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Nintendo Land Will Not Be Included With Wii U?

Nintendo is serious about Nintendo Land and claims that it is a “full game,” but consumers want it to be bundled with the Wii U console. recently listed Nintendo Land on its website as a stand-alone title that will be priced at 69.99 Euros. Would you purchase Nintendo Land if it were a stand-alone product?

262 thoughts on “Nintendo Land Will Not Be Included With Wii U?”

                1. I’d play it if it was bundled. AND even if its not bundled, then what game will be? Theres a game that comes with each system

                  3ds= ar card games
                  wii= wii sports/NSMBW

    1. hold up 70 euros wtf thats $86 usd hell fucking no. who will pay that much for a game. sorry but if the wii-u games is costing that much i feel sorry for nintendo sales when the system comes out

        1. youre right. it isnt a huge, hq game to be fair. i mean its only like a bunch of minigames together. sorry nintendo, 60-70 for a game like that.. how much will mass effect cost then?? :O

      1. Don’t guide yourself by the price, by all you know it’s just a place holder put on there by amazon to start collecting money early. But no, I would never even consider buying this if it wasn’t bundled like Wii Sports was.

  1. Of course I won’t buy it. It doesn’t looks like a full price worthy game, and Nintendo themselves compared it to Wii Sports.

    1. Precisely. No matter what they say, everyone sees it as a minigame compilation. I say release 2 Wii U bundles. One with the Wii U and GamePad, the other with the Wii U, GamePad, A Wiimote+ and Nintendo Land.

        1. no no not really I think ur asking for the crazy
          itd be wiiu and gamepad for sure but hopefully bundled with Nintendo Land otherwise I’m sure there are store bundles…

    2. TBF Wii Sports was a revolutionary game, and helped Nintendo dominate console sales this gen. And Nintendo certainly sees it this way when comparing it. I understand we expect more content from current games, I think they will deliver that, but the comparison to Wii sports is more about what a game changer it is.

      1. This. Amazon always sell bundled products as standalones. I even ordered a DS Charger (that is usally bundled) from that site. We’ll wait for Nintendo’s official confirmation before we all jump to conclusions..

        1. Except a few others like me for example. Bundled or no bundled I would get it anyway just for the sake of playing Nazo no Muresame-jo (Takamaru’s Ninja Castle). They could have localized that game a while ago and I’ve always wanted to play it.

          1. bundle or not people still bought it; let mii put it this way.
            if the wii u was bundle it may be price at $350 with this, people buy Nintendo land. Now look at this way, if the wii u is not bundle, it may be $299 plus if the game is $50-60 U still have to buy it like every other game.
            no matter what people still buy it.

  2. Honestly, no. It looks like I’d play it and probably even have fun with it if it was bundled, but I won’t go out of my way to buy it standalone.

          1. @ the revolution5268

            Just because you’re Nintendo fanboy doesn’t mean you can’t admit when Nintendo does something stupid. I’ve seen a lot of your comments and all you do it defend Nintendo no matter what they do…

              1. You didn’t say you’re fanboy, but you’re arguing to everyone who says they won’t buy Nintendo Land. Also i’ve seen your comments on other news which clearly states you’re a fanboy.

  3. No. When they showed this game at E3 I thought it was a joke. The worst presentation I’ve ever seen from Nintendo. Completely opposite from what they said the Wii U would stand for during E3 2011

      1. 10 minutes on Nintendo Land… i was literaly screaming at my PC saying ‘show us Metroid’, ‘were’s the games?’. That was the second worst presentation, 08 is first.

            1. To be fair, I don’t think Nintendo knows what to do with that franchise anymore. The guy who made the Metroid Series (And the Virtual Boy at that) died in the late 90s. Metroid Prime was great, but after Metroid prime 1… I feel like Nintendo has been frantically looking for a way to keep using Samus. There’s plenty that can be done, but Nintendo doesn’t have a grasp of it from what I can tell.

        1. OH THAT WONDER BOOK longer than 15 minute people always taken crap on Nintendo when Sony fuck theirs and Microsoft.

    1. E3 2012 was bad but at least it showed of NSMBU and Pikmin 3, amongst a couple of others. 2008, meanwhile, just had to show off a Wii Sports expansion and a Wii port of Wild World.

        1. I can’t believe you’re not accepting that E3 2012 was horrible. You must be a damn sick fanboy if you really think that it was good in ANY way. Because it obviously was not. Not at all.

          1. what the hell are u talking about. there conference was fine they showed games people we waiting for. all these people complaining about the e3 they had um why? they showed games everyone was talking about ( except the retro studios game) which wont be out for probably a year. they said they were showing launch games and they delivered .

            btw fanboy is a filler word for whoever uses it. it doesnt mean what it really means anymore.

              1. im right here,
                second U clown bitch complain about EVERYTHING, to mario 2d to yellow line in a wii u box art. most of your comments are really about U guys crying over NOTHING.

        2. Look at Nintendo E3 2010 3DS First Parties games it had
          Animal Crossing and Paper Mario for 3DS still ain’t out yet. Kid Icarus Uprising took to long and Mario 3D Land and Kart 7 weren’t launch games nor was Zelda OoT 3D.
          We got Pilot Wings, Nintendogs and Steel Diver.

          Nintendo wanted to avoid this by putting Mario at launch.

          We got Pikmin 3, and Project P-100.

          Also showing
          Star Fox
          Retro Studios Game if Star Fox or new ip
          Monolith Soft game
          Smash Bros 4
          Eternal Darkness game
          new IPs
          New games from
          other Nintendo developer
          next year at E3 2013 will literary KILL PS4 and X360.

          Nintendo learned to not show a game that won’t be coming in coming years or launch year.

          Sony with
          Last Guarding and Agent is my example
          Square Enix with Final Fantasy Versus XIII
          and other.

  4. Big deal. Wii Sports eventually became a stand-alone purchase, didn’t it?

    But really, no. If Nintendo wants the WiiU to really sell with the casual crowd while still working on winning back the hardcore crowd, they’ll do the smart thing and make it a pack in game. They can’t fuck around anymore with this thing and its games. Not in this age full of arrogant shallow excuses for gamers.

      1. It makes it a more attractive purchase. Kinda like a contract on a cell phone. U know it costs more but fuck it if it doesn’t make the package more attractive.

          1. I agree, it should be bundled because it makes Wii u look pretty. Even if they add in the extra price, people wont notice, or mind in my view

            1. keep in mind Nintendo is trying to make wii u affordable so it may make sense why not doing it bundle. im not agreeing or disagreeing, all im saying is that judging from THIS point of view it explain why Nintendo land is a full game unlike Wii sports.

          2. No it doesn’t, it makes it look like Nintendo wants to give us a full game. Super Mario Brothers was a pack in, Super Mario World was a pack in. Both of those are full games. It’d be nice to still have a pack in full game. Wii Sports was filler to play with others, while I played Twilight Princess (Wii version)

    1. But there’s a chance in heaven
      it a casual game and we, hardcore gamers, may not be casual
      but many families would buy it

  5. There are other games I’m more exited for but I still think it’s gonna be a great game but I’m not buying it.

  6. Just dont know yet. Maybe yes, maybe not. I wait for a hands-on, or atleast a review of the full game. So lets wait and see.

  7. yes. would be nice to have 12 adicting games to olay with family & friends. it is a full game. each one has levels/unlockables. but Nintendo Land will be bundled. i thought they already said it. only reason all these retailers are listing it is because they dont know much yet

  8. 69.99 euros that would be crazy.
    I think if you buy a Wii-U that and Nintendo land at the same time.
    That you must get Nintendo Land for 24,99 out 29,99 euros.
    69,99 euros would be a big lauch, and the most gamers will not get that game for that price.
    I gona buy New Super Mario Wii-U and Fifa 13 for 60 euros each.

  9. Never. Why get a collection of mini games? I’d rather spend my money on a full title, like AC3, P-100, ZombiU, Scribblenauts. Nintendo Land is the title I’m probably least excited about. I see it as shovel ware, no matter what Nintendo says. And don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo, and I’ll get Mario U, but not this. Too family-oriented for me.

    1. thats what i though, U fools see this game as a garbage game because of the nature of this game, since when Nintendo made a bad game that include there biggest franchise involve?

      1. dude its a game where all the players are mii’s and you walk around an amusment park with 12 games. *sigh* it’s not a real game especially not something id spend money (69.99) on. because man i could buy AC 3 with that or DS 2, shit even scribblenauts unlimited so i can make all kinds of shit. and what all the games in the launch lineup have that doesn’t is a story. and its a game of minigames. finally a nintendo branded Shovel ware

          1. Would you mind shutting the fuck up?
            Nintendo Land is garbage.
            Everyone with eyes sees that it is.

            And stop calling everyone a fool for not liking yoUr precioUs Nintendo Land, U doUche.

              1. God, stfu and get off the site, I think its pretty clear everyone hates you. No we’re not fools, we as consumers see the game for what it should be. Just don’t comment anymore, insulting fellow Nintendo gamers as fools. Who died and made you king?

                1. Agreed. The game is what it is. It’s a collection of mini-games. They’ll probably be fun. But I’m not going to pay $60 for it when I can get a complete game. I don’t care what Ninty says, it’s not a complete game, like AC3 will be, or Ninja Gaiden, or Mario U or Pikmin. N-Land is a mini-game compilation. I’ll play it at a friends house and use my money on a complete game.

                2. yeah your the same fools who make Nintendo fans look like crybabys, im not saying all Nintendo fan im talking to the clowns that judge game base on the look, U guys act like the Sony drone that care about graphics over gameplay. im not against Nintendo fans, im against fanboys that are all ways shallow about everything.

  10. Honestly, I think people are really underestimating Nintendo Land. The conference really didn’t do it justice. The games are much deeper than you’d think. I wouldn’t compare it to Wii Sports, more like Wii Sports Resort.

    1. people especially the dumbass ones treat this game as a bad game because of its look, these fools treat this “casual game” as garbage; hey there not going to buy this game either way so why even bitch?

    2. Thank you! Somebody sensible for once in a life time. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone else, and I mean everyone. I actually got my hands on it and loved it. I guess only passionate Nintendo fans would appreciate such a gem.

        1. its a game of minigames. when have those ever been good.of course we want it free it’d be a punch in the stomach to not give us a game packed in like this one and then expect us not to go for the more concrete titles that actually tell a story.

              1. Nintendo Land won’t even last you 2 days… why would you want to spend $60 on minigames, that require more then 1 players on majority of the games, good luck finding people to play Nintendo Land with.

                1. if that true, its not even worth putting it on bundle in the first place, Nintendo is not going to focus on game that are not going to sell, that’s why earthbound 2 (a.k.a mother 3) is not on the west.

                  1. That didn’t make any sense… The whole point of having games bundled with every new system is because it’s not a worth paying for, so how it not be worth a bundle either?

            1. Oh my god you are so fucking retarded.

              ”The whole point of having games bundled with every new system is because it’s not a worth paying for, so how it not be worth a bundle either?”

              You can’t be proven wrong any clearer than that, so why do you still bother?

        2. You don’t want a free game? How is that being foolish? We are the ones buying the system, what’s wrong with a pack in?

  11. No way am i spending $60 on that Minigame collection Nintendo Land. I love Nintendo, but im not stupid when picking games for the right price. if it was $40 maybe, but not 60 or 70.

  12. The whole point of the game is to show off the potential off asynchronous gameplay one of the biggest features of the console, so it would be kind of stupid not to bundle it. However judging from hands on impressions, it is much deeper and more polished than Wii sports was.

          1. You don’t seem to grasp the idea of worth to people. People would rather pay the small increase in the total cost to get the game with the console than to have to fork out $60 for party casual game. If it was WORTH less, people would buy the stand alone product. Seeing as Nintendo doesn’t offer games at lower prices until they are “best sellers”, it will sell as a full stand alone game.

            Yes I played the game, but it does not seem WORTH it to me to pay $60 for it. With the huge amount of games I WANT that are WORTH stand alone prices, this game can be skipped. Of course I’d want it free with all of the other games I plan to get.

      1. Shut the fuck up revolution you faggot cunt !! Go suck Nintendos dick even more … He can buy watever the fuck he wants .. You just buy EVERY single piece of shit Nintendo ever puts out !! You know why ? Coz ur a retarded fanboy that’s sad coz ur mom didn’t get u that Mario game for ur birthday ! BOOOHOOO !! AHAHA

          1. No, because you’really being an asshole. Just leave. I’m ashamed to have the same Nintendo interests like someone with the likes of you.

            1. asshole? what about U guys crying over “oh the yellow line on the wii u box art is convincing mii not to buy the wiiu” or “where the 2nd circle pad” and ” why is it called wii u?”
              again U guys complain about EVERYTHING that makes Nintendo fans look like crybabys.

              1. ummm anyone else notive how many questions mark in this guy comments… anyhoo rev thers no point reaching out when they wont even touch ur hand so… pls I don’t wanna the mii agen (cries like a baby)

  13. Sorry but I was disappointed in this when I saw it during E3 and would have only owned it if it was bundled. No bundle, no deal. Sorry I’m not spending a shit ton of money on a game that showcases the Wii U’s abilities and is over priced even though its not even in 1080p. Sorry not my cup of tea.

              1. @wowmjm He’s from nintendo 3ds blog/ wii u blog. He always gets disliked by everyone on that site. He stop commenting there so I’m guessing that he got banned. Which might be why he’s commenting here.

    1. “also, for people thinking this game will cost €70, this is a placeholder price Amazon makes up for people who want to pre-order something. They make it more than what they expect it to cost and then reduce the price for people once the price is confirmed. have an example: ”

      was what i posted but my comment is awaiting moderation because i linked to amazon
      search for New Super Mario Bros U on amazon

  14. Eguchi, you are getting way into loony land right now. No person in his right mind is going to buy that standalone (except if you’re reviewing it, I guess). Don’t make substitutes for your prized IPs, MAKE your prized IPs!

  15. No? I mean, Nintendo has a good rep giving free software so u can enjoy the system out of box. I think they need to sell it as a packed game. To me it just seams like a bunch of elaborate minis games. Don’t get me wrong I want to play it, but I don’t want to buy it. Maybe when it goes down in price. Definitely not paying 60$ but I’m also hoping games are not 60$ or at least like 3ds that has 30$ and 40$ games so Wii u should have 60$ and 50$

  16. Hell no, i wont pay 70 Euros for a game like that. why the fuck 70? normal games r at 45/50 euro.. wtf this game is prolly worth 10 euro

  17. I don’t care if it’s a full title, when i bought my snes it came bundled with super mario world. They should bundle this or it will fail miserably

  18. Hell yeah I would. I already have it on pre-order. Shit, the day Game Stop began taking pre-orders on Wii U games, I already knew Nintendo Land was gonna be a stand alone game, so I proudly pre-ordered it. I’m excited for it and will gladly pay whatever it costs for it. Unlike most people who say they won’t be getting it, I’m a dedicated Nintendo fan, dedicated strictly to Nintendo, therefore not getting it is against my better judgement, and against my gaming heritage.

  19. I may buy it, but Nintendo hasn’t sold me on it yet. It looks fun but not worth $50 or $60. Maybe when more info arrives I’ll be convinced.

  20. It looks like a fun game but….if it isn’t bundled I wouldn’t buy it. It looks like a game I would play for a couple of weeks just to try the controller out and then move on quickly to the next big title and storing this one in a dark corner for a long time.

  21. I’d play it, and probably even enjoy if it was bundled. I’m not paying for it by itself though, and definitely not for that amount of money. I don’t pay much for full, deep games that last tens of hours, I’m not paying it for something as shallow as that that I’ll play once or twice before growing bored of.
    If it was a situation like Wii Play however, and came bundled with a gamepad, I would consider buying it, dependant on the price difference between it and just the gamepad.

  22. i have an idea for two wii u bundles-

    1. Wii u console
    charging deck
    wii motion plus plug-in
    cost-300 bux

    2.Wii u console
    charging deck
    wii motion plus controller
    4 or 8 gb memory card (dunno whitch)
    nintendo land
    cost-350 bux


    (Note- HAZARD- keep small parts away from little kids under 3. Batterys not included. See purchase for details. Offer avaible in select retail stores)


  23. Who cares ?? No one wants that shitty shoveleware anyways , they embarrassed themselves at e3 showing this piece of shit ..this game is designed for soccermoms,grandmas,kids..Fuck this game and Fuck the Wii U

      1. First off, fix your grammar and spelling …using U and Mii as words make you look retarded and really Fanboyish ..2nd I go on 3 sites becoz I want to send my message across to stupid Nintendrones like you that Nintendo sucks ballz ..3rd , go play some real consoles not casual shit like Nintendo !!

          1. that fool is mad because nintendo is not making a mother game; that’s why he is against nintendo and its fans. Don’t believe mii? Talk to the people at nintendo 3ds & wii u blog.

            1. Why dont you STFU ? Ur the most anoying fanboy on this site that prob suck miamottos dick 15 times a day ..”herrrro ! It’s mee myamootto ! I caaant spek engrish for shit !! I bwing you !! Da neu pice of sheet !! Tha wii u !!! * fanboys clap and revolution get an oragasm*

  24. for me it would depend on the final price. the US$ equivalent of 70 euros seems a bit much, and it’s just the pre-order price, so that can’t be relied on. If this was say $30 or $40, it’s more of a possibility, especially if i got some time with it and saw that it was fun before purchase. but you ask me to throw $50 on a game i never tried that could just be wii sports on steroids and i’ll pass.

  25. On it’s own? Not likely. Though I would like to point out, a lot of placeholders are in place both price-wise and item-wise. $86.07 is the price when the Euros are converted to USD. In all honesty, I don’t see Nintendo being so stupid as to price a game that much in either region.
    Time and patience is the only true deciding factor right now.

  26. i’ll be glad if it’s not included if that means that the wii-u will cost less all in all
    i wouldn’t mind it as a free addition but i honestly wouldn’t pay any money for it… none at all

  27. I wouldn’t mind Nintendo Lant as a 10 or 20 dollar title if it wasn’t bundled with the Wii U, but that much, forget it Nintendo that’s crazy, hopefully this is just a lame mistake…

  28. Hell no! Why would anyone buy this at launch, when they can buy a proper full game?… $50-$60 for a minigame collection… lool, this isn’t the N64.

  29. As much as I’d like to have it bundled, I will not pay for it. The reason is that Nintendo keeps stating it’s like the Wii Sports for the Wii U; which if you remember, was bundled. Many games, from Nintendo’s history of console launches, were bundled in. So why would this be any different? From the NES to the N64 and Wii, I don’t think the Gamecube had a bundle but I might be wrong about that, they all had their bundled games to show off what the system could do.

    Nintendo Land shouldn’t be any different It’s to show off what the Wii U GamePad can do and I doubt Nintendo would be foolish to expect people to buy it when most expect it to be bundled to teach them how it’s done.

    Besides, to my knowledge, Amazon has most stuff as stand-alones; this wouldn’t be any different. It’d be much a of a hassle for an online store to just have the bundle of something; that’ll be counter-productive.

  30. Read carefully : Régis Aime Said it Will load at the ignition of the WiiU !!!
    It was an attack to the PlaystationHome !!!
    You dont listen or what ??? It Will be inside the console !!!

    1. wii games where 50 and 60 if they go to 70 im going to kill reggie the boss of sony and microsoft every gen should not go up 10 euro DAFUQ

        1. serious amazon i hope your joking 70 euros? DAFUQ SCREW US more its an financial crisis and making gaming more expensive will only break you sorry nintendo if your games are going to be 70euros then you have lost 1 costumer

  31. Just piling up on reasons NOT to buy this console at launch.

    Oh well, another title to add to the heap of party game shovelware.

      1. i will only agree with u if the games rlly are going to be 70 euros becuase thats an ripoff if games get mroe expensive consoles will die becuase iphone etc games er like 2 euros or dollars>.> so price raising is stupid

    1. shovelware definition

      /shuh’v*l-weir”/ Extra software dumped onto a CD-ROM or tape to fill up the remaining space on the medium after the software distribution it’s intended to carry, but not integrated with the distribution.

  32. @revolution5268

    Stop saying ‘U fools’… i’ve never seen a defendant Nintendo fanboy like you before.

    1. “Nintendo fanboy”? were in the hell did i say that im a fanboy, im with Nintendo product because there games are good quality games, the difference is im not a ignorant “fanboy” that complains about the retarded things like e3 2012 or that yellow line in a wii u box art.

      P.S a lot of Nintendo fanboys are hating e3 2012 as well, but U clown don’t see the full purpose of the what Nintendo did with e3, plus Wii have Nintendo direct.

        1. i use that on this, 3ds & Wii u blog that’s it, other place makes no sense to even do that. and no matter what happens im still going to use this, its like convincing duck not to fly, u can’t force mii to not do this.

          1. No you’re a Nintendo fanboy because you defend Nintendo no matter what they do. All those people that complain about yellow lines and Nintendo’s E3 2012, are just normal Nintendo fans they’ll say when they didn’t like what they see. If the Wii U had Wii graphics you’d still defend Nintendo and say.

  33. Considering that Amazon has been wrong a bunch of times, I seriously doubt that nintendoland will be a standalone title. But if it is, i’m probably not going to get it.

    1. not going to even pay 70 euros for one retail game ever until the financal crisis is gone in europe….with that money i can better pay 2 car lessons>.>

  34. I am buying a Wii U. Nintendo am a xbox360 owner and adopted to this Wii U craze. All I want is Metroid and Zelda HD E3 2012. I know xbox rocks but that Zelda demo had me excited. So Bundle this game Nintendo theme park with Wii U for my girlfriend and I.

  35. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I’ll rent and review it. But I won’t buy it. I’m spending my money on Zombi U, Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, New Super Mario Bros U, and Lego City Undercover. And Aliens Colonial Marines in 2013. I’m still not convinced this is a full game. Still looks like a mini-game collection. Although who knows? It could end up being as much fun as this game I reviewed recently:

  36. No. Nintendo Land better come with Wii U or I will be angry, it would be a big mistake, they are marketing Nintendo Land to be like Wii Sports.

  37. Firstly, I’m pretty sick of alba embellishing these stories with needlessly controversial headlines. I know I’m not helping by even choosing to click on the story, but this has to stop,

    Something that would really help this title sell is if Nintendo introduced new attractions for different properties via free DLC, adding some longevity in both the game itself and Miiverse activity. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to trying all these and having an absurdly good time with it all. To me, this appears to be more like an arcade than a mere minigame compilation, which would account for the “depth” they’re talking about. I just hope the initial launch isn’t as far as Nintendo goes with Nintendo Land (and no, I don’t think it would come at the cost of other core titles).

  38. @revolution5268 STFU man!!!! I’m a huuugge nintendo fan but you’re just crazy! who calls people, clowns/fools? FACT: This game is a bunch of minigames! Now don’t say “why do U care U fool? U are not gonna buy it anyway U fool!” Those stupid puns are annoying. I think nintendo would be wise to bundle it. It will give consumers a reason to buy wii u at launch and have a game to start them off. Like wii sports except better. And also don’t deny that e3 2012 was boring. after e3 2011, every e3 is gonna seem boring! So please, “U fool” just leave us alone and mind your own business!

      1. You’re the one that making Nintendo fans look insane, the annoying thing is that you’re saying drones and people who don’t like some of Nintendo decision are the ones that make Nintendo fans look insane.

  39. See, here’s the problem with this situation;
    Nintendo says it is a full game.
    And they are probably telling the truth.
    However, because the majority of people haven’t played it, to get that first-hand experience to prove it IS a full game worth separate purchase price, many people ignorantly believe that it is the same exact deal as Wii Sports; a collection of tiny games that they don’t really find fun.
    The people haven’t experienced this game widely enough to convince them to buy it separately, Nintendo.
    Ignorance of the game’s full scope is working against you, and since you aren’t putting out demo stations for the system within the next month, many likely still won’t be convinced in time to make the move a smart one.

    You need to bundle this, Nintendo, if you want it to sell, because people simply don’t know, and are not willing to be convinced, that it’s any different than Wii Sports was.

  40. I originally was not impressed with Nintendo Land, but after playing Nintendo Land at the Wii U Experience that opinion has changed. Now Nintendo Land is one of my most anticipated titles for the Wii U and I would be willing to pay separately for it. You can read more about my thoughts about the Wii U and Nintendo Land here:

    1. some people hate it, some people love it; its just the people that hate it are the ones bothering mii, if they really hate this game why can they just ignored it? simple as that.

  41. The price mentioned here is just too high. I will wait for reviews on this one after it gets released. The name sounds good and I know it has mini games and it is supposed to be a full game but I really don’t feel I know enough of its content to know if or for how much money I would consider buying it. I’ll wait and see.

  42. This is still subject to change. Just cause Amazon did this doesn’t mean NOA won’t go in a different direction. Leave luck to heaven.

  43. I would pay $10-25 for this. No more. I hear the games are very fun, but the chances of me being in a situation to actually play them (local multiplayer only) are extremely unlikely. Would love to try. Really want to try. But this game doesn’t seem to promise long-term entertainment.

  44. That revolution guy is such a troll he says he’s not a fanboy and he’s always like U U Mii just shut the fuck up I’m not gonna buy the game because it basically just shows the wiiu’s potential yeah I’m not gonna buy it alone I would rather buy a AAA title

  45. Right now I’m not goin to purchase any Nintendo made games at launch. I never thought I’d say that at the launch of any Ninteno system but so far its the third party games I’ll be grabbing and that I’m most interested in. Not a bad thing really but it does feel like I’m fixin to break some unwritten law or something.

  46. If Nintendo Land is a stand alone title then I will purchase it eventually. Nintendo has been making enough noise about this game for me to give them a chance and see what the hype is about.

  47. What!?! I was hoping for this to be bundled with the Wii U. To be honest, I bet in a couple of months or a year, they will bundle it with the Wii U (IE. Wii Sports Resort). I wouldn’t buy it as a stand alone because it’s like a Wii Sports or Wii Music to me… :P

  48. I may purchase it standalone, AFTER I’ve bought the other existing gems in the launch library.

    I personally would prefer it to come bundled with the console, as it’s a spiritual successor to Wii Sports (Serving as an introductory game.)

  49. Well it is and they tend to not know what the fuck they’re doing. Plus, a lot of games that are bundled with the 3ds are also standalone games so no problems with that.

  50. Simply put… No.

    Mii’s don’t appeal to me at all and some knockooff minigames of reputable franchises aren’t enough to make me go gaga for them.

  51. Am I the only one who WOULD buy this if it wasn’t bundled? Based off of what a lot of people have said about Nintendo Land who’ve played it were pleasantly surprised, meaning Nintendo isn’t exaggerating; it IS a “real” game… Or rather, several real games. As much a hardcore game I am, I loved Wii Sports, and I’m looking forward to Nintendo Land… I feel like it might be casual enough to enjoy with my family, while being hardcore enough to challenge myself.

  52. If Nintendoland (which doesn’t look nearly as bad as some of you think) isn’t bundled with the Wii U, it could speak to the title’s worthiness. Like Nintendo put their full weight behind it, giving it a depth that Wii Sports didn’t have. I’m thinking if each ‘attraction’ has like 8 levels, that’s enough to make it a stand-alone title… and yet… standing next to other titles, it may seem like a no brainer to pick the other one… I guess I gotta find out how deep they made the little launch title…

  53. Nintendo land might be fun, but I certainly wouldn’t pay full price for it. Maybe 20 dollars at best. Anyhow, it won’t be a day one purchase for me.

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  55. Nope. Look, I’m a Nintendo fanboy and I’m still not planning on picking this one up. It’s a pack in or it’s something I’ll buy for $10 a year later. I’m interested in playing it, but not as much as I am for Rayman Legends, Project P-100, or even Scribblenauts Unlimited. It’s not a strong enough hitter even amongst the other launch titles to stand out. It’s a proof of concept like Wii Sports. Wii Sports was a pack-in and sold them a lot of systems. Not including it in the package is flat out endangering the Wii-U’s launch.

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