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PlayStation 2 Being Removed For Wii U At GameStop

GameStop senior vice president of store operations Mike Dzura has told the Verge that the company is planning to remove PlayStation 2 content from a number of stores in an effort to free up space for Wii U. A number of GameStop stores will continue to sell PlayStation 2 games if they are still proving popular with consumers.

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                    1. WOW…Its amazing to me that there are really people out there this amazingly arrogantly stupid…you don’t have to be a christian or affiliated with any mainstream denomination to realize that claiming there isn’t a God is about as brilliant as saying there was no architect for the Empire State Building. Just because you never met him, spoke to him, or saw him, that must mean he never actually existed, right? And the building, because I never saw anyone build it, must have actually constructed itself over the course of a couple hundred years on its own, right? Brilliant logic. I’m ashamed to be a part of humanity that displays this type of blatant stupidity, it’s embarrassing.

      1. Not to be rude, but… Ah what the hell, who am I kidding. Please get off this site, you are everything that is wrong with gaming, you and the Sony and Microsoft fanboys. It’s kinda sad when you’re ripping on someone because you THOUGHT that said person was mildly complimenting another gaming company like what happened a few articles back. Also, I’m getting tired of seeing your constant off-topic hate towards other systems whenever I want to read the opinions of fellow Nintendo fans that actually has relevance to the news article.
        P.S. Having a “dik” that is smaller than a company’s is pretty impossible since a company isn’t an organism, but in your case I’ll beg to differ…

        1. Oh, seems like it depends on the country/place one lives in. I don’t think there are any retails that sell Gamecube games anymore, where I live. Playstation 2 games, on the other hand, are still being sold in pretty much every retail that sells video games. Nice to hear that the Gamecube is still doing well in other places. (:

        2. Maybe because they don’t get much GameCube stock anymore. It isn’t worth much anymore so people have kinda stopped trading in and stuff.

        1. Does it sell or not ? It does sell.
          Nobody is complaining about the fact that the reason why the Wii has sold so well is partially because of casual gamers and children neither.

    1. hi there its simple gamers like me go way back too the good old gaming on comadore 64 there 18,000,000 comadore 64 still useable its fun bring out comadore 64 atari 2600 sega dream cast as long as they have old classic gamers buying games there are millions of ps1 and ps2 gamers as well

    1. it is the most popular console of all time. with the most games sold of all time.

      so its no suprise these second hand ps2 games are still really really common , in circulation and still screwing around with the economy .

  1. is that old war horse still going ???? . i suppose its chock full of super amazing games so its not really suprising.
    jrpg after jrpg on that system . love it.

    wiiu = a new zelda game has been anounced/leaked over at . please report this alba and sikr .

    its the greatest news of all time .

    yes Aelous a zelda game is coming for wiiu which is going to poo all over every single playstation and xbox game ever made . but everything else .

    yes Aeolous this game sounds better than Dark ghouls and sword chambers and military chainsaw’s .

        1. I just read that story now. HO-LY SHIT. A dungeon as big a hyrule field, and dungeon that are like 3 in 1 and takes hours to complete….i felt like crying tears of happiness.

    1. The best news is sonic adventure 3 if it’s exclusive on the wii u dude. But then again I’m very mixed with LoZ

  2. Its a damn good thing I have most of the PS2 games I want then. Alas, there’s still a hefty chunk I want, but I can get them on Amazon. PS2…one of the best systems ever. Sad to see it being removed, but … well the time has come I guess.

        1. Wow! I have just a few games because at that time I couldn’t afford many games, so I exchanged some with my friends, and sold others to buy new ones.

            1. yeah! I heard that Rare proposed to Nintendo to make donkey kong country and Banjo Kazooie back on DS but those projects never got a green light. Maybe they get it on the 3DS. at least we got Star Fox Adventure on GameCube, it was perfect in my opinion.

  3. My one regret is that I won’t be able to easily find Zone of the Enders for the PS2 offline anymore, with this move.
    It makes me wish that Sony had kept the backwards compatibility and removed the damned blue ray movie functions from the PS3, so that the system could still be used to enjoy the classics.
    Ahhhh…… least I still have my old flat PS2…….

      1. There are early PS3s that are compatible with PS2 games. I would know as I own one. They just removed it later on to cut costs. Nintendo did the same thing, newer Wii systems are not compatible with GameCube games. Same with XBox 360. New ones can’t play XBox games.

  4. I really love to see that the PS2 is STILL selling, even after 12 years of its release. It was a fantastic piece of hardware and will always stay one of my all-time favourites. Kind of sad that it’s now slowly vanishing from the market. But I guess it’s neccessary, in order to make some space for upcoming systems. But it seems to still sell well enough where I live, so I don’t expect it to completely leave the market very soon.

  5. The ps2 is a true veteran console, I hope the younger generation will be able to know about it’s greatness in the next decade

  6. The three stores in my town don’t sell gamecube games anymore. As for PS2, it makes sense that Gamestop would try to sell these for as long as possible. Don’t they make the majority of their money by buying and selling used games?

      1. Im glad they went for this style. TP was a solid game but it was very dull looking in most places, its why Wind Waker and SS have my favourite artstyle. People need to remember the level of detail it’ll have as well, it might actually look like a watercolour painting like they intended

    1. From the article:
      “The first test dungeon they made was a giant forest- it’s bigger than the Hyrule Field in Ocarina.”

      Bigger than….WHAT?!
      Holy fuck, that is one HUGE FUCKING DUNGEON.

      1. “Some dungeons are so big they’re broken up in 3 parts and will literally take hours to complete”

        Yeah… You need a doctor?

    2. I don’t think he can post that its a wiiu daily exclusive. Also, oh boy it will be one of the best games ever. Dungen that could take hours to comlete,and some are bigger than Hyrule field! I can feel great things thats going to happen!

      1. Both of which are on all consoles to begin with, so I’m not sure what the hell you’re drooling over. Oh nevermind, you’re a Wii fan. You wouldn’t know.

    1. Because they got rid of the GC long ago. It’s last game was in 2007 or something, there are PS2 games planned for next year.

    1. Not exactly. The PS2’s been ploughing on for about 10 years now – and the Wii U is only just coming out. 10 years is a long while to support a console.

                    1. Well I’m in the airforce. the most we ever do is attempt to play on our computers in our spinnin chairs :P

      1. Wrong. It’s being removed from SOME stores to make way for next gen consoles (including Wii U) but being kept in others.

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      3. Everybody dances now! ta! ta, nanana!

        No, but seriously, its been good times with ps2, I use to play Wild arms on it!

      4. Who cares? For a while, they were still releasing new titles, so that’s why it’s still around. But GameStop always gets rid of the old systems to make room for new. What’s funny is I don’t recall seeing a post when GameStop put all their GameCube titles for sale. Buy two get one free. They’re getting rid of GC titles as well, so PS2 isn’t the first system to go out the door. Even original XBOX titles have gone. It’s pretty awesome that both PS2 and GameCube titles were for sale so long.

      5. Well, it’s expected since PS2 is pretty much a dead system now. Also, everyone knows that every Sony console released, they would regulate to their 10+ year plan.

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