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Amazon UK Selling Basic Wii U For A Hefty £250

Nintendo Europe were unable to set a price for Wii U so instead they left that job up to European retailers. Popular online retailer Amazon UK has just started advertising the Basic 8GB Wii U system for £250, which equates to roughly $400. The retailer has yet to price the Premium Wii U which retails in North America for $350.

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62 thoughts on “Amazon UK Selling Basic Wii U For A Hefty £250”

    1. That’s it, I’m bloody done with Amazon!!! I will NEVER order anything from then AGAIN ! ! ! They just cancelled my purchase at the £199.99 price point that I ordered it at and sent me an email.


      We’re writing to you regarding to your order 202-1493751-3539552 for the
      Nintendo Wii U 32GB Premium Pack – Black console. Your order has been
      cancelled as this product was listed on in error. Please accept
      our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

      You will not be charged for your order.

      If you’re interested in ordering the Nintendo Wii U 8GB Basic Pack – White console,
      you can go here:

      We hope to see you again soon.

      Warmest regards,

      Customer Service Department

      1. I duno, £350 for premium console, ZombiU and a pro controller is good to me. Wish i could pick Rayman Legends instead though >.<

        1. MCV were saying earlier that UK retailers are looking to sell the basic Wii U pack for £210. Clearly they were mistaken. Looks as though they’ve deleted the article.

          1. Well we always get overcharged, the XL is about £50 more than it should but, thats how it is. Way i see it, the £350 is a £40-50 game, and im guessing £30 controller for only £40, so sweet deal to me. Shame i dont really want ZombiU, yet.

  1. It was only £199 earlier for the basic before they removed it. Amazon keep changing the prices and removing it from the store.

      1. I will not be mugged off again by stupid launch prices. Somebody please keep an eye out for the best offers do I don’t get fucked?
        Cheers in advance

  2. WT actual F!? At the current exchange rate, that should be the price of the premium bundle. Guess I’m not ordering from Amazon, which is where I usually like to order my stuff. =[

  3. probaly might change the price cause that seems like alot. i did the whole currency with dollars to pounds and we should pay least 220 for a premium so it seems odd. god knows

  4. Well i was expecting £280-300 so thats cooooool, but im getting a premium anyway. Besides, i feel better about spending that anount of money anyway, seeing as im getting a big base HDD, a free game, stand/charger amd a HDMI. Still need a pro controller and another motion+ though, but arent they goin on sale in the next few weeks?

  5. Well that changed in the last 5 mins, it was £220 for the white and £264 for the black just moments ago when I preordered.

  6. $100 MORE THAN THE US, fuck it i’m out. had every console since snes, but this is taking the piss. £68 ffs. it’s why i didn’t buy the 3dsxl. i can afford it, but was on the fence anyway. may as well wait till the inevitable price drop, got my ps3 xbox360 wii 3ds vita pc to keep me going.

  7. The strange thing is, I had just been watching the amazon product page and the premium pack kept changing price before my eyes. It went from 200 to 265, to 285 to 290. Lucky I snagged up a premium at 200 :D

    1. You won’t pay £200, you’ll pay whatever the final price is, that’s the way Amazon works, like when they put the price up as £200 a few months ago and had to cancel everyones orders.

  8. The Premium bundle was £289.99 when I first went on Amazon, but now there isn’t one there. Hopefully it would be reduced, according to current exchange rates we are paying about £75 extra than America for both bundles, Damn EU law…

  9. The premium was £285
    Order went in at £199 though!
    I give it half an hour before they try and work their way outta this error!

  10. You just can’t compare these prices! I know i said this like a thousand times, but things just are more expensive in Europe. £250 are about 310€ and the WiiU will cost 299€ here, what’s hefty about that? Nintendo Europe always just takes the US price in €. And the consoles in the UK seem to always be a little bit more expensive.

  11. I managed to get a preorder with amazon uk for the premium one for £199 but they’ve taken it off the site now, so does that mean I get a cheap one? ^_^

  12. Yet again, the people of the U.K get ripped off. The funny thing is us Brits have a reputation for taking monetary hits, getting the **** taken out of us, and ACCEPTING it. We pay 20-40% more than most countries just because greedy companies can get away with it. It’s all our own fault really, we are conditioned to pay extra, so it is expected. Point in fact, = > You, and I will just think sod it, I want a Wii U, I’ll pay the extra, and pretend that 33% higher pricing is ‘Normal’… Good little sheep we are!

  13. I’m really hoping there will be a lot of undercutting where pricing is concerned. I’ll try to find the best deal on a Premium Version that I can.

  14. Gutted. Was going to get one for meh birthday in Nov, but now they can ram it. For 250 for the premium you got a deal, but I’ll just wait at 300. Sound like it won’t be essential for everyone to have one anyway, just take your Wii remote round a friends who has one. Its not like it will be the console everyone needs for themselves, just one in a circle of friends should do it, at least at first

  15. Come on guys, two weeks ago you prayed for £250, now we get £250 and it’s now WTF I wanted £199.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I’m most likely gonna buy this at a retailer. I do not however want to get it from GAME because their prices are usually pretty steep. It would probably have to be Gamestation depending on the price…or HMV.

  17. I know this was going to happen British retailers can not help it they really get on my rag, this is why i like the idea of RRP it gets rid of the conmen and British retail is full of them.

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