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Wii U GamePad Can’t Be Charged Via Wii U Console’s USB Ports?

Both the Wii U Basic and Deluxe Sets are packed with a Wii U GamePad AC adapter, which means you’ll need to plug in the controller into an AC outlet for it to charge. The new console features four USB 2.0 connectors, but Nintendo hasn’t confirmed whether the new controller can be charged by connecting it, via a separate cable, to one of Wii U’s USB ports. The Wii U GamePad can, however, be charged by using a Wii U GamePad Cradle, which is included in the Deluxe Set and can be purchased as a standalone product for $19.99.

The Wii U GamePad can be charged via a cable that has to be plugged in a power outlet for it to charge the GamePad. Can the Wii U GamePad be charged using a USB port on the Wii U console, just with a separate cable; or, can it only be charged with a wall AC outlet?

“The GamePad can also be charged using the charging cradle, which comes with the Deluxe Set.”

Does the Charging Cradle require an AC outlet, or can it be plugged into a USB port on the system? The only picture of the Deluxe System items shows the cable requires an AC outlet, no cable directly for a USB port.

“We don’t have any information to share at this time.”

89 thoughts on “Wii U GamePad Can’t Be Charged Via Wii U Console’s USB Ports?”

    1. how? i do this with my wireless 360 controllers when they need to charge with a usb wall adapter. it’s a lot more convenient to charge from a wall instead of the console, esspecially if you have a large living room and your couch is far from the tv.

          1. Pro tip: never put your system in sleep mode. Just turn it off.
            Sleep mode still takes up a ton of power for the PS3/Wii.

            1. Uhh…do you own a Wii U?

              Don’t go making those comments if you don’t know what you’re talking about yet; otherwise it’s speculation on your part.

              If the Wii U is anything like the Nintendo 3DS, then there’s a chance it may have a more functional sleep mode in comparison to the Wii (which ran in a form of sleep with the yellow light while WiiConnect24 was activated.

              I don’t think Nintendo would forget about including a sleep mode for the console, so we can boot it up without having to wait for it to load. If so, the console itself goes into a low-power state like the Nintendo 3DS and Wii would do, most likely, which shouldn’t take much of your own household current really.

              1. I was obviously talking about current gen consoles. “Your consoles” means the consoles he owns. He obviously doesn’t own a WiiU yet.

                And the Wii DOES use a lot of electricity in standby mode. Look it up.

                  1. My 3DS is much more busy in Sleep Mode thanks to SwapNote.

                    My Wii, however, hasn’t received a “SpotPass/WiiConnect24” since the last time they sent something to Animal Crossing: City Folk.

                    1. I only leave my 3DS in sleep mode when it’s in my pocket and i’m out. My 3DS is off overnight, SwapNote can wait till morning.

        1. exactly. you can keep your controller charging and everything when you’re not even using the console. i personally thinks its the right move on there part

      1. This is disappointing simply because it’s not an option. The 360 didn’t come w/ rechargeable controllers, so why should you expect the console to charge them? The PS3 has this option, so it’s disappointing simply because not releasing this info or system specs openly to the public makes it feel like the Big N is trying to hide something. No VC or WiiWare play on the Gamepad? No multi touch functionality? Every bit of leaked news seems bad, but it’s news Nintendo is fully aware of, but just hopes we don’t find out about before we buy.

        1. agreed. i like that the default charger is a lot more convenient. if i got a phone that onaly had the usb charger, and no wall charger, it would suck. so why not have a wall charger for your controller?

    2. You do know that this could be the case that the GamePad actually takes more power than you battery powered shitbox controller.

  1. that makes sense i dont want to be sitting next to the console charging my wiiupad while im playing, just like the ps3 controller when it needs to be charge.

  2. Not really that big of deal unless you’re low on wall outlets. I’ve never seen USB cables that are long enough to reach from my TV to my couch anyways. I had to buy a separate charger for my PS3 controller so I could charge it in comfort instead of standing right in front of my TV to charge and play.

  3. I hope it can, i’m already using all the plugs in my outlet and extender. I’m gonna be playing my Wii U in my room and the TV is right next to my bed so the short length won’t really bother me as much.

    1. Look at who updates and you’ll see why.

      Ps: sickr wasn’t as big as a troll as alba. This guy will post anything that might be flamebait related.

      1. And I noticed that Alba’s posts are much more opinionated. You’re generally supposed to remain neutral when covering news.

  4. Damn you and you’re misleading titles alba

    “Nintendo hasn’t confirmed whether the new controller can be charged by connecting it, via a separate cable, to one of Wii U’s USB ports.”

    1. I support this title!
      And heck, it isn’t even a problem. I didn’t even care for thinking about the GamePad being charged by the Wii U console. It can be charged on its cradle and by AC adapter, so what’s the fuss about?

    2. lol sucks to be you; I give a shit about the title, i just want some news that’s all and maybe just maybe that’s why we all are here

  5. scumbag sickr……

    interview says they dont have the info, makes the title for the news say “wiiu controller cant be charged from Wiiu”…………

  6. I dont have a problem with this. Whenever i need to charge my ps3 controller i have to sit right next to it, because of that ridiculously short cable, but where i normally sit, theres a plug sicket right next to me.
    Also, im not going to leave the system on just to charge the controller.

    The charge crasle looks like its more for those games that use more pro/wiimote controller and gamepad, so it never runs out if battery.

    1. Also, this is another misleading title, and doesnt actually say you cant use a usb cable like the ps3 controller, they just dont know.

  7. That’s acually great newsto hear for me because I’ll be placing my Wii U console above the comcast cable box. And since the cable box has an AC outlet I’ll have a place to put my Wii U gaame pad when I’m not using it. Nintendo is always thinking ahead!

  8. Oh please, a third-party cable will probably be released to do just that. If I can recharge my 3DS through USB, why wouldn’t I eventually be able to do this.

    1. power consumption 3ds probaly uses 4.5 watts per hour and wii u game pad probaly 7 too 9 watts per hour but i wont trad touch screen game pad tablet over few watts

  9. Good that gives my eyes and hands a break. And if you can charge the game pad by the console, I rather use an AC because I feel it charges faster.

  10. No problem for me. I have an oulet right behind me (if the GamePad ever does run out of charge). The Wii U system would be too far from me anyway to charge from the console. (I don’t want to be too close to the TV)

  11. That would be really cruel to make folks buy the charger in order to charge their controller at all… let’s hope it’s able to do so with a provided cable. I’m getting the deluxe set anyway, but still, that just seems wrong.

  12. interesting all that but I can’t help to notice for a long time now, that the US will get their Wii U @ £216.95 instead of £300 minimum price for the same console…. gutted

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