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Tekken Producer Says Working With Nintendo Allows Them To Do Unique Things

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed that working alongside Nintendo on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has allowed the development team to bring unique things to the Wii U version of the game. Harada gave the example of using the mega mushroom as a reminder of the fact that collaborating with Nintendo has been beneficial.

“We can say this – because we are collaborating with Nintendo we really wanted to create features like [the Mega Mushroom] that are only possible because we are collaborating with Nintendo. That’s just one example and we hope that everyone will be looking forward to the other things we have to show.”

23 thoughts on “Tekken Producer Says Working With Nintendo Allows Them To Do Unique Things”

  1. Is there any plans to bring over a Nintendo character to the wii u version like soul calibur? I think ganondorf would be great in this title.

  2. I hope to god this is going to live up to expectations. I heard somewhere that the online components will be more focused to the “core gamer’s console” I don’t know what that means but I really hope that they don’t mean it in a way that the Wii U console will be less content.

      1. I haven’t missed the gist of this article. I know it says that there will be unique things but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will make the game superior to the other ones, all I said was I hope that it manages to be on the same quality or higher than the others, read this article and you’ll know what I mean the core audience comment.

  3. I wonder how unique can it really get..
    secret characters: mario, luigi, link, demise, samus, or etc (anyone can guess any other ninten characters that would be secret).

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