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Here’s What Super Mario Bros Looks Like On The Atari 2600

A member of the Atari Age forums has created a demo showcasing how Super Mario Bros would be like running on the legendary Atari 2600. The ingenious individual has managed to fit 16 worlds into the game which are World 1-1 through 4-4. Due to the hardware constraints the creator has only managed to get one enemy to appear on the screen at one time. You can read more about the impressive development here.

68 thoughts on “Here’s What Super Mario Bros Looks Like On The Atari 2600”

        1. Its HARCORE GAMER, Sickr. Obviously he finds something entertaining in parading around in my name, but was stupid enough to use the exact same email address

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          how did you play it 6 years ago , when it came out a few days/weeks ago ????
          U MAD BRO !? .
          seriously NSMB2 is completely new and refreshed . i dont remember coop , coin rush , smooth graphics , new levels etc etc on the old DS version .
          but you just stick to your 6 year old DS game XD .

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              no it isnt.
              its has tons of new stuff in it , your mad bro!!!!!!
              just carry on being ignorant.
              NSMB2 is very very good. i will leave it there. its a lot better than the old NSMB

              1. As someone who wasnt really looking forward to it, i got it yesterday, i couldnt stop playing it, its very fun, much better than the original and the Wii version.

    1. It is, but “bits” aren’t a good way to measure power, as there are other 8-bit consoles that look much better.

  1. inaccurate article title. that isn’t what super mario world would look like on the atari 2600. it’s what super mario bros would look like on the atari 2600

  2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

    this is cool . too late tho XD super mario on the NES RULES . i have downloaded on 3ds , its just as fun as any other super mario game . the gameplay is pretty much exactly the same :)

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      that wasnt funny. wiiu will look like todays gaming pc . 10,000 times more powerful than a 2600 lol .

    1. yes but nintendo can make atari 2600 mario and sell mario atari version on e-shop dubbeling mario sells and downloads too

  3. Hey guys, I’m the one who made this mess. You can watch a video of my playing the first 3 completed levels, although I am strongly considering redesigning 1-3 since it was really easy to pass.

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