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Here’s The Engrossing Story For Paper Mario Sticker Star

The latest edition of US gaming publication Game Informer includes the story of the eagerly awaited Nintendo 3DS game, Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The dazzling game is due for release on November 11th in North America. Nintendo Europe has yet to confirm when exactly we’re getting it. Without further ado, here’s the game’s storyline:

The story begins on the night of the Sticker Fest where the citizens come to witness the Sticker Comet fly by in the sky. It is said that the Sticker Comet will actually make wishes come true. Out of want for the comet Bowser decides to jump for it to take it as his own, but in the process breaks the Sticker Comet into pieces sprawling them across the Mushroom Kingdom. A crown happens to fall on Bowser’s head making him more powerful and he decides to kidnap Princess Peach.


      1. I’m like Please don’t kidnap peach…..Please don’t kidnap peach…..Please don’t kidnap peach…..Please don’t kidnap peach…..damn it nintendo!!!


  1. Looks like the Mario and Luigi games + the past 3 Paper Mario’s have a better story, but as long as sticker star is fun to play, then I’m not complaining. :)


    1. To be honest, it’s going to make the game a lot less better for me, the story of the Mario RPGS really gets me into them, especially Super Paper Mario


  2. Again with the fucking kidnapping…! Go kidnap princes daisy so Luigi can have another adventure, go fuck with someone else’s bitch bowser; because Mario has proven time and time again that you can’t have her lol


  3. You guys realize this is an RPG, right? This synopsis is just scratching the surface– it doesn’t even mention Kersti! It’s like saying Thousand-Year Door is about helping Peach on a treasure hunt, or worse, that EarthBound is about investigating a meteorite crater. RPGs take twists and turns you’d never expect, which is why we love them!


  4. All I’ve heard is that this game doesn’t have partners so how are they going to build a story as good as the ones before it (tyd) without them especially for a character that doesn’t talk? I really do find paper Mario games to have really funny moments and I hope they pull it off in this one as well.


  5. this is actually breaking tradition seeing that the Paper Mario series usually makes the main antagonist a new character. well, i guess we’ll just have to see how it goes


  6. Hmm….doesn’t sound the best. However, I haven’t lost all hope yet. And a sticker comet? My first thought was this: uh…Super Mario Galaxy, much? (No wait, Super Paper Galaxy!). But seriously, who knows, this game might have a deeper plot that we thought it might have (it could even have a better plot than TTYD or SPM…okay I doubt that…)


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