller.

  8. Ugh… that educated guess sucks! I want to know what Pachter was trying to prove with the statement other than trying to cause trouble!

    1. Wasn’t Greg LoPiccolo just saying the other day that couemnsrs like buying sequels because they’re safe? Perhaps this perception is changing. If so, I’d guess that it’s because people are learning that sequels _aren’t_ a safe bet they can be exact copies of last year’s edition (EA Sports syndrome), or they can be worse by ignoring everything that made the original great (Prince of Persia).

    1. whoa. also what is that symbol in the top left corner? i saw it somewhere in Super Mario World and have wondered what it was for ever since

  9. why would nintendo tale orders from activision? seriously, i doubt they would make a total control scheme because one publisher wanted it

  10. of course it was a guess
    that’s all he does
    all the time.. most of them are either completely ridiculous or obvious

  11. In the last article he was even quoted saying: “Activision never said anything to me[…]” So wasn’t it already confirmed to be his opinion? -sigh- Now comes all the hate on Pachter based on an old article that we already knew was crap. Ugh beating on Pachter twice for the same thing is stupid.

  12. Obviously it was a guess, read what he said, it basically boiled down to “Activision didn’t say this to me, but they definitely said it”

    With no proof, or source.

  13. I dont give a fuck if its true, WU gamepad shits on a regular controller. And anyway its obviously for multiplayer, you’d have to be fucking retarded to think otherwise. I’ll only use the pro for smash bros. and even then I’d prefer a GC controller.

  14. why do people pretend like Call of Duty has never been on the wii? All of them have been released on wii since Modern Warfare

  15. You know what I like about Pachter? It’s like the world wants to troll him, make his predictions all wrong.

    He says the DS would fail = It becomes the second best selling video game system in history.

    He says the Wii would fail = It’s the best selling console this generation.

    He says the 3DS will succeed and that the $250 price is too low = The 3DS’ initial sales are lackluster and Nintendo makes a costly price drop to $170.

    The universe trolls Pachter, it’s not his fault…

  16. Well to be honest, it looks like that from your previous article. Whilst what your write makes it look like he knows it for a fact, the actual quote with his words suggested it was an educated guess. Saying that, I’m not entirely sure it’s true…Yes nintendo never usually thinks about third parties, but they now know they have to do so to be successful, and on top of that they already had a Wii Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro, I think when they released those they had already realised they needed to provide this type of control scheme alongside whatever different control scheme they come up with, so I doubt they needed to be told to release it, and seeing as Activision was already releasing Call of Duty games for Wii, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be happy to do so with or without the pro controller. I’m pretty sure most companies that didn’t want to bring franchises like Assassin’s Creed to the Wii did so because of the lack of HD and the lack of power, which would damage their image as the games wouldn’t look or play well enough. I doubt the controller was the problem for most of them.

  17. First of all let me state that I on over 150 nintendo games. I even had a nintendo virtual boy. I don’t own anything microsoft or sony because in a way, yes, I am partial to nintendo.

    Aeolus… I hate to say it but that guy is on point with a lot of the things he has said. if you can get past his, shall we say, aggressive demeanor, he makes a lot of sense. He has had a lot of good debates. Unfortunately, he just likes to rattle the fanboys a cage a lot. He really knows how to push your buttons. Sometimes I have to re read what he says to get past him being a douche to make sense out of what it is he is explaining and it off in time is makes a lot of sense.

    As for M. Pachter ( Whose name makes me think of a kitten I rescued once with “impacted” bowels), I think the more that people report on him the more he will lose credibility for sounding like a dipshit. I hope he ruins his reputation soon so we can do away with his bullshit.

      1. A lot of the posts that I have read with that name on there have made a lot of sense. This Aeolus person does needlessly attack people for no reason though and that is douche baggery in my opinion but that doesn’t change that he is right a lot of times. Facts are facts.

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