New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC Out Today In Europe

Following this mornings mini Nintendo Direct presentation the company has announced the three pieces of New Super Mario Bros 2 downloadable content are available to download today in Europe. The first add-on is the Gold Rush Pack, which tasks players with collecting up to 30,000 coins. The second, Coin Challenge Pack A, is aimed at high score players with rankings planned to appear on the official NSMB2 website. The third pack, the Nerve-Wrack Pack, is billed as the game’s “toughest challenge yet” with difficulty ramped up. You can buy all three packs for £6, or alternatively you can buy them separately for £2.

19 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC Out Today In Europe”

  1. you pay 40$ for 80 levels.
    Which means 2 levels for a dollar. 1 level for 0.5$.
    Nintendo is selling 3 levels for 2 dollars now.
    (ALL 3 packs) 0.5X9=4.5. (but 9 levels on the eshop cost 6 dollars)
    So when we bought the game the levels were cheaper than the DLC.
    =not buying it.
    I think I will never change my mind. I hate DLC. (I guess free DLC are ok though)

    1. I like the way you think. :D
      Again, why no discount for buying all the DLC? They don’t ever seem to cut their digital customers a break.
      I’ll pass as well.

    Nintendo release nine new levels for a reasonable £6.

    Christ, the majority of gamers (and people on here) really are moronic.

    1. I don’t consider coin rush challenges “Levels.” Challenges use levels that already exist, and make you rush through them.

      Will these be actual, unique levels, never before played?

  3. I have no intention of getting the game, but that seems very reasonably priced. I expected it to be higher, since Nintendo charge a fortune for any kind of digital download.

  4. OK let’s forget a minute I hate DLC and I will never buy any DLC. well if we taking into account the same DLC in Japan will be sell @ 200 yens which do believe is £1.585279… ok let’s say £1.59. Does this means Nintendo Europe will charge £0.41 more for the European player???? Now I will hear people ranting about £0.41 it’s nothing. OK guys let’s have 10 millions people to give me 41p each i promise I am not going to complain :-).

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