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Nintendo 3DS Focussed Nintendo Direct Coming Thursday

Nintendo of Europe has announced a new edition of Nintendo Direct for 4th October, set to put the spotlight on upcoming titles for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL handheld systems. The announcement comes after the first European Nintendo Direct Mini earlier today revealing the European release of additional Coin Rush courses for New Super Mario Bros. 2.

The newly announced Nintendo Direct presentation will be streamed from the Nintendo Direct website on 4th October from 7pm BST and will have Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata taking a closer look at titles coming to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL in the next few months.

30 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Focussed Nintendo Direct Coming Thursday”

  1. I like how Nintendo does their Nintendo Direct videos. Other publishers should do this from time to time as well, instead of waiting for industry events to happen.

    1. Sony tried with that Vita Game Heaven thing once didn’t they, and then that never happened again.

      You’d think they’d want to have regular announcements given how things are.

  2. I hope NA has one too. I’m wanting to know if Layton x Ace Attorney, Project X Zone, and Bravely Default will make their way stateside. :3

    1. Hope so japan have many great incoming titles a confirmation that they are goin to be out of japan too will be great

  3. Freaking heck, how many Nintendo Directs are Nintendo holding this week? We’ve already had two in about 24 hours, another one is coming in about 15 minutes and now there’s one on Thursday?

    Maybe overkill?

  4. And it will tell us things we already know. I love Nintendo but lately they’ve just been repeating information like a broken record.

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  6. Just in case Nintendo haven’t noticed, they have a new console launching in a few weeks which we don’t know much about. I don’t think they will announce anything new for the 3DS, though.

    1. We know quite a lot about The wiiu . Enough anyway. We have price , launch date , launch line up . Some specs although not enough.

      I would say we know enough.

  7. GBA games please!! If you want us to stop using emulators then make this happen. I hate looking at my friend’s 3DSXL emabssador Metroid Fusion, it looks fantastic

  8. I hope it’s something new or something new about something we know little about. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, with circle pad pro support!

  9. So… I wonder if Nintendo will release the all white, all black or grey/black 3DS XLs here in the states besides the new games coming. I want the XL but I hate red/blue, it looks like a toy rather than a cool advanced handheld.

  10. I’ve got a feeling we may get a release date for Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Animal Crossing: Jump Out as well as the announcement for Fire Emblem: Awakening for Europe, also maybe something about Monster Hunter Ultimate and Monster Hunter 4 and maybe Project X Zone localisation though I doubt it or maybe even a brand new game or 2. Plus they might show Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for 3DS as we haven’t seen anything from it yet. Also they could talk about eShop games as well like Pokemon Dream Radar and Pokedex 3D Pro.

  11. bring the best of the best from the GBA & DS eras : Final Fantasy Tactics A3, Advance Wars 5, Disgea 3DS, Yoshi’s Island 3(D), Super Peach Princes 2, Mario vs Donkykong 3D, Bleach ,Naruto,Metroid Prime hunters 2, seriously we can go on and on with pages of list of freaking amazing IPs that need to cross over to the 3DS….lets get this ball rolling

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  15. I don’t expect anything interesting. I’ve never watched an interesting Nintendo Direct. Nintendo couldn’t sell smack to an addict.

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