A recent patent suggests that Sony is developing a peripheral for the PlayStation Move that looks very similar to the Wii U GamePad Zapper, which first appeared during E3 2011’s Wii U announcement trailer. A secondary screen can be attached to the peripheral, allowing it to mimic the Wii U GamePad’s connectivity to the television screen.



    • Wow people are idiots. This is a gun with a sight. NINTENDO DID NOT INVENT THE GUN WITH A SIGHT, ww2 did. :| Honestly, I’m fed up with all these accusations. I realise that the point of this blog is to get nintendorks riled up but seriously? Guns such as this have been used in arcades for at least 20 yrs. I mean, I feel like sony’s next tv remote will be called a clone of the wii mote. Or perhaps you’ll broaden your horizons and call out tempurpedic for making pillows that are the same shade of white as Nintendo’s wiifit board. GET A LIFE. NINTENDO IS NOT A GOD WHO WINKED AN EYE AND MADE THE WHOLE WORLD. THEY DID NOT INVENT THE CONCEPT OF WORKING OUT. THEY DID NOT INVENT THE TV. THEY DID NOT INVENT VIDEO GAMES. AND THEY CERTAINLY DIDN’T INVENT THE CONCEPT OF HAVING A SIGHT ON A GUN.


            • yeeeeah I didn’t think there was a reason to support the claims made by the article. Psych 101: abusive language = the last resort attempt of someone who can’t back up an argument. :(


                • That would be child molesting. But I mean, if that’s really your thing…. :P i kid i kid. K, I’m leaving now so leave something reeeeeally scathing. byee


                • Hey JACK >Off This a Video game site not fuckin World History asshole! The British didn’t invent the Nintendo zapper dickwad. Go suck on the queens dick prick! Now where were we…….Ah, yes Sony w/Vita and Microsoft w/smartglass trying to be like the Nintendo’s original idea, where u add a device to a zapper to use it as a screen sight for shooters. Hey does anyone remember the “I wanna be like Mike!” commercials from Jordan… Replace Mike with Nintendo and have Sony and Micro saying that.


                  • Yeah, people how haven’t seen the Magnovox Odyssey haven’t heard that that console was the first to have a light gun in the shape of a shotgun.


      • Bitch Bitch moan moan. did anyone say about coping the gun part? No! theyre noticing the screen on the gun that zooms in on the T.V screen just like how the wii u demo in e3 2011 was shown. zecond off, true nintendo didnt invent the gun but they did invent the gun that was made for Consoles. if nintendo made a arcade game with guns. obviously nintendo fans wont say ooh nintendo has done it again. No! we know its been done before so STFU


      • So When did you shoot your TV with a Gun and it still worked. that’s an amazing feat and I would love to see you do it again. I think the point people are trying to make is that Sony never made a First Party Light Gun – or inferred Gun- that was used with a pre existing periferal such as it’s Move device as the Nintendo Wii did with it’s Wiimote, so if your going to get all hyped up about calling the Move Gun a copy then you are wrong for doing so because it really is a blatant attempt to try to reach that particular market- which isn’t all that big. IF Sony didn’t use the MOVE mote or what ever the device is called then people wouldnt be up in arms about it as much- it’d just be another Light Gun that has been in existence for over 30 years already, but since it does use the Move mote as Nintendo does use the Wiimote for it’s Zapper then yes by all means it is a blatant rip-off. So don’t get all worked up about the truth because yes the truth does hurt.



        First, it’s not a gun, is a Wii zapper rip-off + screen, second, a sight made by a screen (like Wii U gamepad) showing the same on the TV screen (like Wii U gamepad + TV)? What’s your point? If you can’t see that this is a rip-off, than we have 2 possibilities here:

        1 – You are like Aeolus “It starts” troll
        2 – You are just another fanboy defending Sony…


  1. in all due respect it has been proven that Sony had a patent for a device like the Wii U gamepad 2 years before it was even announced.


    • That doesn’t mean shit. They say that to try to justify copying other people, but you know what? They would be even more effective if they didn’t wait until someone else does it first.

      You’d think something like “A controller with a touch screen on it” would be already made if Sony “patented it” before the Wii U was announced.


    • If this is true then it’s the same story as the Wii Mote; Sony had a prototype first but didn’t release it due to not thinking they could make it sell.
      Then Nintendo came out with their own and made it sell better than Sony thought it could, so they decided to pick up their patent and follow through with it in the hopes of dipping into the casual pool for profit.
      It didn’t work as well as they thought it would. Or at least not as good as Nintendo made it work.
      Will history repeat itself with the Game Pad+ Screen?
      I guess only time will tell…..


    • I guess you mean this http://venturebeat.com/2012/02/02/sony-patent-application-shows-control-method-that-resembles-wii-u/ . Read carefully the patents:

      Sony´s whatever: A portable electronic device comprises a display facing in a first direction, a video camera facing in a second direction substantially opposite to the first direction, a receiver operable to receive supplementary image data from a remote image source, the supplementary image data comprising an indication of where a supplementary image is positioned with respect to a reference image, and in which the portable electronic device is arranged in operation to display a captured image from the video camera on the display of the portable electronic device, and when the captured image comprises all or part of the reference image as displayed on a separate display, the portable electronic device is arranged in operation to display the supplementary image positioned with respect to the reference image, instead of the corresponding part of the captured image.

      Wii U: An example game system includes a home-console type game device and a terminal device. The terminal device includes a touch panel and an inertia sensor, and wirelessly transmits to the game device operation data including touch panel data and inertia sensor data. The game device receives the operation data from the terminal device, and performs game processes based on the operation data. Moreover, the game device generates first game images and second game images based on the game processes. The first game images are compressed, and the compressed image data is wirelessly transmitted to the terminal device. The second game image is output to, and displayed on, an external display device which is separate from the terminal device. The terminal device receives the compressed image data from the game device, expands the received compressed image data, and displays the first game images on a display section.

      Sony´s patent describes something like a camera-based augmented reality- light gun, Wii U gametablet is sensorbased and extends what happens on the screen, allows asymmetrical gameplay and so on. Nothing what the Sony thing could do. Saying that sony thingie and Wii U are the same is like stating ” trains and cars are the same, you know. They got wheels”.


    • Nin9 – Sony
      Smash Bro – All star
      Wii Motion – Move with a shining ball
      Wii U zapper – now this

      all i can say is that Sony suck at marketing. They said wii motion is gimmicky, wii sold shitton of systems, now every console has its own motion controls (wtf). They said 3D is gimmicky (3ds) well, lets see in the future which console or handheld will have 3D. They rip-off ninty software and peripherals because they know, ninty consoles will sell more than what they have even though it has less graphics.


  2. It’s a fucking gun, why is everything always a “rip off”? For seriously, I think Nintendo fans will find any reason to say Sony is copying them. Hell, this thing isn’t even out yet. It’s a patent.


      • I’m looking it up, and I’m seeing no such thing “very similar” to this.

        If anything, the Wii U copied Remote Play. Yeah, I can mindlessly cry “rip-off” too. Seeing as that’s the only thing Nintendo fanboys have left to say about other companies when their system sucks.


        • You can cry “rip-off”, but if what you say don’t make sense, you’re a fucking idiot.

          Its like saying the Power Glove ripped off Move.


            • “How is Wii U+the Gamepad NOT remote play?”

              Because 1) the Wii U+GamePad isn’t laggy shit. 2) You don’t need two of the same game. 3) It streams the game on the TV to the controller, OR it lets GamePad users do something different from Pro/Wii Mote controllers.


            • Lovely kid, you really dont get it, do you?

              Remote play is somehow part of the Wii U, yes.

              But there are differences,even you would recognize.

              Remote play doesnt deliver asymmetrical gameplay.

              Remote play doesnt allow to switch the game from the controller to the TV back and forth.

              Remote play doesnt allow you to enter the whole PS3 menu.

              Not to forget: Wii U games are build for Wii U and so for the gamepad. PS 3 games are build for the PS3. Using the remote play function, they shouldnt take use of a few PS3 buttons, because even you know PS Vita is lacking of some.

              So yeah, you´re wrong again.1


              • “Remote Play doesn’t deliver asymmetrical gameplay”.

                This is a terrible counterargument. In so much ways I can’t even begin to describe just how fucktardedly desperate it was. Also, you have ZERO evidence that Remote Play can’t do that.

                Uhm, yes it does. Simply turn the fucking feature off. Simple as 1, 2, 3.

                Lastly seriously, THIS is the best you can do? LITERALLY EVERY POINT YOU MAKE SUCKS AND HOLDS NEXT TO NO RELEVANCY.

                More strawman arguments please. I’m having a field day reading them.


                • A few extra points.

                  Yes i got ZERO proof that ps vita and ps3 support assymetrical gameplay. Or even technically capable of it.

                  Yes, I recommend to turn down remote play to use it in a proper way and to enter the PS3 menu. Oh no, wait. I´m talking about the switching. The Vita player has to save his game before he can do anything. Hopefully, he is in a game where he can save at any time, and he is not in the middle of a battle or a cutscene. Once he has saved, he needs to quit the software. After quitting the software, he needs to head to the Remote Play option on the PS3’s XMB. Now, it’s time to put down the Dual Shock 3 controller and power on the Vita. He needs to head to the Remote Play option on his Vita, wait a few seconds for the devices to sync, and then load up the game he was playing. Finally, he can get back into the action.
                  On the Wii U, only the pressing of one button is necessary. That shows how similiar they are, and how much inferior the Wii U is. Its even missing the lags.

                  And yes, ps vita is supporting with remote play lesser controll options. But who gives a fuck anyway, noone is buying that shit.


        • Wii U was said to do that even before PS Vita did. Hell they said that before it was even announced. They also said how 3DS and Wii U would cross connect with SSB4 and Sony said the same thing about their Smash bros rip off.


        • well of course they couldn’t design it like nintendo’s it’s be to obvious, they had to make a real gun so Adults that like sony can say it’s looks real but it’s going to basically do the same thing. How many 3rd party ligh guns does PS3 already have like 50… what one more.


  3. Oh now u Nintendrones are gonna complain its a copy but web Nintendo copies u DEFEND AND DAMAGE CONTROLL !! LOL u fanboys are pathetic …this Sony version actually looks better than the zapper !! It look more real and looks great …


  4. Shut up alba. This is a gun with a sight. NINTENDO DID NOT INVENT THE GUN WITH A SIGHT, ww2 did. :| Honestly, I’m fed up with all these accusations. I realise that the point of this blog is to get nintendorks riled up but seriously? Guns such as this have been used in arcades for at least 20 yrs. I mean, I feel like sony’s next tv remote will be called a clone of the wii mote. Or perhaps you’ll broaden your horizons and call out tempurpedic for making pillows that are the same shade of white as Nintendo’s wiifit board. GET A LIFE. NINTENDO IS NOT A GOD WHO WINKED AN EYE AND MADE THE WHOLE WORLD. THEY DID NOT INVENT THE CONCEPT OF WORKING OUT. THEY DID NOT INVENT THE TV. THEY DID NOT INVENT VIDEO GAMES. AND THEY CERTAINLY DIDN’T INVENT THE CONCEPT OF HAVING A SIGHT ON A GUN.


  5. Wii Motion Control = PS Move
    Nintendo DS = PS Vita
    Wii and Wii U Zapper = Sony Gun
    Super Smash Bros. = Playstation Battle Royale All Stars

    Is there anything I have missed?


  6. It was only a matter of time before Sony copied this idea. You just know they’re waiting to see all the features of the Wii U and figure out which one they can pilfer for PS4. It’s pretty sad Leave luck to heaven.


  7. I rly hope Sony doesn’t make ps4 for at least 5 years. it seems pretty unnecessary considering the uhmazing games coming out in the next 9 months or so. ‘specially The Last of Us. squeeee. But I mean, really, I’d cry if the Ps4 was like the wii u. Tears of the loss of hope for humanty. :'(


  8. (Looks at comments) *sigh* Typical day at Mynintendonews. Trolls, Nintendo, and Sony fanboys battle to the death, nothing new ever goes on. Wait actually this is kinda entertaining now that I think about it.


  9. Aeolus and Ness are so stupid. Why are you guys trying to make a point when the people you are arguing with are fanboys. Wasting energy on statements that are either factual and most of the time not. Fanboys are fanboys like you. You can not insert a square peg in round hole. You guys are so stupid. Nintendo doesn’t care about your innovations their innovations work and these are what Sony is emulating but unfortunately never succeed in.


  10. This is getting ridiculous. As much as I hate who copies who thingy, this is just business. You want to compete, you did what competitors did or do it better.

    Apple didn’t invent the first touch screen phone, but they did it better back in the day of the first iphone, so they win. Sony didn’t invent the first dedicated console, but they did it better during the ps2 era, so they win. It doesn’t matter who started first, who does better wins. Who does it first always have the edge at the beginning, but if they don’t keep up in the long run, they lose.

    and if you ask me, this sony new patent may not reach production stage. it’s a patent for f**k sake. A concept, that they decided to copyright. that’s it. And it doesn’t works like the wii U zapper, only similar in appearance. and patent can expire over time.

    Chances are that screen is not detachable, non-touch screen and much smaller in size. It’s intended just to be as a iron sight for FPS games, nothing more. The Wii U gamepad has touchscreen, and can works as a touch panel to select weapons and what not, and of course as an iron sight like in the nintendo trailer.

    stop being an idiot and shouting at something non-significant for f**k sake.


  11. Sorry guys but this is copying on the highest degree. The argument that Nintendo wasn’t first with everything is not usable in this situation. Why? Because Sony has copied like everything Nintendo has done this generation. The Wii Remote, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and now Wii Zapper, all in one generation. This IS copying because they are simply using the most popular things on the Wii and integrating them on their on console. This is freaking pathetic as hell, but at least Nintendo isn’t a lowlife and copies everyone else. Proud to be a Nintendo fan. Can’t wait for Sony to copy even more things and the Sony fanboys will still not realize that Sony is just a copier because they can’t, they are way too ignorant.


  12. Playstation 4 will be called PSU

    Then PS Vita 3D

    Then PS Move Plus

    Then The Legend of Zorny : Octaves of Time

    Then Mechtroid Prime

    Then Super Bandicot Galaxy

    Then The Legend of Zorny : Mapple’s Mask

    Then Mechtroid Other S

    Then The Legend of Zorny : Moving Sword

    Then everything else Nintendo does first…


  13. First they make the Playstation move, a complete ripoff of the Wii Remote, then they start to plan “Playstation All-stars Battle Royal,” which is pretty much Super Smash Bros. with Sony Characters, and now they patent this, something VERY similar to the already planned Wii U Zapper!? It’s like Sony just doesn’t have any ideas of their own anymore!


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