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Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 Coming To PC, But Not Wii U

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 producer Dave Cox has told fans on Twitter that the game is coming to the PC, but it’s not coming to Wii U. Cox had the following to say to fans when asked about the latest announcement.

“How many people have a Wii U? #zero How many people have a PC #lots – Never say never for Wii U but hard to make a case!”

140 thoughts on “Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 Coming To PC, But Not Wii U”


    Reggie here.

    Instead of having this game… we at Nintendo decided to bring you the best content directly… to U…

    ladies and gents I present to you… SHOVELWARE

    Happy gaming friends,


      1. Hi NintendoGamer,

        Reggie here. Do you mean… KICKED ass? Just like I kicked Iwatas ass in smash bros…

        Hey Iwata…. WHO…. YOUR DADDY…. CHINKY!

            1. You think parents, grandparents will buy a new Nintendo console every 6 years? That’s why they’re called ‘casual gamers’.

                1. I’m just giving an example, casual gamers are all the same they only have a couple of games on the Wii and have to interest in purchasing more. Why would you reply saying ”You think parents and grandparents are the only casual gamers out there?” you just can’t think of anything else to say. Stupid twat.

              1. Parents will, yes. Because their kids will yell at them. This is the reason why PS3 sold so well after a couple of years.

                  1. Wouldn’t most of todays parents…be yesterdays gamers anyway?

                    If anything, they’d understand console updates better than most…assuming 100% of parents are idiots is a silly concept!

                    Plus Nintendo consoles have been out for long enough for ANYONE with a basic comprehension of gaming to realise that the next one is usually the best one to own when it comes along…the idea that anyone wouldn’t see that logic is absurd!

                    1. 1. It’ll be expensive

                      2. A parent would’ve recently bought a Wii, so they won’t buy a Wii U straight away.

                      3. Some casual gamers will buy the Wii U, but the majority didn’t.

                      1. ” 1. It’ll be expensive ”

                        It won’t be all that much more expensive than the original Wii, and we’re certainly not talking another $599 console here anyway!

                        2: ” A parent would’ve recently bought a Wii, so they won’t buy a Wii U straight away. ”

                        Most sensible gamers won’t either – consoles aren’t at their most stable, these days, right from the release date! { We shan’t, for example, but we will once stability is assured! }

                        3: ” Some casual gamers will buy the Wii U, but the majority didn’t. ”

                        Projcting future numbers isn’t something one can do casually – if the console itself PROVES to be worth buying, the gaming community will normally flock to it in droves…and we don’t truly expect the numbers for this console to be 100% disaster-numbers, either!

              1. Nope, buy i’ve seen surveys and they have no interest in buying any new system, not just Wii U, the PS4 and 720 as well.

            2. And yet the majority of people interestes in the WiiU at the moment are core gamers. Once those tour go out, they’ll snag them in all the same. Casuals will buy anything (Kinect)

                1. 40% out of a shared 60%, meaning 30% each, meaning the WiiU would sell more, or either sony or MS would be left in dust. Well done.

            3. Oh,so all the casuals who have a Iphone don’t upgrade every year? Oh that’s right they do!!! So why wouldn’t they upgrade their Wii?

              1. iPhone is a lot different to the Wii U… Why are you being an idiot? iPhone is a smartphone that does almost everything, it’d have more value than a video game console, because people will just use a Wii U to play games, which you can also use on a iPhone. Some people ugrade their iPhone’s after their contract finishes.

            4. %90 of cod players are casual and don’t even want a new console.

              %20 of wii sale would be around 18 million sooooo are they saying they don’t want to sell the game to 18 million? They would rather put their game up against Sony exclusives, halo and gta possibly? If ms announces a new Xbox then there goes your sales this gen.

              Also why do publisher believe they have no system selling games any more? So are they trying to say they just made a game that sucks? Really?

          1. How is the opinion of a bunch of IGNorants relevant to the sales of the Castlevania games on Nintendo systems.

            1. As much as I don’t like IGN, I still recognize that they are the largest gaming site/network on the internet and thus represent a large chunk of the gaming community worldwide.

              I wouldn’t say it’s an accurate report of most gamers worldwide, but it is at least a good idea of a large number of them.

              1. The survey pretty much proved him wrong though. 40% of people said yes to WiiU. The other 60% was for next box and ps4. Evenly, the 30% each, meaning Nintendo still has the higher advantage. Or, it could be infavour of one or the other, which either way, nintendo would be second, and another company last.

    1. Ok, i love Castlevania, and i loved Lords of Shadow, and this is a game im dying to even see let alone get my hands on it….but thats the dumbest excuse ever. “how many people own a wiiu? Zero”
      Ermmm….no shit, its not even out? And thats what you do, you put games on new consoles. Ubisoft can easily put Assassins Creed on there, Sega can out their games on there, EA can do the same, Activision, what excuse do you have?
      I mean seriously, if you’re a Nintendo gamer, most likely, you love Castlevania, its always been a part of its history from the NES, then everyone took Symphony of the Night up their ass, and Konami went to Sony.

      But theyre releasing a prequel, on the 3DS….if theres any console you should put this game on, its the WiiU, because those people wouldve actualy played the DS one.

      Whatever, im still buying this game for my ps3, but still. Rant over.

      1. Hi Dragon,

        Reggie here. Atleast you have Hulu Plus to watch by yourself whilst eating girly sweets in your Mario and Luigi pyjamas.


      2. Yet, the GBA and DS had all the good Castlevania games, while the PS2/Xbox and PS3/360 had the crappy ones.

        1. The original Castlevania and Super Castlevania, were mind blowingly good. Symphony of the Night was, ok. But it was just Metroid, thats where the term Metroidvania comes from, although it should just be “like Metroid”. And thats not how Castlevania is. Even though you level up your moves in LoS, its a linear game, and thats what Castlevania is, moving forward into the heart of the beast, almost punishing difficulty (harder than GoW3) and thats why i liked it, not to mentionthe big plot twist at the end.

        1. Hey Masterman,

          Reggie here. Dragon moans about everything. Ignore him. He is just a OctoG1 grandpa who flirts with little boys on Miiverse which is why I asked Iwata to tell the developers of Miiverse to put parental controls for paedophiles like dragon

          Dragon you pervert


          1. The Wii wasn’t powerful enough to make games he’d try to make, only Mario, Sonic and dancing games sell best on the Wii, others don’t. Your name is ‘NintendoGamer’ so i’m not gonna bother responding to u again.

            1. I also own a PS3, so assuming I am a Nintendo fanboy it’s wrong. Also, he could try making Castlevania 5 or something like that.

            2. Judging the book by its cover like every MS fanboy. Nice. Play with your Kinect, while real gamers enjoy Nintendo and Sony systems. U mad?

              1. WTF? You just judged a book by it’s cover by saying that? I own all 3 consoles and enjoy all 3 so that doesn’t make me a real gamer? How dare you say real gamers enjoy Nintendo and Sony systems? Are you really that immature? Stupid little yout, ‘U Mad’… Grow up.

                1. I said that Sony and Nintendo systems are better than M$ systems. Why so butthurt, bro? Are you gonna cry? LOL!

                  1. You can’t say Sony and Nintendo systems are better, because it ain’t fact. You’re the one who butthurt, and i’m not gonna cry, but you should grow up. Who laughs at their own joke? Sad-o.

                    1. Donkey Kong country returns is not mario, Sold more than GoW., uncharted, and most ps3 exclusives and more than 90% of 3 party.

                      Where is your fanboyism coming from?

                      LOZ Twight 6 million.

                      Get out of here noob.

        2. Darksiders 2, Assassins Creed 3, Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden, Batman, and COD.
          Skeptical or not, anyone of those companies would tell them that products sold on the Wii. Not so much, but only because it was weak hardware. This isnt. Theres no excuse, they have proof right in front of them. Plus, its not difficult to port a game to the WiiU.

          1. Hey dragon,

            Reggie here. The wiiU is not about the specs. Didnt you also say its not about power? The wiiU is about interacting with gimmicks.

              1. Hi NintendoGamer,

                Sorry, was pissing out of my 11 inch black cock. Charles Martinet wrote that. I will falcon pawnch him in the balls… i forgot he doesnt have any

                Iwata: LAUGHS

          2. No because the Wii didn’t have the audience that the 360/PS3 has, and the Wii U will take time till the ‘hardcore’ fans will consider buying the system. All those games are on 360 and PS3, so even if the Wii U version doesn’t sell well they still made money from the 360 and PS3 version. You didn’t list 1 exclusive…

            1. bwhahahhahahaa!

              MASTERMAN IS RIGHT! STUPID FAG NINTENDO KIDS Everyone I know are not interested in the PiiiiUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            2. We’re not talking about exclusives? We’re talking about multiplats on the WiiU. Pretty much every other company can do it, no sweat, but now Konami cant, because nobody owns one? What are ridiculous answer.

              1. It’s business, you run your own gaming company, where you have to make decisions on choices. You think it’s cheap to develop games, it’s will cost over a million to make games for the Wii U. I agree the reason is stupid, but you have to look at the little success third parties had on the Wii.

        3. What aaa games came to the wii and didn’t sell?

          The main reason third party games are sold on the he system is because they try to design for hd. Now we have an hd system and ports are running better and only cost 1 million to make, a little more to tweak if you are not crytek. So those excuses are a sign of failure and lack of confidence.

          Simply put if Sony and ms doing out tech nintendo then they would have no chance against ms and Sony games since the 1st party always gets the best tools first. Luckily nintendo doesn’t really make competiting games. So why not build a new fan base on a new system?

          1. Fine you tell be what third party games sold great on the Wii? Where’re the Wii game? it’s been dead for almost 2 years, wonder why? MadWorld, HotD OverKill, Conduit 2, MW3, Dead space extraction… sold only 9000 copies at the release and much more. The Nintendo is to blame for that, not the third parties.

      3. How is it a dumb excuse?
        They develop games to make profit, they can not afford to lose any money. And since they do not know how well the WiiU will sell, they obviously want to play it safe, which is understandable. And anyone who is planning to buy a WiiU probably owns a PC, so like that fans AND people new to the series will be buying it.
        I really do not see how his reason is dumb in any way.

        1. Making Lords of Shadow 2 alone is a risk at losing money, the first didn’t sell too well and creating a second one that’ll most likely follow the same if not less of a pattern on charts is an iffy move, those who’ve purchased the first game have been bitten once and are surely to be twice shy. Not saying the first game was anywhere near a bad game, but it wasn’t exactly a ground breaking revival either.

          At least with a WiiU port they’d maximize their chances to make a profit off of the game no matter the cost of porting to another console, it’s fairly cheap by the way, drop in a bucket compared to developing the game itself. The chances of attracting a new crowd to the sequel of an average game are slim, maximizing their possibility for profit is the soundest move they could make, restricting the market is not.

          Also, a Nintendo console would help them tap into a Japanese market that Sony, which is awfully solid, and Microsoft, which is almost none existent in Japan, couldn’t completely break into on a level that Nintendo has always done. Nintendo is king in Japan, Konami is surprising blind to that. Considering Japan followed behind USA with a third of the sales it shows there’s at least a following worth expanding on.

      1. Hi Gamer,

        Reggie here. Dont forget you can watch all the latest CHILDREN’S programmes on Hulu Plus with mummy and daddy

        Also dont forget to buy plenty of shovelware and old ports from our well respected publishing partners.

        1. Hey, Reggie. I got an Email from Capcom saying the are making Mega man X9 exclusive for Wii U and exclusive Viewtiful Joe 3 for the WIi u as well.

      1. Hey Masterman,

        Reggie here. You are a clever game. The rest of the people on this site have no idea how a business works. The wii is awful which is why we made wiiU.. to fix all the issues of the first.


      1. Yeah all wiiu owners should pirate all the multpltform games so they can at least get wiiu resolution and frame rates around 60fps.

        The port is close to the dev cost of a 2d game. LoL in 1996.

        The fanboys in these companys are killing our ips with this dumb shit. Cod players don’t want a fantasy game.

        1. Yeah… The thing is: there’s the possibility that the Wii U will sell a LOT and with this attitude they could end up missing a HUGE opportunity to make money and to establish a user base on Nintendo’s new console.
          Also, as some developers have said, porting from the 360 to the Wii U is a piece of cake and probably wouldn’t cost them a lot of money.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with what he’s saying. There’s a mixed bag of feelings about the Wii U at the moment so I’d probably make the same decision. Besides, Its not like there’s a giant “Port Lever” that they can pull to transform a game to any console they want. He’s not saying it’ll never happen, just that it won’t happen yet. There’s plenty of time before the release of the game so things could change.

      1. Actually there is and it cost 1 million dollar to pull that lever. Crytek did it and they are not making a game for it. Even the struggling crew over at vigil was able to do it. Ubisoft has 3 port levers going full blast.

        It’s weird… It’s like the 3rd parties that don’t bring a game to the wiiu in the first year will be in serious trouble since you know development cost is going way way up next gen apparently. Lots of studios are about to close.

    3. lol’d

      im sure after one year 10-20miljion wii u’s are sold

      playstation 3 is at 35million….

      wii at 90…..

      xbox 40 orso…


      wii u will ell 100 million in its lifespan IF nintendo keeps 3rd party gewd

      1. konami wont be happy if you tell them this…. lol

        but mercury team fails…old castlevanias ftw

        well the mgs series is still left so care

        metal gear solid 5 wii u and ps3 ftw gf xobox 360 or 5000 discs

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    6. That is the dumbest reason ever??? So are they not going to make any games for the ps4 and next box?? At least not at launch… Because if they do then they are hypocrites..

    7. He’s just playing it safe, he doesn’t know how well the Wii U will sell. The Wii has little success for third parties developers and the 3DS didn’t do any better till the price drop. Developing on the Wii U isn’t free, they want to make a profit, so even if they don’t gain money from the Wii U, they won’t lose any money. If the Wii U is a success then Konami will develop games for it. Why can’t you dickheads understand that?

      1. THANK YOU. I’m at least glad SOMEONE here knows what they’re talking about. If the WiiU is indeed successful (and I’m pretty sure it will be, plus Konami HAS often graced Nintendo’s consoles with a CASTLEVANIA, and I can’t imagine them not doing the same here), then of course we’ll see a CV, MGS, and other franchises from Konami. Either that or he’s still on NDA. Or maybe it’s because IGA-san is working on the next CV for WiiU. Who knows….

    8. What Cox said about whether the game is coming to WiiU or not really isn’t any different from what he said back when he first said “never say never.” This really isn’t “news” at all. OK, the part where he confirms it coming to PC is, but WiiU he didn’t say anything.

      But he also said “never say never”. So… I won’t take this quote as a sign that we’ll never see CASTLEVANIA on WiiU period.

      Predicion: the WiiU will sell well to hardcore gamers, Konami will recognize the audience and we’ll get a CV and/or MGS on the system in the future. They probably can’t tell us right now either because they’re under NDA or because the system isn’t out yet. This isn’t anything to freak out over.

    9. I know they’re just erring on the side of caution, but GEEZ, dude! Why do you have to be so blunt about it?

    10. Well then.. One game on the list of games I will definitly not buy. That’s good though, as my wallet has a limit.

    11. When you support a system (and this would’ve been the best time to do so for Wii U- launch window), the system’s fans support you. Business must be BOOMING for you to throw away money like that.

    12. “How many people have a Wii U? #zero How many people have a PC #lots – Never say never for Wii U but hard to make a case!”


    13. Looking forward to Wii U, more Nintendo games, but I’m afraid that EA, Activision, 2K, Konami, Capcom, Square Enix, Namco, and Bethesda will not make triple A games for Nintendo and they don’t give a shit if everyone on earth buys Nintendo, they could sell 150 million Wii and Wii U they will not make a big budget game for Nintendo, they never even try. No third party game on Wii was big budget, period. These third party publishers are against Nintendo or the know the can’t compete with Nintendo first party games.

      1. Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions. Just because the situation for Wii was like that doesn’t mean it won’t be the same for WiiU. Don’t go jumping to conclusions.

      2. It’s not as cut and dry as that, Triple A titles never made it to the Wii because the Wii was incapable of handling what they were trying to accomplish. Can you imagine a game like Skyrim with it’s scale on the Wii? Ideally no you couldn’t, the amount of effort to convert that games art style to appear presentable on a Wii console would be next to recrafting the game entirely itself. They’d need to modify every texture in the game to allow the Wii to render them, cut the poly count in half for every model in the game, use a completely new physics engine compatible with the Wii, and the list just goes one and on.

        The reason games most Triple A titles didn’t find their way to the Wii is because the games were on a level that would require complete retoolings to make games work on Wii, and even then their presentation wouldn’t be up to snuff with most developers standards.

        I share how upset you are with the big wigs not giving the Wii a chance, but try seeing it from their point of view. Most of the time when it comes to Triple A titles it was just impossible.

        As far as why they’re not planning for WiiU titles at the moment, remember, most of the companies you just listed are in the middle of development for their games, by the time those games are released the WiiU would’ve already been on the market for a few months and proven it’s worth, once numbers stop to show up for how the console is faring that’s when they’ll announce plans for ports to the WiiU or not.

        1. The fact of the matter is all of the third party big budget games were developed for Xbox 360 and ported to PS3. No one knows what the Wii is capable of because no one spent that kind of time or money or work to make their best game for the Wii. They decided this from the beginning. Clearly, if you make a great game for the Wii, it would sell millions, possibly tens of millions, but third party publishers spent the lowest budget possible on games for the Wii. It is clear that is their intent again, they probably get incentives from Microsoft or Sony, who are destroying the home console market with their DLC and other milking consumers with low quality practices.

          1. I’m sorry that’s simply not true, the Wii was given a chance in the beginning but by end 2007 the console was starting to show its age. I know the console has been outdated from the start but try to see it from a developers point of view, around this time developers were finally understanding the Xbox and Playstation to the point where making a last gen game with semi next gen graphics wasn’t good enough. Almost every major third party has had their hand on a Wii project, it’s a significantly easier console to develop on than either the PS3 or the Xbox 360. The best way to look at this is the fact that developing for the Wii is in every part the same as it was developing for the Gamecube, except the motion controls, they run nine ways out of ten the exact same way and are coded as such too.

            Basically if you came off the last generation knowing how to develop a GameCube game, which most Third Party had just done, you knew exactly how to code for the Wii. Here’s where that two year mark comes in, by the end of 2007 games were coming out that not only looked better than Wii games, but they were finally starting play like next generation games, that’s something the Wii has never been able to over come. Clearly Xbox 360 and PS3 shaders and poly counts were better from the start, but at this point developers were creating better physics engines, better light and shadow shaders, better AI, better inputs, better networking, better audio, games weren’t just considered NextGen for their pixel count, they were beginning to become all around NextGen and that’s the reason the Wii has been ignored, not because Third Parties didn’t invest to learn the console.

            Also, on the DLC portion, unless your game is the next sliced bread, example: Call of Duty, you receive next to nothing from Microsoft or Sony. For one Sony doesn’t throw their wallet around to make deals like Microsoft does, when Sony gains an exclusive DLC it’s because the Developers honestly gave it to them, that’s not saying Sony didn’t pay for it because they did, but Sony never comes out of the gate waving their wallet with the intent of paying double what someone else is willing to pay for bragging rights. Secondly, Microsoft doesn’t just throw money at every possible chance to gain exclusive rights to a DLC. In every case, even for the Call of Duty games, the developer has to pay Microsoft for the rights to sell their DLC on the market, and for every company that isn’t getting a exclusive deal from Microsoft you’re out tens of thousands of dollars to do so. In a Call of duty games case, you’re out in the hundred thousands.

            Sorry this was so long winded there was a lot to explain. I don’t want to sound like a know it all, I’m only trying to help clear things up around here from my experience.

    14. No one has one because IT ISN’T OUT YET… I can’t believe I live in a world like this. The better answer to his argument over how many people own WiiU vs PC is how many people have a PC that will be able to play the game without it looking like MS Paint or runs low fps (under 30 fps)

      1. Even so, I choose to take his comments with a grain of salt; I’m sure we’ll see CASTLEVANIA on the WiiU. I don’t know if it’ll be this game or not, but I doubt Konami is really that thickheaded to not jump on the WiiU, despite this “play it safe” vibe I’m getting.

      2. I think its pretty funny that some people think that ps3 and xbox 360 only sold to so called core gamers and that there wasnt anyone else buying them. It would be much more difficult to convince them to upgrade to the next iteration, especially since a lot of people are strapped for cash. At the very least the wii u has the gamepad to differentiate itself from the competition and hopefully a fair price point.

    15. zero people have the Wii U because it is not out yet. I thought you wanted as many people to buy your product as possible?

    16. If they had said outright that they were playing it safe due to skepticism over how the Wii U would sell, I’d call their reasoning understandable, if a little paranoid.
      But saying they won’t make it for the Wii U because nobody owns one, when the console hasn’t officially released, is beyond poor for an excuse.
      I’m thinking that they are keeping their REAL reason close to their chest.
      Lord knows why, though…..*ifnooneseeswhatididthereillbesadlol*

      1. Either way, I’m taking this with a grain of salt. Once WiiU finds its way into the hands of many owners, I’m sure Konami will wanna jump on the hype train too. Besides, this CASTLEVANIA is the only one Mercury Steam is handling. The rest of the series is up to Koji Igarashi.

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