Nintendo Direct Mini Announced For Tomorrow Morning

Nintendo announced that a Nintendo Direct Mini, which is a brief video on a Nintendo topic, will air tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. PT. Details regarding add-on content for New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be shared during the short video.

70 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Mini Announced For Tomorrow Morning”

    1. Such a fucking perfect idea . We ought to kick miyamoto reggie and iwata san in the fucking dick .

      Yeh we release 2 9/10 wonder games that could be made even better with DLC *japanese accent* ”we no give you son of bitch” XD

  1. Tomorrow morning? Wow this must be some coincidence. 12th graders have testing so we get to stay back and school starts at 10:30. When does it start?

            1. Own size? The Internet is the Internet. He’s a kid on an uncensored forum. Did you see some of the comments up there? Gonna try and shield him from that too? Relax. He’s ok. His skin will thicken in time. Unless of course you’re his mommy. Then I am indeed truly sorry ma’am.

  2. Every comments was so good! No penis out of butt for TROLLMAN! just TOBI with second. Captain N, DJSTEELER aka WINTENDO, and Shadk056 saying they can’t wait for DLC and then Mike S you ruin it!

    1. Shrinks you so that you can run across water and fit into small spaces, if I remember correctly.

      Anyways, this is it?
      Just a DLC announcement?
      Well, it IS a mini, so I guess that’s to be expected, but still, I had hoped for a nice announcement of new 3rd/1st party and/or indie games…..

  3. Well I’m excited for the new DLC. Can’t wait to challenge my friends at that “expert players only” level. It looks sick!

      1. Its very likely. Capcom have a good history of resident evil with Nintendo. So i would say its LIKELY! . ”Resident evil wiiu edition” launches september 2013…

        Just sounds right doesn’t it ?? with enhanced visuals and content.

        1. Yeah man I’m right there with ya hoping they bring a better version to Wii U. Just imagine how much they could improve on the horror element of the game with the Wii U. Just take ZombiU for instance. I don’t think you can play the game solely on the Gamepad but if RE6 was able to then imagine playing by yourself in the dark with headphones on. I think that would be a great horror experience for Resident Evil because that worked for me with Resident Evil Revelations.

          1. Revelations still had survival-horror elements, especially in the early stages.

            RE6 is an RE FPS knockoff. Hence the low ratings. I also read the game-play sucked pretty bad.

            Sorry guys, I wouldn’t hold my breath, but lets be glad Ubisoft gave us ZombiU. :D

            1. Yeah that’s what I’m saying. Now that Capcom realizes how bad the game is (like Team Ninja did with Ninja Gaiden 3) and will make a better one for Wii U that fixes all the complaints about the 360 and PS3 versions with new features exclusive to Wii U. I think that would be awesome and a smart move on Capcom’s part. Then again this is Capcom we are talking about…..

  4. I never see these Nintendo direct videos. Where do they show them? I can’t wait for new Super Mario Bros 2 DLC. I wish they made DLC for Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and RE Revelations.

    1. Lazy.
      You AND woody below.
      At least Sickr and Alba don’t simply re-blog all the time. The extra effort they put into this site is why it does well.

      1. Lol! You dont get it? Im sick of stuff about New Super mario Bros. 2 I want to hear about a Nintendo Direct for Super Smash!!!!!

          1. No it isnt. They have been working on the game for almost a year! Its been roughly 9 months since they started production in February. I am 100% sure that is enough time to put somthing together to show us!

  5. Im hoping this does well enough for nintendo to seriously consider adding tracks to mariokart. 4 tracks, 1 circuit for 5 bucks would kick immeasurable amounts of ass.

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