GameStop senior vice president of store operations Mike Dzura has told the Verge that the company is planning to remove PlayStation 2 content from a number of stores in an effort to free up space for Wii U. A number of GameStop stores will continue to sell PlayStation 2 games if they are still proving popular with consumers.



  1. is that old war horse still going ???? . i suppose its chock full of super amazing games so its not really suprising.
    jrpg after jrpg on that system . love it.

    wiiu = a new zelda game has been anounced/leaked over at . please report this alba and sikr .

    its the greatest news of all time .

    yes Aelous a zelda game is coming for wiiu which is going to poo all over every single playstation and xbox game ever made . but everything else .

    yes Aeolous this game sounds better than Dark ghouls and sword chambers and military chainsaw’s .


  2. Its a damn good thing I have most of the PS2 games I want then. Alas, there’s still a hefty chunk I want, but I can get them on Amazon. PS2…one of the best systems ever. Sad to see it being removed, but … well the time has come I guess.


  3. My one regret is that I won’t be able to easily find Zone of the Enders for the PS2 offline anymore, with this move.
    It makes me wish that Sony had kept the backwards compatibility and removed the damned blue ray movie functions from the PS3, so that the system could still be used to enjoy the classics.
    Ahhhh…… least I still have my old flat PS2…….


  4. I really love to see that the PS2 is STILL selling, even after 12 years of its release. It was a fantastic piece of hardware and will always stay one of my all-time favourites. Kind of sad that it’s now slowly vanishing from the market. But I guess it’s neccessary, in order to make some space for upcoming systems. But it seems to still sell well enough where I live, so I don’t expect it to completely leave the market very soon.


  5. The three stores in my town don’t sell gamecube games anymore. As for PS2, it makes sense that Gamestop would try to sell these for as long as possible. Don’t they make the majority of their money by buying and selling used games?


  6. Who cares? For a while, they were still releasing new titles, so that’s why it’s still around. But GameStop always gets rid of the old systems to make room for new. What’s funny is I don’t recall seeing a post when GameStop put all their GameCube titles for sale. Buy two get one free. They’re getting rid of GC titles as well, so PS2 isn’t the first system to go out the door. Even original XBOX titles have gone. It’s pretty awesome that both PS2 and GameCube titles were for sale so long.


  7. Well, it’s expected since PS2 is pretty much a dead system now. Also, everyone knows that every Sony console released, they would regulate to their 10+ year plan.


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