The Wonderful 101 For Wii U – Trailer

It was announced earlier that Platinum Games’ “Project P-100” for Wii U has been given an official name – The Wonderful 101. In the game, players guide a crew of masked superheroes to save the world. The number 101 is in the title rather than 100 because you, the player, are the 101st hero.



  1. NintendoLand trailer too, shows the Pikmin minigame and a Gerudo Valley type level for the Zelda game and a Ridley boss for the Metroid game


      1. It’s actually fairly more challenging then that haha.
        In the trailer they aren’t fighting any of the stronger officers etc


    1. While this game may not be appealling to everyone, it’s developed by Viewtiful Joe and Okami director, Hideki Kamiya. It’s gonna be awesome! I’d give it a chance.


  2. I’m not gonna lie… the name is dumb, but GENIUS at the same time! “I knew we forgot someone…. U” *wii U logo appears* god, that was epic.


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