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Wii U Zelda Coming In 2014?

Apparently a source from Nintendo has contacted Wii U Daily to offer them some information about the next unannounced Zelda game for Wii U. While it sounds rather unlikely, the publication believes that the source of the information has delivered in the past. The game is reportedly in the works for Wii U and is planned to be released in 2014.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

146 thoughts on “Wii U Zelda Coming In 2014?”

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    1. The development started in 2010 as well as in an Iwata Asks, Iwata said to the producers that the five years of making Skyward Sword was too long and they should shorten it to 3-4 years. Seeing as how in 2014 the time of development would already be in that interval, then it doesn’t seem too soon at all.

      1. He also said we wouldn’t have to wait that long for a new one with a eyes wide shut smile……..
        So we should have a Star Fox or Rares secret game,Smash Bros. A3D Mario game all by 2014 sweet……..

  1. All of the details I’ve read make me feel that this will be THE game that will define the series anew.
    I love that they’re keeping Skyward Swords art style, and the news of dungeons as huge as Hyrule Field in Ocarina is a big plus.

    “Every game, has a story….Only one, is a Legend.”

    1. They’re going to keep Skyward Sword’s art style? Well, that will be interesting indeed.

      Skyward Sword had a good art style, although I prefer Wind Waker’s over it.

  2. 25 GB disc stuffed with a huge open world a la twilight princess .
    crazy graphics way way beyond the current gen .

    the most expensive game nintendo has ever made with hundreds of people working on the development .

    imagine . just imagine the possibilities.
    this could be the greatest game of all time. i expect miyamoto and enouma to take everything wrong with skyward sword and twilight princess combine them together and multiply it by 10.

    best game ever is coming to wiiu . nuff said .

    1. the details specify that the gamepad is integral to controlling this zelda game. which should mean button controls for sword swinging. i may be wrong . maybe you have to use wii remote and nunchuck , and have the gamepad propped up on a stand infront of you , then you have to use gamepad to peform certain task’s. <- this .

      1. I think you’ll definitely be able to use the button controls for most things, but I think it seems pretty logical that items such as the catapult will be controllable from the gamepad. To explain: you’d have the catapult itself on the gamepad, and on the TV you’d see the target.

    2. I think Skyward Swords fighting controls along with the Gamepad for instant touch-screen access would perfect. Also give the option of motion controls, personally I loved it, but other may want the tradition button style.

      1. this ^

        the game has an instructional guide like skyward sword and mario galaxy 2.
        telling you to place the gamepad on a stand on a table infront of you .
        and to calibrate the wii motion plus . aka the best gaming set up ever.
        with action poping up on the gamepad . and task requiring you to do things with the gamepad etc etc.

        its gota be this . its too good to miss.

        if you use wii remote and nunchuck on pikmin 3, you can place the gamepad on its stand (like mentioned above) and use it as a map and you can touch the map to skip the camera to that location.

        1. As you described this experience would be very close to Microsoft Smart Glass + xbox Controller, having a table just to show complement information, or touch navigation controls.

          So, the next Zelda would show that it is pointless to have analogs, buttons and triggers on a tablet if it doesn’t add up to the touch and navigation experience.

          1. ^ this.

            I personally hope they include multiple control settings, for example:

            Nunchuck/wiimote combo and game pad for whatever its used for.

            Gamepad and wiimote, gampad acting as an analog (unlikely)

            Or my favourite, gamepad only, touch screen or second analog stick to use sword.

            The gamepad has a ton of cool ideas that it could spawn. I always imagine, and especially in Zelda like this, and little mechanical drone you send out, possibly the stable companion of Zelda games, and you can control it and set it on wall ect, then walk away into another room, and see what the drone see’son the gamepad, and have puzzles where the answer is in the room you left the drone, and you have to step on switches to reveal the correct path in the other room (on the gamepad), or maybe it gets a mirror upgrade, and you can use it to deflect light.

            Those things would come in handy and make sense when you have a Zelda game of this size

          2. come on man banjo !!!! smart glass ???? i know they are paying you there at microsoft , but smartglass ??? i thought you were nintendo for life man.

            honesty smartglass calnt acomplish even 10% of what the wiiu gamepad can .

            i love you banjo , just dont let microsoft put shit in your head.

            1. hahaha don’t get me wrong, I was just making a comparison of the experience you described. The Gamepad seems too perfect for me, to be left on a table as only a second screen. I’m sure Nintendo will figure out the best way to use the controller. and again deliver an unique experience with Zelda.

      2. I’d prefere they choose and focus on one single way to control this, and I hope they choose the gamepad, we already have a perfect motion control zelda.

    3. Twilight Princess’ overworld sucked man. There was nothing to do, and those ugly holes. This comes from a guy that beat the game more than 20 times.

  3. ….I like the Zelda series and all, but I think that we should give it a break for now. I don’t feel the need for a new Zelda game right away, rather a new Metroid game would be great to have right about now.

    1. there really hasnt been many zelda games on consoles at all.

      i agree with you on metroid . there most likely is a new metroid game in development for wiiu.

      nintendo is trying to make the wiiu 2 consoles in 1.

      a casual console = wii fit u , sing , NSMBU . etc
      a hardcore console = AC3 , pikmin 3 , zelda , metroid , third party etc etc.

      wiiu = console for everybody.

      100% DEFINATELY sony and microsoft will copy this marketing strategy.

      bigger demographic = more console sales. you think sony and microsoft want to sell 60 million consoles or 100 million ???? .

      maybe i am wrong and they will come out with expensive graphic beast’s.
      but they wont sell well . and it isnt viable anymore.

      ps2 = console for everybody aka best selling console of all time.
      ps3 = hardcore graphics console = didnt sell half of the ps2 .

      1. ….Zelda has been on many Nintendo consoles. What do you mean? If you’re talking about the series being on XBox, Playstation, ect, then that doesn’t matter. It’s Nintendo’s. They make the money. Like I said before though, it’s still been on almost all of Nintendo’s consoles.

        1. i am not talking about the handheld ones. they are sorta like amazing spinn off’s .

          i mean , you have LOZ , adventure of link , alttp , ocarina of time , majoras mask , wind waker , twilight princess , skyward sword.

          that’s 8 zelda games in 25 years. thats hardly any games at all.

          so a new console 3d zelda game is more than welcome.

          so is another handheld spin off or remake .

          1. Actually there’s 9 console Zelda games, you forgot Four Swords Adventures on the GameCube and that is not a remake of the GBA one before anyone starts saying it.

    2. Oh my god! you must be insane! if you like Zelda, aren’t you excited how far it can reach in an HD console? how believable hyrule can be? how they can upgrade the battle systems with the new technology, and make dungeons in a never seen scale?

      1. Yes, yes, I am! I really am… I love The Legend of Zelda series. It’s just that I think that it shouldn’t be quickly released, still. That goes for any game series….

        1. I see. That’s because Skyward Sword took too long on development and ended up launching on the last days of Wii. So we feel like it’s too early, but it’s not at all, 2014 is a nice year to a Zelda game.

    3. Even when I’m a Zelda-nut-fangirl-follower, I agree with this. Skyward Sword has made it so I’m not begging for a new game, so, I just need my currently owned Zelda games w/ the purchase of OOT3D and a new 3DS game (Majora’s Mask maybe???) to keep me occupied of Zelda games for a good 4-6 years while they develop the WiiU one :)

      Plus, I hope they make it the most epic and best modern Zelda game yet!

      1. And of course, I get this kind of comment. Oh well. Two years after a game has just been released of the same series is pretty short for me. I’m not the only who says that either, sorry.

    4. Fun fact, theres been more COD games than console Zelda games. FACT.

      Nintendo limit Zelda to 1 or 2 per console. Its hardly overused or anything.

      As for Metroid, that COULD be in development by Retro right now, or it. Ould be Star Fox

    5. They will probably delay it though, they delayed skyward sword a whole year to make sure all the gameplay and such is smoothe and perfect. For a game this size and scale, being Nintendo’s biggest game and most costly I can guarantee they will delay this game, Nintendo aren’t really a company that rush their main series games. Not to mention I bet Nintendo will sink a lot of time and money in promoting this game.

      if companies like Bethesda took as much time and care as Nintendo do, I would have much more love for these guys as a company, though their games are great, they are always just too buggy.


    1. i 100% expect either majoras mask 3d , alttp 3d or a new zelda 3ds game to be unveiled at e32013 or sometime before. almost guaranteed.

      when did spirit tracks come out 2009 ??. i am sure it doesnt take 4 years to make a handheld zelda game . 2-3 max.

  4. Almost everything this source stated is pretty obvious. He didn’t go into details. The most important part is that if the game is gonna be launched in 2014, than it’s most likely we are going to see it on next E3! and that would be amazing!

  5. So that means we’ll see it in 2016 then. Seriously, when has Nintendo delivered on a release date for Console Zelda. With the exeception of Majora’s Mask, Zelda has never hit its initial release date. I would much rather expect a 3DS Zelda before a Wii U Zelda.

  6. Why is it unlikey? Nintendo already said they don’t want 5-6 gaps between zelda’s anymore. 2014 would put it 3 years after Skyward Sword. Sounds totally plausible actually. I don’t understand the way this site frames stories sometimes. It feels like they don’t even read the articles they are linking to sometimes.

    1. I find it unlikely as Nintendo do not rush games. Releasing a new Zelda so soon would be really rushing it out. It takes that amound of time to create a new Zelda game and unless they started with it 2009 so do I see it far from possible for it to be released before 2015.

    1. I wouldn’t mind another game where Link transforms, but I would want it to be a new one. Besides, I doubt they’d have all of those in one game. Unless they go with the mask theme of Majora’s Mask again. I don’t really see that happening though, personally. I could be wrong though. Who knows?

  7. Sorry for sounding vulgar, but this is the only thing that could describe my feelings after reading that rumor article.


    1. Sony and Microsoft don’t even make COD. Activision makes COD, and COD has been on the Wii so your argument isn’t looking too good right now.

  8. I really hope this is true. I can’t wait to see what they can do with this series using the power and capabilities of the Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. There is a very strong possibility that an upcoming Zelda title will use the power and capabilities of the Wii U. So far, Havok and Umbra will be using the physics and rendering engine. Imagine if Crytek gives Nintendo an OK to use CryEngine 3 to that game.

          1. bullshit it will be. -.- though i am curious on why they chose to have the skyward sword art design rather then HD goodness.

    2. I can’t wait to see what Retro Studios can do with a Metroid game that follows Prime 3 using the power and capabilities of the Wii U. I will not rest until that secret ending is explained.

      1. I hope Retro is working on Star Fox. That series needs more attention than Metroid, imo. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a new Metroid from Retro, but we’ve had a lot of that these last 2 gens.

        1. They could be working on whatever they want right now, as long as I get my Prime 3 follow up sometime in the future. Like I said before, I won’t rest until that ending is explained.

  9. Waiting two whole years to launch a Zelda title on the Wii U is not a smart move by Nintendo.
    Hopefully, they’ll deliver HD remakes (Wind Waker HD, pretty please) too keep us Zelda fans happy till 2014.
    Still hope it’s a false rumour, though…

      1. We will not. I even doubt 2014. Honestly, Nintendo is very picky when they make games and it will therefore be delayed to 2015 as they are going to bug fix it and polish it to perfection.

          1. 2014 is possible if it would not have been Nintendo. But the biggest strengh of Nintendo is the fact that they never rush something out. So even if the game is indeed planned for 2014 so do I think that it will not be done until 2015.

            1. You’re probably right.
              I’m all for long development cycles when it comes to polished-to-near-perfection games like Zelda, but I hate the fact that I’ll have to wait 2 whole years for Link’s new, fully HD adventure.

  10. “One of the dungeons is said to be an entire forest. “The first test dungeon they made was a giant forest running on early and buggy Wii U hardware — the dungeon was bigger than the Hyrule field in Ocarina, and the whole thing is one dungeon. You use the gamepad to navigate, avoid traps, follow clues etc. It’s dark, lush, with a ton of trees, foliage, some which you have to cut your way through. Its scope and details are unlike anything you’ve seen in a Zelda game”. He added that the Wii U Zelda game is so big, it wouldn’t be possible without the 25 GB Blu-ray based storage that the console uses.”

    1. ok, if this is true…

      RED TRUTH! If the above mentioned information is true the game is to big to be able to be made during this short amound of time. Therefore the 2014 release is not going to be accompished.

      1. They have hundred of staff. They can manage it, especially seeing as the game probably started development back in late 2010

        1. It sounds costy and I hope as much as everyone else that this is true. But I am afraid that with Nintendo’s well known quality check so will the game sadly not be 100% done until 2015. But I hope 2014 release, but I doubt is very VERY strongly as I know Nintendo usually are late due to polishing.

          1. Another good point is how long does it take bands and suck to make an album? And when they do the total running time of the album reach about 1 or 2 hours.

            “Finally, the game’s composers are creating a brand new orchestral soundtrack with “hours of music””

            Obviously we will still get the classic tunes but sounds like we will get a lot more especially when the say “hours of music”. The Zelda cd they game away with skyward sword lasted about an hour and only had a few songs.

            This is why Zelda is the greatest game to me, I am musician and whilst I do love metal, rock etc these guys mix in my two biggest hobbies, the music itself is masterpiece.

  11. skyward sword was too linear,thats what stopped me from liking it. Zelda for wii U has to give you more freedom.SS was too focused on story and cutscenes

  12. Zelda Wii U shall rival Mario Wii U 3D in sales when they are both released. With that said only other big release console I await is the PS4. RROD 2 xbox durango shall suck.

  13. Sounds amazing!
    But never get your hopes up too high during the long wait for a new game. I know it’s difficult to not get overhyped for something like Zelda, but you really have no idea if the game is a winner until you play it yourself. I remember during the wait for Skyward Sword, everyone had impossibly high expectations; saying it was the absolute best Zelda game ever, even though they had yet to lay their hands on it! Yes, SS was great, but I don’t think it met the high standards a lot of fans expected it to. So wait til you get to personally play the game to make your judgement.
    Hype is good, but it can ruin a great game for you.

  14. Hmm… not entirely sure if I believe every detail of the article but 2014 with a possible delay into 2015 does seem likely.

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  16. If it’s truly gonna have to come out in 2014, i pray that they give that zelda game the works. Variety of control options, a huge ass world to explore, multiple side missions possible sub-plots to follow. More moves for link to use maybe, new different weapons (like replacing the general bow/arrow combination for the crossbow maybe). Make complete use of the set controllers for the game (gamepad, wiimote/nunchuk combination etc.).

    1. ^ Exactly!And off topic perhaps this is the Gen that will finally have sonic back in the frontlines of gaming as it could be a Sonic adventure style game with modern sonic gameplay with colors story and dialouge :3 hence becoming the greatest sonic game ever if they manage to do things correctly

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