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Svensson Says Mega Man Was A Problem As It Had Too Many Competing Sub-Series

Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson has told members on the Capcom Unity forums that the problem with Mega Man was that the franchise had too many competing sub-series. Svensson said that they are very concerned about creating, what he says is, greater brand confusion.

Thanks for the suggestion. I (and probably I alone so please don’t ascribe said belief to “Capcom”) think one of the problems MM has had as a brand is that we’ve had too many competing splinter sub-brands within it. I’m not sure starting yet another is the way to get the franchise as a whole back on track more than creating greater brand confusion but we’ll take it under advisement.

Thanks for the suggestion and your passion.

99 thoughts on “Svensson Says Mega Man Was A Problem As It Had Too Many Competing Sub-Series”

  1. Make everything but the original series and the X series non canon and your problem will be fixed. Focus on those games.

  2. The quote you have there says that the VP doesn’t want people thinking this belief represents Capcom as a whole, so why do you say it does in the title? Very misleading, very messy of you.

        1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

          Just stop bothering him, how should he know, do you know of any other free time (I suspect it’s a free time thing for sickr.) journalist that knows about the date? No? Then STFU and wait for the 13th. You hardcore Nintendo fans piss me off so much sometimes.

    1. The One Who Wrote This

      Um, the Zero series should be canon as well….

      They offer a dark part to the story. Plus the game play is amazing! The fluidity of the two weapon system is great!

      Don’t count that one out!

  3. And the way to do it is canceling Rockman Dash 3 (Mega Man Legends 3)! Also, he said it’s his opinion alone, not Capcom’s. Read the article before putting a title on it!

  4. Just end those sub series in a giant mash up where they are all come from alternate universes coming together thanks to smth and just keep the one you finally want to focus on. TADAH!

  5. The problem with Megaman is that the original series don’t work very well in a 3D environment. They were designed as 2D platformers and when they tried to go Megaman in a 3D world is was just a mess. 2D platformers are kinda outdated as “hardcore” games now, though I think DK Country Returns was superb and something like that may work with MM.

  6. But didn’t Battle Network,Starforce and Zero all end? If they released Legends 3 that would of made 4 of them done. So only Original and X would still be left. How is that a lot!

        1. You’re damn right Zero was a masterpiece. I’ve always liked the story and artstyle. And zeros personality and reasons for doing what he does I really liked. The ending while depressing was an epic way to end the series. The battle network series is my second favorite just because it had an addicting gameplay.

    1. yup! keji inafune wanted to end the X series there and work on the megaman zero series. because of capcom moving forward without him he had to rewrite a bunch of things for both X and the zero series. did you know X was originally going to be the main villain in the zero series instead of copy X? but ultimately had to remove that idea because capcom went behind his back.

  7. Well good thing Megaman is the only ip that has multiple series in capcom to cause confusion.

    *puts a blanket over street fighter*

  8. Well this makes no sense as most of the side series have ended

    The side series that have ended
    Rockman exe (megaman battle network)
    ryusei no rockman (megaman start force)
    Rockman zero (megaman zero)

    Series thats not ended
    Rockman (megaman)
    Rockman x (megaman x)
    Rockman dash (megaman legends )
    Rockman zx (megaman zx ) even though I think this one did end with the second game..

    But thats it those other little ones like the soccer and the racing game was a one time only thing so can put them up with the series that done….

    Only other games that could not be done is maverick hunter x and the power up series.. But I really feel those wont be getting anything new and again was just remake just have..

    So in the end capcom needs to stop trolling with the rockman series and bring rockman back or let kenji infune do what he wants with rockman aka bringing legends 3 out and megaman universe ectect ..

  9. Well who’s fault was it to make so mant sub-series anyway? Now most megaman fans have a favorite and are all separated. I REALLY want the EXE series back. That’s just my personal favorite. But i can only hope

    1. The One Who Wrote This

      I love all of the series personally. That being said, I want the Battle Network and Zero to make a comeback someway (even though it is unlikely).

  10. Too many subseries? Has this man even heard of how many Mario Subseries’ there are…
    *Super Mario
    *Paper Mario
    *Mario and Luigi RPG
    *Mario Party
    *Mario vs. Donkey Kong
    *New Super Mario Bros.

    The list is endless!

  11. That’s true. There’s like 5 sub-plots to the whole story like when I played the ZX series (i played ZX advent, not predecessor), i was confused as to how X and Zero were still “alive”. The only ones that should still be sub-plots are the ones that follow directly after the original series. Meaning the legends series, battle network series, and zx series just spin-offs. Hopefully that could lessen the confusion

      1. the zx series doesn’t make sense to me lol, and how the hell does legends even start that far off after those series? That’s like tales of symphonia and tales of phantasia. Phantasia is an older game, but symphonia happens at least 4000 years before it.

        (meaning that the more recent games [mmz, zx] still take place before an older game which doesnt make sense to me)

  12. The MegaMan Zero games are my favorite in the series. I hope they continue ZX someday, given that it’s hidden ending suggested a third game.

  13. Got my 3DS back from repair… AGAIN. Bottom screen was fucking up my upper screen.

    They finally installed a new, modded upper chassy, that keeps the lower screen away from my 3D screen. They also extended my warranty out a year.

    I’ve been playing Kid Icarus on my XL, but DAMN, it looks amazingly sharp (as to be expected) on the smaller screen. I’m kinda torn between using the XL or original design. Both are amazing, but with unique advantages.

    1. Errm, cool story bro.
      Also ive made my 3DS for a month, i dont even get how the bottom screen damages the top screen, i think people were just clumsey

        1. I got mine launch date and I myself don’t see anything wrong with either screen.

          Either i can’t see it, or people are too finicky.

  14. The Classic Mega Man series has once recently been revived.

    The X series is dead.

    The Zero series’ story is finished.

    ZX is also finished.

    Legends needed Legends 3.

    The Battle Network and Star Force series are done.

    How the fuck are they “competing”?

    1. ZX isn’t finished. It’s ending implied another game. I don’t think Star Force was confirmed to be done.

      He might have been talking about the fact that they always had 2 series going on at once. At first, it was between Battle Network and Zero. Then it was ZX and Star Force.

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  16. I personally think Sven is being too cautious.
    Mario can survive through multiple sub brands, so why can’t Mega?
    I’ll tell you why; because you don’t want to convince the rest of Capcom that it can be done.
    You don’t want to take the risk, Sven, and that’s not going to help you revive the Blue Bomber.
    Heck, you’re not even confident enough to get the rest of Capcom release a new entry in the main line on a yearly basis.
    When’s the last time you did convince Capcom, huh?
    Most of Capcom’s Megaman series’ are either done with their story-lines or discontinued.
    The one that COULD have given you some sales, Legends 3, was abandoned due to “not getting enough fan support”.
    Capcom didn’t even give us something worth WATCHING about the game. You HAD a demo planned but scrapped it and tossed it away instead of giving us the chance to try it and get excited about it!
    If you’re alone in your beliefs on this issue, then TRY LISTENING TO THE REST OF THE COMPANY AND THEIR OPINION.
    I promise you that if you gave them the chance, they’d gladly, and spectacularly, revive Mega Man, and get you the profits to justify the move.
    You just need to have the guts to try something BIG….

  17. Hate me if you want, but Capcom should take a flyer on this. Make a new mega man game exactly like New Super Mario Bros. I would buy that shit. I would play it to death. Honestly it’s a great idea.

      1. But they could always do what other games do… Start putting in games in between games. (Like with Kingdom Hearts. They had Kingdom Hearts, and then Kingdom Hearts ii. Then decided to throw in a game in between. And now have games in between those and so on and so forth… Just because the characters died, doesn’t mean people can’t make “out of order” games.

  18. “[Mega Man has] had too many competing splinter sub-brands within it. I’m not sure starting yet another is the way to get the franchise as a whole back on track more than creating greater brand confusion”

    Sounds like it could be an excuse to dump Mega Man, but even if it’s not… You want to talk about “brand confusion”? What about the 3 or 4 different versions of Street Fighter 4 within like a year or 1.5 years? No one knows what the heck the definitive version is, or what differences there are (other than characters, unless that’s all), same goes for MvC3 and a bunch of other games. At least with Mega Man you can tell, oh ok this is StarForce and this one is Zero, by looking at just the cover, clearly they are two different titles under a brand, whereas the previous examples… well I already explained.

  19. Bing Bang Bop!!! Maybe they should make a Paper version of Mega Man and a Yarn version of Mega Man…or maybe a Lego version lol. Those seem to be working as sub brands for other games. I don’t think it is necessarily the “sub” brands, but the fact that they are not so different from normal Mega man anyway… there is no real interesting gimmick. Bop Bam Boom!!!

    1. Legends was very different actually. Battle Network and Star Force were as well. X/Zero/ZX are very similar to the classic formula, but that was done on purpose, and was meant to carry the story line forward. There were changes along the way, some more drastic than others, but the core game play should be there. It would be like a Mario game with no jumping, a Zelda game with no dungeons or Sonic without a sense of speed.

  20. Wait, what?
    -Zero (ended)
    -ZX (ended?)
    -Battle Network (ended)
    -Star Force (ended?)

    You only have 6 sub series aside from the original. Two of them have definitely ended, and 2 others have most likely ended as well. If you don’t feel that ZX or Star Force have ended, then put out a final game and finish those series. If you REALLY want to go all out, finish and release Legends 3 and finish that.

    Battle and Chase/Soccer/Command Mission/Network Transmission are all one and done, so leave those alone if it pleases you. That leaves you with classic and X. You made bank with MM9 and MM10. You could make bank with X9 and X10 if you use SNES limits to make the games. Is that ok?

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  22. The megaman X series is or was supposed to be finished
    The Megaman Zero Series is finished and done
    The Megaman Battle Network series is done
    Megaman Starforce…was just a copy off battle network especially the 3rd game
    Megaman ZX was left with a cliffhanger at the end of the second game and needs to get one more game
    Megaman Legends was left with a cliffhanger 10 years ago,Megaman was finally close to getting off the Moon and the series completed until capcom jumps in and decides to kill megaman off from behind
    Then theres the “original” megaman series,honestly they could have finished it with megaman 8 or whenever,was not a fan of them putting the series back into 8 bit

    So there you have it,basically all they need to work on and finish is the ZX and Legends series,and theres a lot of fan demand for the battle network series in case they want to make a battle network collection,simple math…

    But…capcom can’t ever make things simple and instead gives us a shitty ios game for megamans 25 anniversary,while as streetfighter gets pretty much everything like its their godchild

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