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Super Smash Bros On North American Club Nintendo As A Reward

The latest North American Club Nintendo reward has been posted and it’s none other than Super Smash Bros which originally appeared on the Nintendo 64 back in 1999. The critically acclaimed brawler will set you back 200 reward coins.

41 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros On North American Club Nintendo As A Reward”

  1. Can we use wii remote or what? What remotes work for it? I guess its time to buy a classic cont. pro. (bought the wii this year)

  2. In SSBB, anyone hate captain falcon? Not the character itself but its role in SSBB. He pisses me off so much. The whole time i hear a cpu spamming falcon punch. ._. Thats why i get toon link and slam the shiz off his face O_O

      1. I spammed it ONCE thats it! O_O captain falcon doesnt spam that much as a CPU, but they all love grabbing, something i dont do a lot :/

      2. well, that’s an interesting discovery. They set the AI to learn from the players’ specific skills huh? I never knew that.

  3. No thanks. My N64 and copy of the game still work fine. But I will say at least Club Nintendo actually offered a half-way decent reward for once.

  4. hey my cousin thinks that smash bros has a bunch of “midget and weak characters” is he telling the truth or hes being retarded

  5. I really want SNES games as rewards. I think that even GBA games should be now available. A lot of people would buy them.

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